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w 16:52 mówisz o danych z blog media. Wydaje mi się, że bardzo fajną informacją uzupełniającą było by zestawienie tamtych liczb... z liczbami Głodnych wiedzy, tj. ilu blogerów GW w przeciągu roku coś zarobiło :)


Słuszna uwaga - przygotowałem więc specjalny wykres, który obrazuje ilu autorów na Głodnych Wiedzy zarobiło trochę tokenów, czyli więcej niż większość blogerów w Polsce ;)


Nice man I gave 100% Upvote! Always good to see steemians organize meetups!

Lol Why did you flag @adamcast ? Free Energy Wars? Lol or oh no was it about flat earth? lol dont let the flat landers bother you man :D

ahhh its because he was promoting this

If that QEG thing isnt real, then fuck them... But ya know. they CAN jhust be religeious AND have some overunity device... wouldnt you think that if you DID make a free energy breakthrough, a cult would easily arise out of it? haha just be open to the IDEA that they MAY have something and are jus being nut jobs about it, look man flat earth does some crazy shit to peoples brains, they start believing the earth is ACTUALLy flat, and it allows their minds to work differently LOL, just kidding haha

was just thinking of this :D Just joking about how the "the flat earthers KNOW something" lol and how their weird geology led them to a gold mine....but thats just the illuminati card game saying "Alternative thinking is what creates innovative breakthroughs" so let the flat earthers tinker with magnets :D Maybe theyll invent some new frictionless bearings or some nice new liquid nitrogen hover boards that dont need the liquid nitrogen lol maybe the flat earthers will just bhelp Tesla by driving down price of Neodynium motors from all the flat earthers ordering tons and tons of magnets in the hopes of finishing their magical quantum energy devices LOLOLOL

aha i feel so bad for the flat landers i wanna give them a consolation prize for at LEAST thinking ABOUT earth sciences and math and stuff! COME ON MAn at LEAST the flat earth people are TRYING hahaha at LEAST they are STUDYING SOME science and basic math to do their WRONG equations lol TAHST BETTER than the Mainstream CUlture that is SO anti intellectual...

But theres still plenty of great Over Unity Devices, and this one Searl Effect Generator, you cant disprove

You need to research the Searl Effect Generator with me and help figure out the cheaper way to manufacture the device without 6000 pound magnetizers and expensive CNC machines.

I was thinking maybe Nano tech SEG device for less need of high tolerances?

Oh and hey i have a video "ring ufo merkabah" recorded in San DIego, CA , my friend and i recorded and i analyzed the video afterwords, with Infrared nightvision goggles

This organism we ccaptured for one of the VERY first times at least this clearly is some sort of BRANDnew organism with EXTRA dimensional Biology that we can finaly say is the scientific explanations of "Ghosts" Souls" and UFOs even... wouldnt it be nice to have a SOUND scientific explanation to all of that/

here check it out, i zoomed in on the animal r organism, and look, I ADDED the star tetrahedron on teh LEFT side, but on teh RIGHT ist an ALL natural NO CGI ADD#D and you can SEE teh shape! I AM VERY scientific about this i am NOT going to be mystical about this!

This that we believe to be a new species we should classify in the Taxonomy as teh first ever animal invisible to the naked eye, only visible in infrared, and this was a Yukon NightRanger 2.5 Gen Night Vision Hunting Goggles . (I had seen the same organisms with my own eyes with the 3rd gen military nightvision PVs7 goggles that we cant even SHIP to Non NATO countries so youre in Luck being in Poland ;)

I would offer you $100 t debunk the video but thatd be cruel because you cant, it is evidence of some sort of higher dimensional life form i believe, or something not of this "world" but still natural, because nothing is super natural, its an organism

its an organism that exists in some otehr dimension

i believe it is rteh residue of a human body

i believe we can see our consiousness fly away like this, its like our "ghost" but it comes ut of us ina measurabvle electrical pattern and its not magic nothing super natural

O super! Dzięki za dodanie, będę miała dziś co oglądać :)