Miss. Delicious #93 : The private dinner dream in Ayada, Maldives!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

Today I take you back to Ayada Luxury Resort in the Maldives to explore more of the island and what the hotel and surrounds have to offer. The island resorts of the Maldives, in the beautiful turquoise Indian Ocean, are what draw millions of visitors to the country every single year. There are thousands of sand covered islands that make up the country of the Maldives but less than 100 have a resort built on them. They range in size and mine was quite small by some standards which I loved because it felt so much more intimate.

There were two choices of accommodation at Ayada Luxury Resort, some on the island itself and some, as you see here, that are built out over the water. I loved the idea of waking up to the sound of the ocean all around me so I chose a villa over the water. The board walks stretch out into the sea so you can reach your private accommodation, and are lined with beautiful lanterns. As the sun sets the lights come on and you're guided by these twinkling lights back to your bed. It was very special.

Even though the island is quite small they provide bikes for you to get from your private villa, to the mainland restaurants and other hotel facilities. There are obviously no cars or any other motorised modes of transport so cycling is the best way to get around if you want to get places fast. I loved cycling along the board walks with the wind in my hair, it felt like I was cycling on the water!

Even though the board walks were not high up, it did give me a little bit of vertigo. I knew I could cycle in a straight line but as soon as I had to make sure I stayed in the middle of the board walk, I started to feel a bit wobbly! Silly me. It was the hardest when there was another guest cycling the other way because you had to cycle quite near the edge to pass each other. When I saw someone else I just got off my bike and admired the view until they'd gone past so I didn't accidentally fall in!

My bike was really quaint, like something out of an old fashioned movie, with the little basket on the front. I loved that it matched my swimsuit as I was heading for a swim! I spent most of my time at the resort having to hold myself back from jumping into the beautiful blue ocean. The weather was quite hot but the sea water was so warm that it didn't always cool you off! It felt a bit like getting into the biggest bath in the world - obviously with a better view!

Exploring the hotel further

Though Ayada Luxury Resort is quite small, there's plenty of places to eat and drink on the island. You're really spoiled for choice, which is great because you have to take a sea plane to leave the island! Magu Restaurant is considered the main restaurant since that's where you go for the included breakfast. It is open for breakfast but also dinner. In the evening the buffet style restaurant changes its themes daily - there are different types of food every single night so that diners can enjoy a huge variety of different flavours during their stay.

Magu Restaurant's menu changes each night to include any of the following styles: Far Eastern, Chef's Special, Maldivian, Mexican, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern! As you can see, the main buffet area is undercover but the sides are open so you can still see the beautiful island and what is going on around you.

I just got this snap of this amazing red lizard as I explored the island a little more

I found this sign quite funny but also quite sad. This is the highest spot on the island so they have called it Mount Ayada, just 2.5m above sea level! But this also shows the great danger that the Maldives face with the current levels of climate change. As the climate changes across the globe, the polar icecaps are melting. With thousands of tonnes of ice melting every single year, and experts predicting only further increases in icecap melting, sea levels will rise. They only have to rise by a meter or two and nearly every single island of the Maldives will be underwater.

I am happy to report that I meet more and more people who are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint, though it can be really hard. I try to do my bit too but it's not always easy. I feel very lucky to have visited this beautiful place and I really hope that people will be able to continue to enjoy the islands for many years to come.

Little pavilion for relaxing in the shade!

I thought this was just so funny! Ayada's very own weather station is very high tech. Of course you always need the most modern technology to know what the weather might be doing. Luckily the coconut is still there or else I might have been experiencing a hurricane! Fortunately, the weather during my stay wasn't like a hurricane though it was quite windy. The coconut weather station was moving slightly because of the wind coming off the sea and as you can see it was not wet - nice and sunny.

The Ottoman Lounge

Oh wow, yes! I found something Turkish! If you've been reading my blogs recently you'll have seen that I went to Turkey and I absolutely adore the country, the food and the culture. I was so excited to stumble across a Turkish themed lounge area. The Ottoman Lounge offers light refreshments and snacks. I wasn't that hungry but when I saw that they had baklava on the menu, I just had to get some because it is one of my absolute favourite foods.

The space is designed to be peaceful and have a relaxed atmosphere, and as you can see the sand from the island is even inside the lounge! Many people came here to chill out with a Turkish Shisha or Hookah which made it feel and smell very authentically Turkish.

Relaxing on the sofa swing!

A giant chess board in a little pool so you can cool off while playing!

Going for a walk on the beach

How cute is this. This is typical of Ayada Luxury Resort that they make little touches to make your stay more special, everywhere you go. They've made this picture frame and decorated it with shells and coral found right there on the beach. It made for some beautiful photos and I pretended like I was on a movie screen in a cast away island film. It was very fun posing for a few silly photos in the frame. What a great idea!

I have found my own luxury island resort in the Maldives! I haven't started building yet, but it will be the smallest resort in the country and it will be all for me. I call it the Sweetsssj Luxury Island Resort!

OK I'm joking. This is called a sandbar, and there are quite a few around the island. This is an area where the sand has drifted in the ocean's current to form a little raised area of sand. Because the water around the island is so shallow, you can walk through the water to reach the little sand island. Standing out there was a completely new experience. I knew that the water was shallow around me, but this sandbar was actually quite far out in the sea. It took me quite a while to wade over there! So when I looked around, it felt like I was marooned in the middle of the ocean, or perhaps walking on top of the water itself. I don't think there's many places in the world where you could do this!

