Travel with me #111 : Taroko National Park, Taiwan!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

I am looking forward to taking you around Taroko Gorge in the Hualien Region of Taiwan. To see is to believe, my friends, and I just can't wait to show you the amazing sights of this beautiful area. Taroko Gorge is set within Taroko National Park in the northern area of Hualien County on the east coast of Taiwan. In spans 920 square kilometres and contains mountains well over 3000m tall.

The Taroko National Park was established in 1986 and is one of nine national parks in Taiwan. It marks an important commitment from the Taiwanese government to preserve the the natural beauty of the country. Taiwan has experienced rapid economical growth in the last half century, and that commercial development has had its impact on the environment as cities grew and industry expanded. So in 1972 a law was passed called the 'National Park Act of the Republic of China'. This was designed to protect the natural scenery, history, wildlife and important scientific areas of the natural world.

What is very interesting about the Taroko National Park is that is rises very quickly out of the ocean. It is rare to have mountains of up to 3700m high, so close to the coast. These mountains are spectacular, and because of how rapidly they rise up from the ocean the rivers are very powerful here. The steep drop from mountain peaks to sea level has caused massive erosion, leaving huge canyons and gorges in their wake. You will see Taroko Gorge today, from which the national park takes its name.

Taroko Gorge

The Taroko Gorge is sometimes also called the Marble Gorge because, as the name suggests, much of the rock is marble. The area would have once been at the bottom of the sea bed, but after immense pressure and the moving of tectonic plates, the mountains have been thrust up high into the sky. I was told that in fact this area of Taiwan is growing taller by 0.5cm per year. Over millions of years that makes pretty big mountains!

The Taroko Gorge itself is reported to be around 19km long and it is very deep, with almost vertical cliffs on either side. The river that runs through the gorge and that has carved this natural marvel is the Liwu River. As you will see, the river itself is as impressive as the gorge that is has carved and you would find it difficult to find a more beautiful setting in all of the world with mountains, rivers and canyons all combined.

Excited to start exploring

The gorge itself is accessible by walking and no more than sensible trainers are needed for most of the main pathways. You can access other areas of the national park on more rugged trials but you should seek the permission of the authorities if you intend to stray off the main tourist routes. The climate of the area is much cooler than many other areas of Taiwan due to its elevation and proximity to the coast. It is not unusual for the area to be covered in mystical low cloud, obscuring the peaks of the mountains around you in a layer of mist that trials itself around the green canopy of the trees that run over the mountainside.

When you arrive at Taroko Gorge you are first most aware of the noise. The river is very powerful, it has carved the huge gorge that you will now see, and there is a lot of fast moving water. The sound of the river echos off the walls of the gorge and mountains to fill the air with the sounds of nature, power and water.

At the mouth of the gorge you catch the first sight of the Liwu River and I was amazed at how blue it was. Blue, I think, is not even the right word. It was what I would call 'cartoon blue' - the sort of blue that water is in cartoons but never in real life. Well this really was this colour! You can see some of it behind my body here, I am teasing you a little bit, but you will see more of this amazing river soon. I was really quite entranced!

I had yet to enter the gorge properly, and I knew there were so many sights to see further into Taroko National Park but I had to take a while for my eyes to adjust to the beauty of the water. I don't know about you but water can be a bit hypnotic and therapeutic. You know how you can stare into an open fire and just pass the time and watch the flames? The water is much the same but this blue had me even more fascinated and I just wanted to sit and stare! Finally I pulled myself away with thoughts that there would be much more water and many more sights to see as my day went on.

The highway built to access the gorge was very hard to build, here you can see they made a tunnel in the cliff!

It does not take very long before you enter a completely different world. The walls of the gorge rise up around you to shelter you from all noise except for the rushing of the water. The route winds along the side of the gorge, quite high up. You can see how deep the gorge is below you but also appreciate how high the mountains are around you. It is amazing to think that water has carved this deep channel into the marble.

In the distance you can see there is a bridge that crosses the canyon. This is very narrow and made only from some flexible wire and other similar materials so that people can cross the gorge single file if needed. It was not that windy when I visited but I could still see the bridge swaying from side to side slightly, which looked very scary! I didn't see anyone cross it, and perhaps that was a good thing! I would have been so nervous just watching, let alone trying it myself.

