Visit with me !! Ghost Town, Calico California

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Hi Steemians!

Today I'd like to take you all back to 1881.Three miles off a desolate stretch of Interstate-15, you will find the historic and restored ghost town of Calico, California.

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In 1881 Calico had the population of 1,200 with over 500 mines. It was during this time that Calico would have the boomtown status and generating $86 million in silver.


Barney, Larry, Bullfrog and Mule were the names often used for cars inside mines.

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This small town had 22 saloons, China Town and a red light district. Similar to other towns of the west, when the price of silver dropped the mines began to close.

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Calico's post office closed in 1898. The town once populated by silver discoveries was now a ghost town.

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Today Calico is a restored town and thanks to the founder of Knott's Berry Farm is also the best in maintaining is originality.


There are little shops as you walk thru the town.

...need to send a message...


Back in those days a bulletin board was the way for a community to communicate.


This is what a professional add looked like!!

As you walk thru this town, you can see how simple life was back then.


To my surprise this town had a well established fire department.



Calico also had a school in 1885.


inside school.jpg

Besides been a miner another important trait during this time was blacksmith-in.


calico tools.jpg

Here's some photos of Calico residents.

calico portrait.jpg

You can definitely say that Calico is in the middle of nowhere. Is amazing how walking thru this time makes you feel like you're back in time. This place also makes a good history lesson.

calico miner.jpg

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Don't forget to upVote and follow for more adventures.

Let all you do be done in love ❣️@splendorhub


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All the shots you taken are awesome and your presence made them more attractive. Lots of love @splendorhub


@rabeel I have to hear my shots were to your liking! Thank you :D

Great Post Nora! Looks like a very interesting place to visit. I love your video also the music is a very nice pairing. Thanks for sharing!


@waterfordguy Thank you for stopping by. Wasn't sure what to expect with dlive in regards to my steemit post. :D Glad you enjoyed it.

Nora @splendorhub did I tell you that my Mom took me to Calico when I was a little Boy ?? She also took me to a Beatles Concert..........Love your Postings................


...looks like you and your sweet mom have many good memories :)

That reminds me of a place in Arizona in Apache Junction.

Very interesting article... funny names (Barney, Larry, Bullfrog and Mule) for mine cars.. And absolutely lovely photos.. And you of course look stunning :)


Thank you :)

This type of content allows me to continue on the platform for a long time, greetings and my respects I love your structure my support with my vote.


Wow! Thank for your encouragement :)

I love your pictures! and very interesting. I'll definitely have to check that place out. :)


Her pictures are awesome. I was hoping she wouldn't get hurt in that rusty old mine car.

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Thanx! This is definitely a time capsule.

I loved this post! Old nostalgic places. Thanks for the tour! Following you!


Glad you liked :)

Upvoted. Donkey Kong called and said he wants his train carts back haha. That is what I was thinking about when I saw you in that cart, time for go carting, truly blessed, gold rush hour is here, perfect, wonderful, classic, period.


this is so amazing !! your photography is on peak !!! i really loved it !!!!!!


Thank you for visiting :)

There’s so many of those in Nevada 😂


Show me your favorite one :D !

Marvelous shots and the antiques of this place are a great attraction.


Marvelous shots and
The antiques of this place are
A great attraction.

                 - rocksg

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Thank you for your compliment. I do my best. There’s always room for improvement 😊

Fantastic work with this one, kudos


Thank you :D

very nice location! the school!


Is a nice location with a bit of heat. :)

That place looks so awesome! I have never been there, the whole time I lived in California, and we always took trips to Southern Cali! I will have to visit it some time. Have you visited Arizona much? There are some pretty cool similar places to visit out this way. :)


Hi, I have only visited Arizona once. I find places like Calico interesting. :)


Yeah they are really cool. Lots of cool stuff like that to see in Arizona when you get the chance, but probably don't want to come in the summer. LOL

That desserted and abandon place on earth was once become full. Thanks for the free trip and good read. I hope one day I also make a visit and travel back.

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Wow, this was fascinating to follow @splendorhub
Enjoyed the history and photography plus the art in it.. Thanks for sharing


Thank you :)

Interesting post! this place gives like traditional cow boyish look :D , moreover the way you described the images is amazing. after watching video I can sum up that you must had great fun out there.

It seems you enjoyed a lot.

This place seems really interesting


Thank you :)

good story^^


Thank you.