The next place I explored was the lobby and hotel lounge. I had seen it briefly when I checked in but I was too excited to go and see my room at the time so I forgot to look around properly. I notice that everything here is low down to the floor. When you sit down, you feel almost like you're lying down on a bed. The sofas and other seats are all super relaxed and just invite you to melt in to them.

There were also some really lovely pieces of modern art in the form of metal palm leaves. As with most of the buildings here at Ayada the lobby has no walls so that you can always hear the ocean, feel the breeze and see your surroundings on this sandy island.

Friends, take a closer look at the bottom left picture here. Can you see it? That's my drone! I have to tell a bit of an embarrassing story. I brought my drone with me because I wanted to be able to show you some aerial shots of the island resort. I spent a bit of time getting it all set up and ready to go but just a few seconds after I launched it, the wind took it and blew it off course and stranded it on this roof! The breeze coming off the ocean was quite strong.

I must say I was so embarrassed when I had to go and tell the hotel reception what had happened. But then it got even worse! Because of a big rainstorm that was coming in, the hotel weren't able to get someone to retrieve my drone for hours. Unfortunately, by the time the drone was rescued the rainstorm had completely soaked the drone and there ended my hopes of getting you some aerial footage. I was quite upset but I wouldn't let it ruin my beautiful time here.

Lastly on my exploration of the island I found the fitness centre. It was very well equipped and I'm sure that the view would have been most inspiring for exercise, but that wasn't what I was interested in. I was most interested in the parrot! Right next to the fitness centre was the island's resident pet parrot.

I almost walked straight past him without seeing him until he started talking! 'Hello! Hello! Hello!' he said to me! I just burst out laughing because this parrot was talking to me. I replied to him, 'Hello, how are you?' and he said, 'Hello, how are you?' back to me! I couldn't believe it. He was so intelligent that he seemed to be able to repeat most things that I said to him.

I knew when he was looking at me that there was a very strong intelligence behind his eyes. I watched and talked with him for ages. He used his beak to kind of hop around his enclosure, using it almost more than his feet! It was like he had three feet, one of them being his beak. Obviously he had to let go with his mouth to speak! I tried to make him say my name but I don't think he quite understood.

Lunch by the pool

After a long morning exploring the island, I found another restaurant called Zero Degree. The restaurant is located right next to the swimming pool. Though ocean is the only swimming pool you'd ever need most of the time, sometimes the weather made swimming in the sea unsafe so the resort would put up red flags. At this time you could come and swim in the pool beside Zero Degree. As you can see, the pool also served as some of the dining and lounging area for the restaurant so you could sit and have a drink while paddling your feet in the warm water!

By now though, I was quite hungry so I got a lovely fresh Greek style salad with olives and feta cheese for a starter. Even though it can be hard to grow certain produce on the sand islands, I was impressed by how fresh all of the food was at the resort and I think this picture really shows that.

Enjoying a juice to freshen up by the pool

Modern twist on a Chicken Caesar Salad

What a beautiful view

You can see how freshly everything is cooked. The steak with mash potato was cooked freshly in front of my eyes and it was cooked to absolute perfection. The club sandwiches were lightly toasted giving a very pleasant crunch and of course were accompanied by more salad.

I enjoyed my very relaxed lunch at Zero Degrees and afterwards I felt really quite full so went to enjoy my villa a little more, relaxing by the sea with a book. I needed to make space for dinner, because I had booked a private dining experience for that evening which I just couldn't wait to go on!

My private dining dinner by the beach

You can see that I was about to have a very special evening. My private butler for the evening's dinner picked me up from my villa in his electric buggy, ready to take me to the secret dining area where I could be having a private dining experience by the beach. I had been exploring the island quite a lot and I couldn't think of anywhere that I had seen that looked like it would be suitable for a private dinner.

And I was right, he took me somewhere I had never been before - how did they hide this from me? I was quite surprised because I had done a lot of exploring and the island was not large. They obviously know the best place to give you the most privacy. I felt completely looked after and special to have this lovely table by the beach, with the little pavilion to shelter me from above.

Just seeing the sun set

The sunset was framed perfectly by the archway of woven palm leaves

Fresh flowers for the table display must have taken hours to make

To start I had a very simple salad with grilled scallop, and freshly grilled peppers. Anyone who has ever had scallops will know that it's very easy for them to become rubbery if they are overdone, but this one was just perfect and the portion was just perfect to wet my appetite.

My butler was excellent, bringing the food and explaining each dish but then disappearing so that I felt completely alone with the beauty of nature and the sounds of the sea. It must be very difficult to prepare the food in this remote area of the island, I wondered if they brought it all the way from the main restaurant kitchen - but that seemed just as difficult!

They made sure I'd have exactly the bread I wanted!

I then had roasted lamb chops with roasted baby carrots, asparagus, courgette and potato. As you can see, the chefs at Ayada Luxury Resort are quite exceptional and their presentation was beautiful. The real defining feature of this dish was the succulent and tender lamb and the exceptional gravy which was rich and thick. I believe it had been made with some red wine because it was very flavoursome and had plenty of deep flavours. It was one of the best gravies I've ever had!

I also had fresh seafood. Here I had lobster and massive king prawns which had been grilled to absolute perfection. My butler told me that these had been caught the very same day so they were as fresh as possible. As you can see, the portions were very generous and by the end of this seafood course I was feeling positively stuffed! I think these were probably the best prawns I've ever had.

I'm not sure if it was a mix of the location, the sound of the ocean or the solitude but everything just tasted better and more vibrant. Perhaps being alone I was able to truly sit and enjoy the tastes and remember how fresh this food was being caught straight from the sea in front of me.