And now what I've been teasing you with, the amazing water and the sheer canyon walls! Can you believe that this is not fairy-tale water? Cartoon blue, crystal clear, beautiful water. From this height, you could see all of the water swirling around the rock walls of the canyon. In the rock, as you can see there are many different layers of rock that have been carved through over the years by this very same river.

Each stripe of rock represents a different era in history and the smooth rock wall, smoothed by millions of years of water erosion, shows these off beautifully. Higher up the wall you can see the more red colours and lower down there are stripes of white and blue. I didn't know what these different layers meant but they must have been very different bits of history for the marble rock to look so different.

This area of the Taroko Gorge is called the Swallows Grotto for the hundreds of holes in the rock walls that house nests for swallows, small nimble birds that come here to have their young. I can't imagine any predators can get them up there! And they get such a good view as well. What a lovely place for the little baby swallows to be born and to hear the sound of the water and see the blue of the river below them as they learn to fly. I imagine that these area is quite sheltered from the wind but that it must get very wet! You can see the moss above the holes has 'dripped' down with the rain water that runs down the rock during heavy storms.

A long way down to the bottom!

Further in to the gorge, following the route that hugs the sheer rock walls, the path is cut into the rock beside the river, dozens of metres up. At this point, there is a legal requirement that you wear a helmet because there is a great chance of falling rocks. The very same power the has created this amazing gorge causes the rock walls to erode and for stones to call. You just have to look at the riverbed behind me to see the giant boulders that have fallen down into the Liwu River and been swept a long by flood waters.

Nature finds a way, with greenery growing right on the side of the steep cliffs

Here you can see the true immensity of the Taroko Gorge with the overhanging cliff walls, hundreds of metres tall. You can also see the ingenuity of man and the thousands of hours of work that it took to build this route into the side of this beautiful gorge. The path is cut straight into the cliff and was done largely without machinery, just man power and a lot of hard work.

Here also you can see how important it is to stay safe with a helmet because the rocks can easily fall off the roof or down from the cliffs too. I felt very inside of nature in this spot and I spent a long time just standing in this very special and unique place. Inside this area, the sound of the water was all around you as it echoed up the rock walls, bouncing backwards and forwards up from the floor of the gorge.

A little bit scary being this high up with only a small barrier!

This route on which I had been walking and admiring the view from is actually called the Central Cross-Island Highway and it was built in the 1950s by the military. It was a gruelling endeavour and required thousands of hours from thousands of veteran soldiers to complete. The work was very dangerous, as you can imagine, and landslides and poor conditions caused the deaths of hundreds of the workers. The road now has restricted access to traffic, though it is still technically a national highway.

You can see very clearly here how the route is cut right into the side of the gorge. It feels quite high up when you're standing on it and looking down at the rushing blue water, but then you look upwards and realise just how high up this gorge goes. I couldn't get a proper picture to show how tall it was because, well, it was so tall!

I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet the place was for people. There was of course, a few tourists around but you could always find a quiet spot to sit and admire the area and just 'be' in the environment without feeling crowded. Though there were some tour buses with big groups of people and the occasional tour guide, they moved through quite quickly. I loved being able to enjoy the atmosphere of this place.

I remember vividly the smell of water, and greenery and damp rock. The sound of the river below you, the echo of voices and the occasional sounds of birds that had made this sheltered place their home.

Even in a gorge you can't escape some commercialism!

This a shrine to chief engineer Jin Hen who was swept away in a landslide in 1957 while inspecting damage to a dam that was caused by a large earthquake. The shrine is a sobering reminder of the human effort and sacrifice that was spent making this area of the world accessible and safe for people.

The Eternal Spring

Changchun Shrine or The Eternal Spring was built to homage those men who lost their lives in construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway. In 1987 the pavilions that you can see here were destroyed when the cliffs collapsed after heavy rain. You can still see evidence of this to the right of the buildings here and it is a sobering thought to realise how powerful nature is, even when man tries to tame it. 10 years later, the pavilions were finally restored to their former glory for us to see!

Nestled at the base of the cliff, the pavilions of the Eternal Spring straddle a small waterfall and stream that cascade down and out under the bridges and walk ways. The colours of white, orange and blue against the green of the mountainside and the blue of the water were really quite striking and I felt this was a beautiful lasting memory to those who had given so much for this place.

