Dark Souls Remastered - Onward to Blighttown?!

4년 전


When that Blighttown key dropped yesterday, so did my heart. Is it finally time to go to the wretched depths of Blighttown and face the horrors?

Stream starts at 8 PM CEST/11 AM PDT/2 PM EDT

My live stream is at DLive

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Wow nice man, I wanna play Dark Souls too :(


This new version appeared on pretty much all major platforms (PC, PS4 and Xbox One), the old version could probably still be found for PS3/Xbox 360 in second hand stores, and this remaster will also appear on Switch. Hopefully, there's an option there that could work for you! Good luck and thanks for the message :D

i missed the last part because of a phone call, but i hope that i will be there on friday for willow. it will be great :) - what time will it be? same as today?


Yessir, 8 PM CEST/11 AM PDT/2 PM EDT, that's pretty much my standard starting time. See you on Friday!

shame i played DS1 recently after getting into the series. Dont really wanna go back and play just for the graphics.


Yeah, if you've already played through there isn't much reason to get into the Remastered version. The tiny changes to the gameplay are negligible. The improved frame rate is very nice though, as you can see from this stream where I go through Blighttown :)


Yeah I've heard they cleared up the issues with blighttown so thats a positive. They did do something nice on steam though too; since i own it on steam if i wanted to buy the remastered i would get it half price.


a nice gesture, for sure! pc is RIFE with hackers right now though, so that's the biggest bummer there.