Just when I thought I couldn't eat another bite, dessert came. It was absolutely perfect. With the flavours of chocolate, cheesecake and strawberry my sweet tooth was well satisfied. I enjoyed every single mouthful but I was glad that the portion wasn't too big. The presentation of the desserts was probably the best of all of the dishes and clearly a lot of work had gone in to making each and every mouthful burst with different flavours. My favourite was probably the cheesecake but they were all amazing.

Of course it wouldn't be the Maldives without freshly picked fruit

Saying goodbye to my private dinner retreat and admiring the sound of the ocean

The most beautiful sunset reflected off the most beautiful ocean

I thought my night was over as my butler took my back to my villa. But I had a couple of little surprises still in store for me. The first was I saw these little creatures running around the edge of my villa. The top photo is the tiniest little gecko. It's hard to see without perspective but it can't have been much bigger than my little finger, it was so so cute! And just above here was one of the smallest crabs I've ever seen, running around on the beach just before I got back to my villa. You feel so in the middle of nature on this island, it's really special.

As I stepped into my room my mouth fell open with surprise as I saw my bed. While away at my private dining experience the hotel staff had come and made the bed and decorated it beautifully. Have you ever seen such creativity? Using pieces of coconut palm, fresh flowers and fresh towels they'd created me a little garden on my bed. How long did they spend on this while I was away? I was a bit teary because this was a really lovely thing to return to.

As I thought about getting ready for bed I looked over and saw that they'd also provided me with a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket! This was just so good. Ayada completely went over the top to make me feel completely special in my stay and in my evening. Of course, I had to pop the cork and have a drink!

I hope you've enjoyed my exploration of Ayada Luxury Resort. I certainly did! Though small, the island has so much to offer with different restaurants, places to relax, fun little touches like the coconut weather station and of course, excellent service and staff.

I had so many favourite parts of the exploration because I saw so many things but of course the private dining experience was the most special. Sitting by the ocean, with no one else around, is not something you can easily do in our busy world. The service was lovely and the food was even better. To return from that lovely night of food to find champagne and art on my bed just topped everything off.

Have you enjoyed spending time with me today? I really hope so because I've loved it! If you want more then please vote for the post and follow me. I always love talking to my Steemit friends so make sure you're commenting so I can keep in touch with you all.













My video is at DLive

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Greetings, beautiful and inspiring sweetsssj

I really enjoyed the photos and the description of your trip. One of his last photos, it seems that his face was drawn by hand by a great artist, so beautiful that it remained.

I wanted to be playing chess with you.

I am totally enchanted with all these places that you show us. I am 34 years old and have already made some good trips in life. But, I guess I've never met one with beauty as exuberant as the ones you show.

The beauty, the architecture of the place, the food .... everything is very well done and done.

Besides the places are very beautiful, its beauty, which is very different from my eyes (because here in Brazil do not have many girls with their facial expression), it makes them even more beautiful !!!!

Thank you very much for posting to let us enjoy and visit this beautiful place at Ayada Luxury Resort in the Maldives Islands !!!!

Thank you and good evening!!!

ps: The photo I found most beautiful of yours is playing chess !!!!


Hii @julisavio well written comment and i hope your desired fulfill soon. I think best comment here.

I wanted to be playing chess with you.


hey julisavio, you know i'm actually not a very good chess player so you'll probably find me quite the boring opponent!

Sometimes what we consider to be enchanting differs a lot from person to person, I wouldn't take anything away from the places you have been, i'm sure they're magical each in their own rights!

Thanks for the lovely comment dear :)


hello dear @sweetsssj i hope to have nice time @brotherhood is here with new project bid-whale and im here to invite you tobe part our project dear you find intro post on my blog


Hey @sweetsssj That first pic of you is just stunning! Beautiful place...even the little creatures! LOL! Of course the seafood looks awesome. Love the prawns! I think I can taste it. The food presentation is fantastic. Wish you the best. Take care. Much Love, Tess


thanks so much tess, I really appreciate you taking more emphasis on the food, with such a beautiful place, the quality of the food (very high) is often brushed aside! Trust a good chef to know!

地方真的美 但下大雨也有小許恐怖的 ~~~ 氣球差點飛走了 ;p


是呢,拍充气浮床是为了让你们看到马尔代夫刮起风来,风力真的超级强= =


真的 風超大~~~~~~~~~~~ 但風景真的美啦 !! 早前去印尼也是這樣 每天中午下一埸大雨 但 半個小時後 太陽又回來了 大家都習慣 好像叫大家吃午餐 哈哈 ;p

Hiiii Queen of the Steemit @sweetsssj, after a long time I am commenting here. I always glad to visit your post. in this post you describe very well about your visit to Maldives at Ayada Luxury Resort. After seeing all the lovely shots i feeling that you are in paradise, what an attractive and heart touching sights you enjoyed by the blessings of GOD.Lots of Love for you.Keep smiling all the time and enjoy your life , my best wishes always for you. My appreciations and Support for you for sharing such an outstanding post.


hi rabeel, I do my best to share the best stuff with you guys, i'm so glad you continue to take an interest and always leave such positive comments, it's really motivating!


Thanks a lot princess @sweetsssj, for your positive response with support and feedback. It is a fact that in any shot your presence made it much attractive & lovely due to your beauty. lol.