The pavilions at the bottom of the waterfall only mark the entrance to the shrine, which is located about 15 minutes walk up onto the mountainside. This path up to the shrine was closed when I visited, perhaps due to more landslides or slippery conditions on the hundreds of steps that lead upward. Even from down here, though, I could appreciate the serene beauty of this isolated monument, with its well maintained facade and bright colours.

Stream emanating from under one of the pavilion's bridges, giving the place its name of 'Eternal Spring'

The pavilions were very peaceful and less busy that I would have thought. May of the tour buses stop to take in the view from the other bank of the river but do not take you up to explore the pavilions themselves. There were beautiful views back into the heart of the gorge as well as many quiet and secluded places to sit and reflect on the day.

As my bus left Taroko Gorge I knew that this was a place that I would always remember and that would always remain special in my memories. A place without compare, the effort of hundreds of souls went into trying to tame this wilderness of water and rock. I could have easily spent many more hours just soaking up the sounds and sights that had been millions of years in the making. But unfortunately I had to leave! As the bus pulled away, I was told that there would be just one more stop before my return to my hotel - we were headed for the viewing area called Clear Water Cliff or Qingshui Cliff.

Qingshui Cliff

Stretching for 21km the Quingshui Cliffs are 21 kilometres long and they rise an average of 800 metres above the sea level. It is the highest coastal cliff in Taiwan so therefor offers amazing views up and down the coast. Where I had just spent many hours with rock walls rising on both sides of me, now the cliffs just rose to my back and the pacific ocean out in front of me. A real contrast to the enclosed space of the gorge, the feeling of openness was beautiful. As you can see the sky had cleared of the clouds and mist that had been present earlier in the day and I could see for miles in both directions, up and down the cliffs.

I will leave you now with some of these beautiful views. The very size of everything in Hualien County is quite humbling. The huge mountains, the rushing rivers and the majestic Pacific Ocean make it a unique place for any traveller. I am very lucky to have spent my time here.

Steemit Friends, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post today and to share in this adventure. My favourite part of the day was easily the cartoon blue waters of the Taroko Gorge and the unique and impressive route from which you view it, carved into the size of the cliff face. Of course, we must honor still some of the tragedies that occurred to help build that route and remember the men who sacrificed too much. I am humbled by my time in Taroko National Park for this reason and because of the very beauty of its nature. Unfortunately nature is a force so great and grand and huge that it is hard to tame by man.

What was your favourite bit of this exploration with me? Have you been anywhere else like this before? I'd love to speak more with you in the comments below and if you'd like to see more of my adventures, please follow me and of course vote for this post if you liked it! I will leave you now with my best and most honest attempt at a jumping photo to end my day's adventure... perhaps you can see how hard I was trying!

Until next time...










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Greetings, sweet and beautiful sweetsssj

As soon as I gave in your post appeared trending refresh and I was very happy.

Thanks so much for sharing your trip to Taroko Gorge in the Hualien Region of Taiwan. Do you live nearby?

This is a beautiful site too much. Here in Brazil, I don't know anything like that. Here has a lot of beautiful landscape, both in fauna and flora.

However, that you put up. Is totally enchanting.

I really liked the picture of that temple that sits on top of the vegetation. I imagine that the person there will have one of the most beautiful views in the world to contemplate. Should give an immense peace.

I was eager to meet this place after I saw your post. Save your posting here to show to friends, Yes, these natural and architectural beauty cannot be hidden.

In addition, your charm, beauty and elegance give a touch more in the photos, which are beautiful.

Thank you and good night!


Hi julisavio! I actually live in China (mostly) but Taiwan is a close neighbour I frequently visit because I really love the region so much. Obviously I highly recommend you to visit too and see these place for yourself!


I would love to visit China someday. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I have learnt so many new things




太鲁阁真的好漂亮啊!一直对台湾的原住民文化很有兴趣,看了你的文章,更想去台湾玩了,我已经快打开订机票网站要订票了哈哈哈! Sandia你真是种草专家!





Well done .. interesting
Looks like a nice experience ..
Thanks for sharing this with us..


my pleasure slimanepro, enjoy!

I love these green photos of nature but that in the cliff is very scary, I am really afraid of heights, lol


I must admit, I had a lot of hesitation peering down into the valleys, it's certainly very steep and very high up!

