Blowers Daughter - Cover

2년 전


A gorgeous song by Damien Rice!

My husband is a big fan and went to see him a few weeks ago. Unfortunately after an hour the concert got rained out and he came home soaking wet. Still, he was in awe and felt privileged to be there. Perhaps next time I'll go with him.
Until then I thought I would sing this song, for him and for you all to enjoy.

My video is at DLive

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Thank you!!! 😘😘😘

  ·  2년 전

where have you been?


Two weddings of which one I was not only master of ceremonies but the cake baker as well. 😜 Now that it's behind me and I've unwound a little I am going back to learning how to play the guitar again... I fear I may have to start all over.😂

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What a voice! I love this song too and I've performed it a few times. I do struggle with some of the high notes :) I may do it for the Open Mic contest some time.


Thank you🙏😃
I always struggled with the lower tones but ever since I had a serious airway infection, two years ago, I suddenly gained so much control. I wouldn't recommend it though.😂
I'd love to see that song on open mic!

This is one of my favorite songs in the world and you BEYOND nailed it.. damn, girl! You slammed it through the wall! You should do videos every week at least once or twice a week. Trust me! Lots of love to you! I'm going to go sing a song myself and wish I sounded like you now. ♥♥♥


Aw thanks Serena.😃🙏
I'm trying to do a vid once a week.💛
I hope you're recording whatever you're singing because I'd love to hear it!
I'll be keeping an eye on your page.😍