Hello, @sweetsssj,

Thank you so much again for another wonderful tour. I'm not sure if I was even on Steemit (here for only 98 days) when you did your first post about the Ayada Luxury Resort in the Maldives, so I'm happy that I caught this one. ;)

I wondered what those dark shapes were in the shallow water by the boardwalk, @sweetsssj. They didn't seem like seaweed. Were they large fish of some kind? Didn't see any fins so I figured they weren't sharks. ;)

I loved the variety of pictures you shared. Your posts always make me feel like I'm right there with you enjoying the scenery, the general atmosphere, the restaurants and amazing food. And now, with this one, riding a bicycle and feeling the wind in my hair along with you. I particularly enjoyed your description of that because I have not ridden a bicycle for many years.

I must say though that anytime I think of low lying islands such as the Maldives, I feel sad and a bit anxious for all the friendly and loving people that live on them. It does feel like it's just a matter of time before their island homes become submerged.

Although I live in Jamaica and do feel anxious for residents in some parts of the outlying, low sea level areas, most of the island is far enough above the sea to feel fairly safe... and we do have very high mountains to boot! ;)

Did anyone share their plans for where they would go should they need to leave, @sweetsssj?

Thankssss again for sharing the beauty of this trip with us. I feel refreshed and uplifted, not sad. And btw, I don't remember how but after checking another of your posts earlier today, I clicked over to visit @honeybee's blog and loved two of them so much, I resteemed both and FB/tweeted one. Then I returned to your blog and found you had published this one and happily tucked in to read. ;)


PS Upped and resteemed before but just also FB/tweeted this post to my #travel audience, @sweetsssj.


hi angelacs, wow what a very detailed comment, thank you for that! And congrats on almost hitting that 100 day milestone my dear, it's only good times to come!

As for the dark shapes, they actually were rocks. There was a lot of fish swimming around below, mostly tiny minnows but a lot of crabs sitting on the rocks.

You also bring up a really interesting point about what happens to the people on these islands when they eventually get submerged. I think for the most part, the people who live there are the employees and I would imagine they would take their excellent service to other resorts. I actually met quite a few Chinese people who live and work at Maldives because of how many Chinese visitors there are. A lot of them are highly skilled in customer service, speaking three or four languages and I imagine would do really well if they applied to work elsewhere. Certainly they have a strong CV behind them!

As for the more developed regions of Maldives, I think they do have some plans to "rise" with the tide as it were, and a lot of land reclamation projects are taking place, albeit at the contest of environmental protectionists. It's a hard line to battle over because on the one hand, some people are literally losing their homes, and on the other hand, a lot of wild life and nature will be destroyed to save these people's homes.

Thanks also for supporting my friend honeybee, he's got a lot to say about a lot of things and I think he deserves that audience!

Once again, thank you so much for the detailed comment and as always it's lovely to converse with you angelacs!


Thank you so much, @sweetsssj. You are very kind. And you are Welcome.

I look forward to learning and growing here on Steemit. There is sooo much to learn.

Migration due to sea level rising is set to increase in the near future, as is migration due to even more massive water shortages, famine and war. Water is already frighteningly scarce in so many countries. It's all appalling because no real action is being taken to deal with these real issues that will affect so many billions of human beings on Earth, while the news and leaders distract with inane matters that have no relevance to most people's every day lives.

@honeybee must appreciate your support so much because the issues he tackles are real ones, but as I said, they get swept under and out of public view by so many other distracting breaking news stories.

His blog on mental health vs weight loss was so on point. And my heart broke over yet another single African American mother being arrested and imprisoned for so long for misdemeanors. It was such a real example of what happens every day.

My hope is that more and more people will learn how to use meditation, journaling and other Soul alignment techniques to effect powerful transformation in their lives. Practical self sufficiency and multidimensional living that creates fulfillment of desires, regardless of governments and crazy societal systems. ;)

Always wonderful to talk to you too, @sweetsssj. Inspiring and uplifting.

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其实现在这样发文章,也是有自己的一些顾虑,曾经我也发的频密,但如果总出现在排行榜上,就没办法给到更多人机会,容易引来平台用户的不满,经历过这些,才决定现在这样啦 = =



True steemit fact: Above comment verified as probably true. 것!


噢…真是的那些人... 难怪就看到一些怪怪的留言在那个健康挑战里,我觉得他们心里不平衡啊……
唉... 我大约明白你的处境了... 你真好,还顾虑及配合那么多事...难为了你...




不客气不客气... 🌹😃











Everytime I see your next post it's like a burst of beauty and energy.
Can't take my eyes off of all the fantastic stuff!
That is how the travel blog should be like, amazing! :D


thank you sadpotato, i'm feeling very chuffed thanks to you!!


I'm already only half sad thanks to you, a little bit more and I will become happy-potato!))
Thanks for your amazing blogs, I hope you will keep doing them, huge fan!)

Honestly, @sweetsssj is more than suitable to become a tourist spot promoter due to her beauty.

As always you look awesome


fproductions, thank you so much!! x

Wow...great introduction to a very exotic place to visit. Lovely pictures and food. Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.


thanks victoria, glad you enjoyed it !

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  ·  3년 전

WoW! Beautiful place...:)...


one of the most beautiful in the world!

  ·  3년 전

No doubt!...:)...

beautiful pictures are you are beutiful

Maldives is probably the most beautiful island with amazing beaches!! Thanks @sweetsssj for sharing wonderful pictures...


I would have to agree with you hms818, Maldives has certainly been one of the most amazing places i've visited so far in terms of it's tropical / beach qualities, there are loads of other islands that i have yet to explore, and last I heard, it's a ticking bomb before all of Maldives is under the ocean!

Hello my dear i hope everything goes well with you. I have a gift for you on my blog feel free to check it out ❤💙 and tell me if you like it.



thanks brett!

