Am I Trolling Ned?

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My questions would be irrelevant if multiple SMTs are created by some of the biggest players in the world and compete each other to create the biggest rewards pool. Same with oracles.

This is my own outline of what's been going on recently. Enjoy :)

My video is at DLive

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informative content....... and I think SMTs have a great probability in future my friend @roundbeargames


certainly if SMTs attract the biggest players. if

Compete each other to create the biggest rewards pool thats must be great


my wishful thinking on the future of SMTs 😄

What is the need to blame each other for creating pool thats ???


you mean why should SMT creators fight each other?
they all want the highest price for their own tokens.

Its very informative video. Thank friend for your photo


thanks it's my own perspective on what's been going on recently 😃

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Most likely

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i am new in your blogs. thanks for share this video


thanks for coming! i hope you have fun on steemit.

Although it competes but must be healthy, maybe for the future can be better😊


we'll have to wait and see. usually competition is good 😌




i just have opinions so i'm not sure which idea but thanks 😁

You say well. Thanks for your video


thanks sumon!

See the video. I liked it।.


i'm glad you did 👍

yeah thats right


not sure which is right but thanks 👍

Nice video Quality. like it :-)


i'm glad you did :)

Thank friend for share a important video


thanks for comin!

Of course it would be great if the world's biggest players compete, but compete with healthy yes..
If possible I ask for his gift yes .. 😅 😅


as long as they don't cheat competition would be good 😃
but most people cheat.. so we'll see.


Yes hope they do not play cheats, sometimes for the sake of a big profit someone can forget himself and only time can answer .. 😊

buen dia amigo ,aqui viendo su trabajo saludos


greetings. you have a nice day too 👍

Friends are so beautiful I am very happy with this video


i'm glad you're happy my friend 😺

i think you are right .. and SMTs have a great probability in future


well, like i said, it's still a big if 😃
but let's hope it does go to the moon.

Thanks for your video. There are some victims..


oh no. no need to be a victim here 😃
but thanks!

Esa es una buena pregunta, y la respuesta debe ser que si pero hemos vistos que todos podriamos tener esa oportunidad siempre y cuando sepamos como jugar @roundbeargames


i hope ned pulls this off. SMTs, account-based voting, GPTs.. everything 😌

i have no account in DLive . thanks


you don't need a separate account. just use steemconnect 😃

Let's see what happens, friend! Happy day for you.


yea we'll see what happens! hope for the best 😎

good video friend is of interest, SMT have greater strength for a future

In this month I do not have much time to write something in steemit. But I will re-write and after the month of Ramadan later. two great dlive videos from you to be interesting motivation and science for me, i will learn a lot from you in the near future...

your words always I can enjoy, because you my good friend, you have talked so transparent about trolling net, @roundbeargames,😊👍

This is very awesome post....i never use dlive....

Sorry for late friend....I am very sick today....please pray for me...

Dlive is my favorite and I am trying a new post with dlive

Good information video.
Thank friend for share this video

It is very informmative and learning video..thank for share this

thanks for the appreciation of my writing .. hopefully kanu always successful

What a message, thanks brother for taking your time visiting my blog..


What a message, thanks
Brother for taking your time
Visiting my blog..

                 - adeyemoy2

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hello friend today I'm late in answering you because the Internet I do not know what's wrong that does not open any video
but I am sure that this is of great importance as all your works