Rocket League - Naked and Afraid born on this date Still Naked not so afraid and DRIVING crazy on Dlive!


Watch ROGUE's Dlive HERE


Naked man, Naked man
Passing through naked land
Naked man, Naked man
In the sand, where is your hand?
Naked man, Naked man
Please go back to naked land

Naked isn't a sometime thing
Naked is an all-time thing
It's not the size of the dog in the naked
It's the size of the naked in the dog
Naked on a Monday
Naked all year long
Naked is never right
Naked is always wrong
So get the hell away from me
You god-damned naked man
Go the fuck away from me
Back to naked land

Naked man in Denver
Naked gasoline
Naked isn't dirty
Naked isn't clean
Naked isn't fun
Naked isn't nice
Naked lasts forever
So roll those naked dice
Naked in the morning
Naked all night long
So come on, let's make it naked

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