You are correct in your concern about how precarious it is for the people of Maldives. The ice cover on Greenland is quickly disappearing (which should result in a 7 meter increase). One thing that people don't consider is that even a microscopic increase in average water level is much more significant at the Equator due to centrifugal action.

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woow nice post with huge information thanks for sharing nice blog my friend

Hi @sweetsssj, after a long while, I've been able to bump into your post again.

As usual, I'll comment early so you'll be able to see my comment in time and then I'll go back to read and enjoy every bit of the post. After doing that, I'll edit and make a very meaningful comment as usual.

I can't wait to start seeing pictures of salivating foods and ofcourse a good story accompanying it with a dash of travelogue


hello dear, I really appreciate you always taking the time to read and comment meaningfully, pictures do a lot of talking, but so do all the words!

Sandia 😍

A true paradise, white beach, crystal color water... The colors are out-the-worldly! Love the gif of you opening the bottle in the end 💕💕💕


Just saw your Kazakh version swing, where you have to stand on it.
Is it safe?? I'm kinda scared lol :D...


so many islands to visit, and so little time to make it happen! Argh.. thanks very much joy!


I’ve heard Maltives islands are indeed difficult to choose, but you seem to have chosen a wonderful one. It’s also my dream destinations even though I’m not that much a beach girl (more of a mountain one lol), still the scenery is just breathtaking. 😍😍😍

True steemit fact: The staff at this resort earn on average $250 per month. I wish you MASSIVE PROFITS! SHAZAAM!


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This wonderful dear!
Can you explain to me how you have nice travel. I love travel too. You are so beautiful too dear.

Beautiful journey with beautiful human like you. Looks great as always @sweetsssj


hello dear, hope you're doing well, thanks for dropping by!

Yet another great, mystical and lengthy post! Love to read on your travels! 😇 Sweet to have your pictures here posted on steemit!

I was thinking , why not provide some edits for the community by showing how I would edit a picture from your post!


mostely straightened your cute shot!



Let me know if you like or dislike my edit! I love to get a more elaborate way people communicate instead of the ever present "great post" or "beautiful picture" comments 😎

Bye from Amsterdam


Good eye to find out and capture those lizards :) You deserve the champagne :)


thanks! The lizards actually appear quite seldomly, whenever I try to look for them I never find them, but when I do something else, they all come out!


Hahaha sneaky little bastards!

Ottoman Lounge seems so beautiful! All photos are amazing..


Having blogged about Turkey for many many months, I found it really fitting that Turkish culture seems to follow me around everywhere I go! Thanks a lot!

this very unique photo and so interesting, it reflects the ocean view with very romantic passion on the place, the lights redeem the beauty of captions of the photo itself, oh you look so gorgeous and
very natural posture behind your back and you look so elegant in your red sexy dress,

as call it, a woman in red,
its defines your natural beauty @sweetsssj.

you've enjoyed the exploration of Ayada Luxury Resort. wherein you can pamper yourself with the stress-free place, the place is amazing, the photos are all nice. the food was so great as presented.

you have done well.
thanks for sharing this wonderful explorations and adventure.
truly Ayada Luxury Resort is the best of the best place to visit.

thanks and more power to you @sweetsssj


your No.1 fan ^_&

we love you so much.

Upvoted and resteem

Such a lovely place! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and delicious meals! Maldives will be in my bucket list now!

@sweetsssj is good to see your post coming up again. You have been away for a while. I hope all is good?


all is very well thank you dear, been moving across the world so it's been very busy for me, that and I can't seem to keep my posts short!


Glad to see you here again!

This place is beautiful!

I wish to one day go to the Maldives @sweetsssj ! its just so beautiful and looks very relaxing and inviting! And Wow what a gorgeous sunset! All your photos are fabulous as always and the food looks so delicious! Thanks once again for sharing with us all your awesome travel experiences! upped earlier now resteemed , I will do the same in my @momskitchen blog for all my foodie followers, they love you!!💕💕💕💕✌👍😋

Speechless, this's very beautiful place...
Just Like Heaven! 😍

Very Elegant at Dinner Fantastic @sweetsssj

怎么能美成这样?!美景美人美食 身材真是好到爆炸!难怪这么多朋友都去马代度蜜月!“爱她就带她去马尔代夫,恨她就让她去选岛” 哈哈 只听过前一句呢 这么看是很有道理 😄 选岛要不要提前很久?像阿雅达这种会很紧俏吗?



I love you photos and you writing, you looks so beautiful .I'm a new one .

Wow!! You make me feel so jealous @sweetsssj, Lol. By the way you have a complete moment on this vacation. Wonderful....

Can i get your number, No ?? Okay...
Haha i'm just kidding

woww. fery nice

You are living the dream! Check my posts as well please. Best wishes from Germany

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for sharing this with the community. It always nice to read something that is done with passion.

woow so beautiful place..such a nice video and pictures..really great photography..doing great job..thanks to sharing .. @sweetsssj


hey daisy, my pleasure, good to see you comment here (for the first time I think?) Hope to see you more often!


Yes, its first time ..your post are very impressive ..i must follow you

This is the sad part of your content:

With thousands of tonnes of ice melting every single year, and experts predicting only further increases in icecap melting, sea levels will rise. They only have to rise by a meter or two and nearly every single island of the Maldives will be underwater.

But I hope it will not happen in our lifetime, so we could enjoy visiting the islands and I hope one day, we could visit Maldives also together with my family. God bless @sweetsssj ,thanks for sharing again one of your beautiful and delicious experiences.