Taiwan is on my wishlist to visit... I admire this nation and you are doing more than great in your trip


that's great! I'm glad to be able to share my front row experience with all you guys!

so beautiful thanks




Hello dear @sweetsssj , How are you doing? Wow! What a beautiful place this is. Looks just like a fairy land. And as always you look so sweet and beautiful . Have a great day princess😊👍👍


hi vikbuddy i'm doing well thank you, how about yourself!?

mam your life is awesome and how lucky you travelling the world


thanks dear, i'm sure you have good stories to tell too!

Hello @sweetsssj I stumbled upon your blog and I was surprised! I love all your travel pics!!! How I wish one day I’d be able to travel Asia too. Your steemit shirts are the best in the world! Haha. You look all cute with that. Please wear that every time to spread the Steemit awesomeness. Anyways, nice photos you have here. Your photographer is doing a good job. Is he traveling with you too? What a luck. Anyways, enjoy your day out there and have a great weekend! Xoxo from Manila. :-*

This is picture perfect sweet, I love your Jump shot and the color of your blue jeans, the blue color of the sky perfectly reflected the view to the super color combo with a very HD camera, truly this is a picture perfect photoshoot.

the blue waters of the Taroko Gorge so impressive views of the very beauty of its nature.

what a cool experience, the place of The Taroko National Park,
the nature place and the natural formation of the river lines are spectacular views, and also the bridge consists of a lot of history.

overhanging cliff walls for me is so cool and on the second thoughts its scary for me? because of I'm afraid of heights.^_^

thanks for sharing this wonderful nature adventure.

this Post is Upvoted, this Post is resteem.

Take care always sweet.

as always, , you 'nailed it.. @sweetsssj ^_^

@sweetsssj wow today you took us to Taroko gorge national park in Taiwan. It this looks really amazing and moreover they things you told us about the park simply makes it more interesting.
You have added so many beautiful and I believe your journey was relaxing.
I really like your way of writing, your work is unparallel.
I have been following you and will resteem this post if you don't mind. Good luck.


Who would have thought Taiwan could have such grandesque scenery and landscapes, but it does! Of course i don't mind you resteeming, thank you!


Thank you very much @sweetsssj and yes Taiwan looks really beautiful from what you showed us haha. I will add this to the places I want to visit. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.

As usual so much information and beautiful photos. For the time being, you are one of the accounts I follow in #travel, actually you were the FIRST account. #resteemed #resteem

Source picture


hey dear, I feel honoured to be the first you followed in travel!


You have a great blog, love it.

Awesome! We went to Taiwan last month! I just wished this post was made sooner haha! I wanna go there!♥


aww there's always opportunity to revisit!

I'm a traveler too, I loved your post. I started here today and made an introduction post where I show my trip to Argentina in a zoo where we can take pictures with lions.830468_609151572444348_797530815_o.jpg


Or even Tony the Tiger.............

Mind-blowing excellent...


thank you ritue!! :)

Trip to Taiwan's beautiful national park Taroko Gorge park, really I am stunned to see the images, these are really beautiful and you also added your beautiful face. I am a new admirer I must say that you have actually done a great job.
Such a beautiful post and with the pictures of your journey, I do believe that Taiwan is a beautiful place and view from the park is really nice.
Keep contributing and inspiring young people and new steemians, I will be around to see more of your beautiful posts. Thank you for sharing your journey with us @sweetsssj


Thanks deepti, it's a really stunning place that I could never really do justice with the pictures, hopefully it's enticing enough to visit for yourself and discover how amazing it is in person!


Yes yes you are very true and I do feel like traveling there thanks for sharing

@sweetsssj What an amazing place! Your videos are truly a voyage of discovery for me. I never thought Taiwan had a "Grand Canyon". The way that you combine music, text, photos, and videos is unique.

One question...the Wikipedia article on Taroko Gorge mentions that it's possible to find jade in the park. Have you ever looked for jade? Do they let you keep what you find? In Arkansas (USA) there is a park as well, called Hot Springs National Park, where you can search for diamonds. They let you keep what you find there. You'd probably love to visit.

I look forward to hearing, watching, and reading about more of your travels.

All the best,
Ira - upvoted and resteemed


Thanks for reading carefully ira, I actually didn't have the opportunity to find any jade. I suspect the easiest ones to find are probably all long gone.. I'm quite intrigued about the Diamonds you mention in the Arkansas park, surely they would have all been found already? Maybe there is some diamond rush history ?


