What is our world turning into...

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My heart bleeds, my tears dripes and my spirit weills when I come across the multiple heart failing events happening in our world today. Wickedness and heartlessness is taking new shades and face. The video I posted today is a very recent event. Canibalism is real and around us. Less I forget...please be more careful of the people you hang out with, the places you go to and the time at which you go to places you go to.
This story behind the video I posted is as follows...

News had it that the young man being cooked as you will see in the video, was a friend to the guy in Red cap. We learnt that he invited the victim who had been his friend for more than 12 years, to his home town. When they got their, he took his friend to their village stream for a swimming. While they were swimming, other guys who were the indegens of the village and also friends to his friend, joined them.
After the swimming, they went to a restaurant to eat and drink. This victim became drunk. They (his friend and his friend's friends) took him to the bush, killed him and now cooking him as seen in this video. It was so sad to hear that a best friend killed his friend just because he just wanted to eat him up...it is so unbelievably true. I use to hear of cannibalism just as stories in history but not anymore. Here is a proof that cannibalism is in our world and very much around us now. Watch this...

My video is at DLive

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