There is so much great content in this post! The view is fabulous from here!


Great post.

Now I understand why you have so many followers, me included now. ### A lot work if one was to do it part time and probably even more, if full time blogger.

You are currently in the Indian Ocean? Next trip to Mauritius? Here's an appetizer...

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请问,如果去一个很美丽但是又与世隔绝的小岛度假,带哪三样物件比较好呢? (现在我知道可能无人机不是最好的选择):)



I find it fun to read your publications. I find life forming in front of me when I see your pictures. Are beautiful pictures , continue your career in creativity @sweetsssj I will be waiting for your visit to Morocco


thank you dear, I am making a plan to visit very soon actually. Hopefully you guys will welcome me with open arms!


You are welcome .

Hello how are you? Here I am again visiting your post and happy to see those spectacular photos; what a provocative thing; I love seeing all your posts, I tell you that I am encouraged to participate in the health challenge that started again now for 5 weeks, how I have my husband's situation with advanced Parkinson's, I decided to walk with him to exercise and that the be distracted Here I leave the link. Thank you very much.



Thank you dear, I hope you will do well in the health challenge, remember it's not about the prize, but the journey!

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Thank you @sweetsssj for sharing your adventures with us. I most especially love the fact that they have their own weather station and the sandbar is a travel goal for me haha anyway, I like how you wrote this post because it is filled with humor. Keep visiting interesting places for your readers and your writing style too!


Thank you very much for posting to let us enjoy and visit this beautiful place at Ayada Luxury Resort in the Maldives Islands !!!!

Thank you


thanks for taking an interest and taking the time to leave a comment too! x

Wow! Those tables placed right in the beautiful ocean looks very appealing right now... or any time really. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your trips!

Wow you've been to Maldives... How to be you and travel the world pls? 😁

You should visit Palawan here in the Philippines if you haven't yet, or El Nido and Puerto Princesa. Those are as lovely as Maldives... I think Boracay is still closed so I suggested those amazing places.

Maldives is definitely one of the picturesque places in the world.

I like house lizards, maybe like that small gecko. I think they're cute. As for the crabs, I thought it was a spider at first. Hahaha. Had to read what it was to know it's crab.

The most attractive part of your post are the picture quality and i really like to see more good stuff from you , hope you get more success in life.@sweetsssj

I really love your travel sweetsssj. Beautiful as ever! :)

Hello @sweetsssj post so spectacular, enjoy watching this # 93, I love to ride a bike, those photos are so wonderful, I loved the gif of champagne and the foods that are rich, I'm glad you enjoy each of your trips . I wish you the greatest success. I thank you if you visit one of my posts; I was participating in the health challenge do not hesitate to watch my participation. I wish you the greatest success. @dianacatalina


thank you diana, i'll take some time to look by when i get the chance. Thanks for visiting!

so awesome..good place

I loved the coconut weather station. What a hoot!



De verdad que es mágico este lugar.
Te felicito amigo.
Gracias por publicar

  ·  3년 전

This is paradise, nothing can be bad in this place, I would never leave the water. Excellent, what luck yours.

I love it! I think it was a spectacular trip, I was worried because you had several days without giving signs of life, but I see you were enjoying and I'm glad that! The images were beautiful, omg you look fantastic, the scenery, food, everything impressed me, I love your work thanks for sharing with us


thanks synerqix, have a good day!

“有人说,爱她就带她去马尔代夫,恨她就让她去选岛” - 呵呵,爱恨都全在马尔代夫啊!

“可怜新买的无人机仅仅在天空中坚持了40秒就“牺牲”了,被风刮跑,卡在房顶的草棚上,不巧风云突变下起暴雨” - 哇塞,那个风力应该很大吧,无人机都能刮跑 O.o



Amazing post, to say the least. There are so many photos that it makes you feel like I am there myself. You set the bar for how to make great posts. I need to work towards doing things like this myself. Wow!

I can't believe how many activities there are to do at this place and how you managed to do it all!


It's a remarkably small place, but with remarkably lots of activities as you said. Still, just being outside in tropical paradise makes almost any activity very worth while!

If you were my wife, I would take you to a place like that. Because you are a princess. I would consent to you as my wife.

How beautiful you are: * <3 I love you

Yes!! So beautiful. Love that golden archway :) Tell me, does that champagne tast like liquid gold?? - <3 Goldy


Is liquid gold drink-able??? You must know.. :D


Only on the weekends :)


I saw someone eat gold chicken wings on the internet before, I assume that's your weekday routine!


Ha ha!! How did you know????

  ·  3년 전

Only love love love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :)


aww thanks !:)

very beautiful place .. looks very comfortable there


thanks, it's more than comfortable I can tell you that, it's the epitome of paradise!


in my country many places are still very natural and very comfortable. such as Sabang, Bali and Lombok.




so nice story <3

Another day another new post from you!
Your all photograph are amazing.In this photo you look so pretty.U5drC934nFgBqD3hY5fGQUqWpoWrZT8_1680x8400.jpeg
Taken from
Who take this photo?
And the food are also looking delicious.
Taken from

Wow! I love this Island. I really enjoyed spending my time on your lovely post. I'm looking forward to exploring the world with you on your next post. Have a great time.

Wow! It looks like heaven on earth, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and got to share this beautiful time with all of us here on Steemit! One day I’ll use my Steemit funds to visit and document my adventures with all of you :)

Great caption photos.This is most beautiful photos.
This place in best for travel.


highly recommended to visit, atleast before it's under the ocean!


Just like, Our cox's bazzer.

