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This is really amazing dlive video....1 day i am also trying dlive..☺☺☺

How Use dlive..? can you tell me..?

Will be looking up to your stream @roundbeargames

There are problems in the video. I can not open this video :-(

Thanks for this content. We will benefit from this contant :-) thanks again

Is this your live video? I think . So i can not see this video.

Nice video quality. i like this..

this video is no opend .. why?

wonderful content my friend @roundbeargames

its an image ,, i thorught its video .. bt nice work

Same with other comments the video can not be opened

There may be a problem in your video ,, I also can not open it...

I am curious about the video content ...
why can not watch @roundbeargames ?

amigo muy buen video,gracias por compartirlo, saludos desde venezuela y que pase buen dia

Hi @roundbeargames, I can not watch this video?