Just in a lighter mode...

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I can't stop laughing at seeing this clip. It was a very long day for me haven gone round the city in search for a new apartment because I needed to change my apartment because my area is always raided by hoodlums making the area very unhabitable for all of us living there.
I left my house by 8am today, going from one point to the other, checking the vacances available in different locations. And after the whole toiling and it seems like there's no result, I was coming back very stressed out and angry too but not until I got this video from a friend of mine...I loughed and laughed until tears filled my whole eyes. Pls, try it out and see if you will not laughed till your ribs starts aching. Am relieved greatly. Please, join me and feel what I felt. Thank me later.

My video is at DLive

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I'm speechless! This track becomes virtually stunning. I was so excited to return to pay attention to this when we pointed out it on our stay stream these days! I really like the general vibe and experience of the track. It's far adventurous, hopeful and mysterious all at the same time.