Woow, @sweetsssj I like to travel like you, enjoy a new atmosphere, but you are alone when traveling like that.

i was impressed by image's background scene


which image in particular ?

WOW!!! You were in a Paradise!
So beautiful pictures and the place is amazing :O


Que lindo lugar, inspirador y transmite una paz inigualable. Gracias por mostrarnos un poquito de gran belleza que ofrece el mundo. Siempre te leo ojala puedas revisar mis publicaciones

Wonderful post my dear sister @sweetsssj


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It's very beautiful :)

Definitely in my bucket list of to do things before I die and after I retire!

Excelente Publicación, por lo que leeo te diste un buen descanso Bueno a parte de lo de andar en bicicletas jajaaj cuando uno se acostumbra a carro o moto hacer algo de ejercicio al principio cuesta. Me encanto eso de que la luz se enciende mientras baja e sol...

Hi @sweetsssj! Have you been to Bora Bora or the Seychelles, yet? I'm wondering - out of these ultra-luxury beach holiday locations - which one is the best?

I haven't been to either of them yet, but will go to the Seychelles in September. I have never really been drawn towards the Maldives, because I think that the islands don't have much to offer apart from water activities and dozing off in a villa. At least Bora Bora has this nice mountain to look at and the Seychelles actually offer quite a few inland activities if you get bored from chilling at the beach. I'm not sure if I'm making a mistake in not considering the Maldives... What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

By the way, I love to see that you keep posting about Taiwan quite a bit, I just moved there and love it!

The place looks very gorgeous, romantic and relaxing. It seems like you had a lot of fun being there. Stay fit and sexy @sweetsssj because you're really hot!


hey gvincentjosephm, very flattering :) :)!!


I just don't see anything bad with your post and I'm really impressed with your beauty.

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great content

This is a place dreams are made of! Can't believe my eyes. An incredible write-up, as always! Looking forward to making it here one day. It's now firmly on my list!

Wow @sweetsssj!!! It's like all you do is holiday. What a life. I'm so heavily inspired!!


Aww thanks kofibeatz, I actually don't go thaaat often, sure I do have a serious travel bug, but I try to experience every place in depth as much as possible instead of going to all sorts of different places. Maybe i'll try go for more variety in the future!


I love what you're doing @sweetsssj. You should come visit South Africa. I think you'll love it. It seems that traveling is really your style..

very nice post!! i wish to visit this mesmerizing place someday :)

What a magical place, what a wonderful experience, thank you for sharing greetings @sweetsssj 😘😘😘😘😘😘

Maldives! First time reading you and I take off my hat with your post! i really liked it! Very nice Pictures !!! the best part was the coconout weather channel jeje!
Greetings from Venezuela!

Nice post friend


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Tu experiencia es como un sueño hecho realidad.... que hermoso viaje, que hermoso hotel, paisajes, el color del mar me hizo recordar un lugar aqui en Venezuela llamado los roques, el cual enamora con el azul de su mar... ojala dios me permita algun dia poder visitar ese lugar q con tanto gusto describiste....

Greetings @sweetsssj from Venezuela, everything looks really spectacular, I love the sea and see that big walk and see that you are in the center surrounded by water, it really looks incredible, like the restaurant, all really beautiful , I feel great admiration for your posts that fall in love with those magical places. Many successes


hello exqueila in Venezuela, hope things are going well. Thank you for liking my post, perhaps you'll get to experience this for yourself one day!

hey there big fan i love your photography you know you are living my dream i wann travel like you and capture the beauty just preparing my self and following you i am learning alot of thing you are really great love you


thanks azizulhassan, glad you get a lot of educational value out of my posts, steem on!


hello my crush @sweetsssj, how are you. All the pictures is so beautiful like you. I am so amazed and i love it.
take care always!

your friend

WOW, what an amazing place. I am truly amazed. Those shrimp were huge! All the food looked so good :)
Thank you so much for sharing this @sweetsssj!


my pleasure still-observer, it was such an amazing experience, I can't not tell you guys all about it!! :)

It's nice that you took us by the hand on your trip to the Maldives, I really enjoyed the trip almost as if I had been there. Beautiful photos. I loved the area where you could walk in the sea. In addition, the different areas of the island make a perfect frame for your peaceful beauty.

Love the food sweetsssj. :) so classy by the way thank you for showing us a great place.

Beatiful , i enjoyed the photos , i feel like i see paradise , very nice .

Now seeing the video and the pictures from dinner and room seems so romantic! Especially with the ed sheeran in the background 💕


gabrielatravels, thank you dear!


super pretty photo


Such sweet and delicious food photos @sweetsssj ! I really loved your post and especially your DLive video! Outstanding job as usual my friend! upped and resteemed from both accounts @momskitchen / @karenmckersie where I left a comment earlier ! Your travels always amaze me and give us a chance to see places that we would never be able to see Thank You! ❤😋💕✌❤😋💕

These all are too much amazing enjoyed with you by seeing all these ans wish to visit all these places with this enjoyment..

Oh my.... Can i just say "OH MY!". I never leave short comments like this but those photos. "My wow!"

Great stuff!




Id be very curious how much you have payed for all of this.

Ive looked once for staying at the maledives and it was CRAZY expensive!

PS Lovely pics and fantastic story!


Ooh well Ayada is actually less expensive than some of the more well known places, I find that with places like this, you have to look for places which resonate with you, more than how it resonates with everyone else. That way, you get the most out of it. Even so, it is quite a bit more expensive than other places, I guess the exclusivity tax was added..


hehehe the missing-all-other-people tax :D

The scenery is very beautiful
Follow me ^^*


thanks hanwoo!

