Giving Back To The Society (Port Harcourt) On Work Free Day

3년 전


Keeping my city clean on my job free day, a voluntary service with my team to pay it forward

My video is at DLive

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Well done creating your first Dlive video...

Where is the Video clip that I can see that you're impacting your city ???

Thanks and you seems like doing some positive impact but show us your work !!


Here is a video showing how I am making impact

Will drop another soon


I checked out your DLive and I appreciate our work.

Don't use back round music
Think and try different strategy to promote Steem

Also please note that I don't work for Dlive or anybody else and I'm an individual who invested my own hard earned money and time/energy to impact Steemians life positively.


Ok sir
I have been having network issues
I sure will update it once my network is better


Take your time bro:)

Hello @samiwhyte
It's nice to see your video!


Thanks Moni
I will be updating more videos