Here's a link to Crater of Diamonds National Park, Arkansas. You can dig for diamonds there, and keep any that you finid. The park is in Arkansas, very near to President Clinton (Bill, not Hillary) birthplace of Hope, Arkansas.

I think you would have a wonderful time there. I'd love to see your vlog of it.

Have you ever traveled to the USA?

Thanks so much for your posts and for allowing me to travel to all those places I would never have been able to visit otherwise.

Beautiful photos..

Clearly and precisely explained. Best I have seen so far. Thank you!

really good ... 👍👍👍💞💕💕


aww thanks shintamonica! 😊


Sama2 kakak @sweetsssj...💕💕💕💕

I have just seen the video of “Taroko Gorge”. It is really an amazing place!
Also the photographs and descriptions are wonderful! Thanks a lot for all.


my pleasure nihar1969, very happy you enjoyed the post !

Fantastic post friend


thank you aligaby89!

❤️ always beautiful


aww rina, thanks!

Amazing, love your travel blogs ❤️❤️


tastetwist, thank you so much dear!

Love your profile! ;-}


thanks supernova55, hopefully you'll love travelling !


I love traveling, absolutely!!🤗🌼🌻🐝🌺🎵🎧💙

Lovely week!🌺

shintamonica really like posting @sweetsssj really nice ... brother @sweetsssj vote shintamonica once .....


thanks shinta; i'll drop by and take a look!




Beautiful scenery of beautiful results. photo the natural beauty that has brought you to get a beautiful dream every night.You are a very lucky person, because you have seen what I can not see in my life.I have never seen this scene it's amazing. Thank you guys for sharing, I hope someday to visit such a beautiful place even if it is not possible for me @sweetsssj

I love China


Thanks for showing such a big interest, very motivating for me!


thanks for sharing @sweetsssj
I am very motivated with you

@sweetssj i wait your next exploration earnestly. I too desire to visit the ocean some day and have even if it's half as much fun as you did there in Taiwan.

As a fellow lady i sincerely respect you.
You are beautiful,portable and sweet like your name suggests.

If only i can be friends with such a wonderful person as you.


It's a pleasure to chat with you on here lizbethk, perhaps we might meet some day on my adventures around the world. where are you based?


What a remarkable and wonderful day that would be for this girl.

But i am sad because i think that day is really far away or may never come, as i stay in West Africa , Nigeria.

So far away from China. Though i do love China and look forward to the day, i'll apply for a VISA to come there.








You are one impressive and trendy lady. I am always fascinated with the way you dress. Always admirable.

It is so good to see you had fun and this place is really beautiful. That is nature at her best. I totally love this place. What a beauty that is.

Thank you for bringing this closer to us. I hope to visit this place one day, and i hope to make a reference that i first came close to it through your post.

Keep being trendy. You look stunning dear.


hi olawalium, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment as usual, always appreciated!


Anytime beautiful.

I love that combination, natural beauty, beautiful woman, spectacular photo and an atmosphere of tourism, the ideal moment!


you have a way with words, it's so flattering!




Wow how beautiful those places year.
I love Asia, the nature in so many places is just outrageous.
I would love to walk the Central Cross-Island Highway, it looks really cool.

As always a first class contribution Sandia!


Thanks jason, you really know how to appreciate this kinda stuff!

beautiful post

I love the way how the path is dig deep into the stone and there is how you go down to the blueish water 💚
It's always amazing to enjoy a track from top to the bottom, in this way when you are down you can look upside and say "Look! There is where I came from! I've been walking sooo much to see this beauty!" Which offers you a feeling of gratitude. Loved the video and the song fits just right 😊


You are so right, top to bottom is definitely better!!

  ·  3년 전

These photos look like from some Japanese mmorpg game, I suspect that your class is a traveler ;)


haha you suspect correctly :)

it's so incredible this place is so beautiful I really like the scenery like this @sweetsssj thanks for sharing with us.


my pleasure putraabdal!

What a nice trip! I have been in Taiwan once but your images make me want to comeback!


Time to plan another visit I think!

i have a question for you, if you have a time let me know, then i'll ask it :)


what is the question dear?