I rarely leave comments, but I really enjoyed this post. I was like "wow" "wow" "wow" at almost all the pictures. The place is so beautiful. Hope my family and I can visit it someday.

I was also particularly amused with the way they used the coconut to predict weather. So clever.

Thanks for sharing. :)

That water is SO turquoise it's unreal. Thanks for posting




Welcome to Algeria
North Africa

Hi @sweetsssj ! I all ready commented / resteemed and upvoted your awesome post on both my accounts! You Are the Best My Friend!
I just wanted you know I just hit 5000 Followers !! It is such a great day for me!! I gave you a awesome mention in my post, please feel free to check it out when you get a chance ! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR AWESOME SUPPORT SINCE I STARTED HERE ON JULY 13 2016! ITS BEEN AN AWESOME RIDE! 💕✌👍😀💕

Congratulations for marriage :)) It looks like you married :)







wow, thank you dear, that is ALOT of emphasis you put there, i'll be sure to drop by your page soon :)

Ever since i saw the Maldives in google photos. i did not get any facebook post or steemit post with so much exploration with Maldives. The hotel resort , little pavilion for rest is nice to me. But the Turkish food! not fully perfect shaped, so it looks little wired to me, though i don't know how it taste like. and the most amazing scene!!! i just felt crazy when i see the sea


and the color of below water. wow!

There are some people did not get any chance to visit the beauty of nature.

Today one of my cousin died. She was 17 years of old, suffering from cancer. Before 1 month she said i don't want to die, i want to live, please save me, please . When this line come to my mind my eyes fill with tears. She did not visit any single place as travel, not a single because of her poverty. Thus you are lucky that you are getting chance @sweetsssj

high tech weather station

lovely photo😍
happy traveling my freind :)
have a good day in maldives


thank you riezaldi, enjoy!!

quality of photo is awesome! ;)




conratulations, good post my sister @sweetsssj


thank you edy!


oce, where do you life my sister?

a great trip.Thank you for sharing about the trip that many people dreamed. i have said too when you have the life of a princess not.haha

wow, a very enjoyable trip ... and a very tasty food menu. and your photo is amazing, very clean and bright colors. unlike travel photos to thailand, if any time i beg for criticism for my travel post. thanks. regards @jubagarang


hi dear, I've actually spent quite some time in Thailand too, there is definitely a lot of parallels and both are amazing places to visit, highly recommend both! I'll drop by soon! :)


very glad to hear your reply. thank you very much for your kindness.

it really seemed a very pleasant journey


and a very pleasant meal too :)


yes yes, I also have a road to the capital city of Aceh and stop at the great mosque baiturrahman banda aceh, if you can visit the link

really beautiful place, thank you for sharing.


it is so beautiful, missing it quite a lot now actually, but i'm now really far away from that region of the world, so it won't be until much later i'll be going back to that kind of place!

As always you look awesome😚@sweetsssj.

  ·  3년 전

Wow ... It's really cool.
I really enjoyed the picture.
The Maldives is a really cool place.
I've never been there before.
I'm so satisfied with the pictures.
I really want to go.
Because it is so beautiful
The picture is brighter.
Have a good day today,
It is night in Korea
I'll say good dreams.
I'll call on you often.
I'll follow you and press vote.
If you follow me
It would be an honor.
Thank you!

Every time I come to your posts there would be something I would like to comment but then as I kept reading on I forgot what was it that I wanted to comment to lol! You truly take me to a tour every time and I like how you open up the senses - sight, sound, taste, smell. I can almost feel your vertigo! It's safe to fall off the boardwalk, right? lol!

I feel your sentiment about the island being flooded. I hope that it wont though because I have yet to experience what you had experience. Selfish me :D

You made me laugh about the coconut weather indicator :D

How good is their baklava? Is it as good as the one you had in Turkey?

Ayada did a great job in making you feel at home and providing you the best service. They live up to their name of being luxurious in their own way.

So unfortunate about the drone.

However, that does not cloud the wonderful things that the island has to offer and for you to experience. The shell and coral frame is a nice touch, too.

As always, thank you for taking us with you on this amazing tour. You always keep us entertained beautiful and lovely @sweetsssj.

Best regards, beautiful and inspirational sweetsssj

I think the photos and details of your trip really enjoyed one of his last photos, it was pulled by hand by a great artist in his face, it was beautiful that was.

I used to play chess with you.

I'm completely magic with all these places that you show us that I've been 34 years old and have already made some good trips to life. However, I've estimated that as you show up as one of the beauty showers you never met as you met.

Beauty, space architecture, food .... Everything is done very well and is done.

Places are beautiful as well, its beauty, which is very different from my eyes (because there are not many girls with their face in Brazil), it makes them even better !!

Thank you so much for posting to enjoy our beautiful place at Ayada Luxury Resort on the island of Maldives !!!!

Thanks and good evening !!!

ps: Your picture is found to be the most beautiful chess game!!!


Thanks dear, I just managed to figure out the rules of Chess so I'm actually not that good (quite bad actually) but it's the beautiful setting that is more important, and I guess the novelty haha. Can you imagine paddling around in a shallow pool in blistering hot weather playing chess on water?


Sweetsssj ricky is copying top comments and posting them to get votes. I dont have enuff sp to keep flagging this guy so perhaps u can assist in this comment and help me send a strong message to him that this is not ok! Just scroll to the top to see the comment he copied and you even answered him,’glad u didnt upvote him at least! Much love xx