The Witcher - Chapter 2, let's do it!

4년 전


Alright, after a week of waiting, we're finally starting chapter 2 of The Witcher! Full disclosure: I did go back to chapter 1 and grinded for 2 levels to be better prepared for this, which'll be great cause you won't have to see me die as much, I hope...

Anyway! Come on over, take a load off and have a chat with me :D

My live stream is at DLive

[EDIT 14-5-2018:] I'm throwing in the towel where this game is concerned, or at least I'm gonna stop streaming it on DLive. I feel the game is unsuited for a number of reasons, at the very least because of bugs, crashing and the repetition it causes on top of the regular repetition. I think I'll play it in my off time cause the IS some merit to it, but I think my viewers deserve games that are more fulfilling to watch :)

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