Always a pleasure reading and looking at the beautiful pics. Who travels with you?


thank you so much! Usually it's my mum, she writes here too :)


O that is wonderful sharing all of this with her - enjoy every moment - I am so jealous

Although I have never been to Taiwan but i guess i have now, thanks tou you @sweetsssj. Thanks for sharing your views about the location with the world, it quite green out there, the valleys looks quite dangerous, I wonder how difficult it was to walk down. But it seems worth the risk♥️, the way you present the places you visit is just mind blowing and soo different then others, it have all the small details in it,Leaving the natural beauty aside for a while you look so beautiful in that dress with that jacket, the picture with the helmet on u look so cute.
Now there is noo need for one to go on youtube and search the places you visit as they can just read what you write its soo amazing thanks again for sharing your thoughts on the location.


There are so many places in such a small territory, it really is worth it! I guess if you enjoy the picture and written medium as well as a bit of video then you can find it right here! :)

The favourite bit that I like the most is your jump shots :) Nicely taken. The scenery is great too. The colours pop at the right places.


thanks mrblueberry :)

first of all i want to say your are so beautiful "@sweetsssj" also your excellent photography ,

Taroko National Park is a 920 square kilometer park located in Taiwan. It was originally established as a national park - Tsugitaka-Taroko National Park - in 1937 by the Governor-General of Taiwan. Taiwan was part of the Empire of Japan when the park was established and at the end of World War II China took control of Taiwan and the park was abolished. In 1986 Taroko National Park was finally re-established. The park was named after the expression used by a Truku tribesman when he saw the Pacific from the gorge. He exclaimed 'Taroko' which means 'magnificent and beautiful'.


thanks steemlota :)

And Nothing Else..





好的~~ 谢谢!也祝你旅途顺利愉快~






Oh wow!!!! This is an amazing post!!! and those photos :O now to travel there!!


Amazing place! Added to my "must see" list :).
I have been to similar canyon in Spain - Caminito del Rey but seems it is not so beautiful as in Taroko Gorge...


I will have to check that place out for myself!

Thanks for sharing your travel experience with us. What a wonderful and exciting experience you had over in Tokyo. Well detailed writeup.


It's in Taiwan!!

I was just waiting for your blOg..
Wow its just amazing it is an ancient time park.. The official just manage it to look new and proper.. Its being a long time to have this marvelous place.
I think its a human being duty and responsibility to protect and save the nature along him...
Yeah looks very high mountains around you.
Yes its true that the weather is cooler due to mountains and hilly areas which are higher than other places.
Liwu river is just an amazing. The blue color is beautiful. From your picture i have a feeling that i am personally visiting that place it just amazing..
Yes have a safe journey on thevswinging bridge
I think swallows have special god blessing that they have just an amazing beautiful and natural and rivery place as their house. They are just lucky i mean to say.
Jin hen is legend for the people living over there. He just made a place unbelievable. God bless him through ameen.
Changchun Shrine is a beautiful. Officials have done a great job thsmat people remember the legends and have pray for them throughiut the end of this world
'Eternal Spring it is just an other example of executive nature along over there. Every shot you just have taken is just amazing. You are a fabolous explorer dear sweetsssj.
I am just big fan of you and always watching you content and shots of your journey.
Stay blessed and have a journey and blessing for other trips from my side ameen
Waiting for your next trip by by


hi yasirgawad, thank you for taking in the post so thoroughly!


My pleasure miss


I was thinking and just can't control to add some about your beauty that if you don't mind you are looking cute in all this sorry hehehehe

Haha good attempt on the jumping photos.


hey aldentan, you been doing good recently? As you can see it took a few tries.. :)

Very lovely post 😘

Very lovely post 😘

Lovely post

So beautiful @sweetsssj .Good job and thank you for sharing


my pleasure Anna, thanks for droppin by!

There is a lovely place ! Taiwan .. Blue & Green together are mostly color of the world .. I love travelling diffirent places so much and this place is amazing ! I hope one day I want to be Taiwan and I dont remember you @sweetsssj ;) Thank you for sharing .


You know what, you're right, the natural beauty of the world is mostly dominated with those two colours! I never thought about that before..

Taiwan will be waiting for you!


