♥ VLOG IV ♥ - Barinas - ♥ Enjoying the tropical climate ♥

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Hello my dear DLivers and Steemians, how are you?

I hope you have a great day.

Today I share my IV video vlog. I'm still at my mom's house, I was still very hot here, although several days were rainy. Well ... I will not tell you anything else haha;)
♥ (Kitten in my video) ♥

♥ I hope you like it♥

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Hola mis queridos DLivers y Steemians, ¿cómo están?

Espero que tengan un grandioso día.

Hoy les comparto mi IV vídeo vlog. Aún sigo en casa de mi mamá, sigué haciendo mucho calor aquí, aunque varios días fueron lluviosos. Bueno... No les contaré nada más haha ;)
♥ (Gatito en mi vídeo)♥

♥ Espero les guste ♥

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De todos tus Vblog este es el que me ha gustado más.


Gracias :*

Congrats on winning the DLive Star for period #12 !!


Thank you Jimmy :D

Unplug from the day by day routine and reconnect with nature. Get thoughts for where to go and what to do.


Thank you!!!

yaa i like it


Thank you so much!!!

This video is fantastic keep up the great work