Im so glad to you Thank you :))@sweetsssj I hope so.. I want to so much become Taiwan


Can I want you somethink my friend ? Can you resteem my shared blog .. I need some help :( @sweetsssj

Beautiful place amazing

Beautiful place amazing

I always love your travel blogs miss @sweetsssj <3 it is very interesting to read. Whenever my friends planned for a trip, I recommend them to read your travel blogs. They were amazed <3


Ryan! That's so kind of you to send them to my page, really appreciate that! Hopefully they find something useful or fun!

這裡真的非常美,我前陣子才經過那附近呢~ :D




台灣固然美麗,不過我也希望以後有機會去看看中國五嶽呢!! :)




我只要能去其中一座應該就很開心了!! XD

You always share such breathtaking pictures. It feels like being there with you. Thanks for sharing :)


Hey soldier, thanks so much! Hopefully will share them on appics when it goes live! :)

a place many people dream about travel, with your presence add beauty scenery amazing.


i'm glad you think that jhoni, very flattering!




That's so beautiful! I will be going to Taiwan very soon with my family and that looks like a great place to check out. Thank for your your awesome pictures! Definitely adding this to my trip!


I'm sure your family and yourself will have a wonderful time, do share your blogs about the place on steemit!

  ·  3년 전

Wow the color of the water is so cool, is that an old river maam @sweetsssj or just a shallow stream ever since?. But, that hanging bridge I ain't gonna pass it through hehe and the pathway besides mountain it will make me crazy Im an acrophobic 😊. The places the views are totally amazing.


It's a natural stream which flows from one of the mountains deep within the gorge!

Are these pictures real? I don't mean that as a real question lol. I just mean that the colors are so amazing that I can't imagine a place really looks like that. I have honestly never seen anything like that. It is simply breathtaking.


haha they are real! Everything here was just on another level of scale!

It's nothing better then seeing you exploring the world with you Mum and Holding your most favourite Gimbal and shooting everything in your path for us Sandia,

This place is like the Heaven on earth and i am glade that you captured each and every thing perfect without doing any Damages to it's heavenly environment,


This picture of Your is the Show Stopper for me in Today's post,i feel so fresh and alive after seeing your post that you can't imagine,

Keep it up dear i love the fact that i know you and mum as a friend 😇👍


Hey shiva, it's wonderful having my mum help me out with my pictures and content, she's really fantastic and it's great you follow her too!


Ya your mum is a kind hearted and wonderful Lady 😇

上年去時,開車太快駛過了燕子崖入口,結果未能參觀最有名的景點 😖







That is a wise move from your government to protect and preserve the environment to save it from further destruction so you can have it to benefit from it and enjoy the scenery.

I don't know about you but water can be a bit hypnotic and therapeutic.

This is true. There are accounts of how the river "takes" people because of this.

You are such a tease indeed! Those rock formations are gorgeous I tell you! The different colors that are very earthy and the reflection of the water make the marble even more beautiful.

I wonder are those holes naturally made?

Here you can see the true immensity of the Taroko Gorge with the overhanging cliff walls, hundreds of metres tall. You can also see the ingenuity of man and the thousands of hours of work that it took to build this route into the side of this beautiful gorge.

This works done here are admirable. Amazing engineering feat. It is also a great idea to make a path out of that and in that particular area where the beauty of the gorge is maximized.

Gotta love those pavilions, too. That is very picturesque setting. The red bridge also stands out because how vivid it was amidst the background of greens.

So the best part of it all was when you changed costume lol!

I love every part of this. What a wonderful experience! It would be interesting to see what the off-road trails can offer.

Thank you as always for sharing your wonderful travel.


You are so adventurous leeart! I'm not sure I could handle off-road trails.. I bet you could see some pretty amazing things though, I take it this is your expertise!


There is something thrilling living on the edge lol! Nah, i try to make sure that I am safe but you can never be careful. That is why I would be interested to see the off road trails.

How great I have been traveling geographically wonderful places of the continent mainly Asian, I have observed that you are fond of the sea and I sincerely love, only that the economic situation of my country has made it difficult to visit hotels near the sea despite have a tremendous coast just to the Caribbean Sea full of crystal clear waters, I in every delivery that you make me excited and at the same time I admire you immensely because you are really a beautiful woman who exclusively make beautiful post very educational from the geographical point of view, culinary, constumbres as grand hotel network, @sweetsssj you are my admiration I want to grow as much as you and be a successful person in steemit, with work and perseverance as you do it, you are beautiful, I send you thousands of kisses and good wishes at the same time I invite you to visit my blog and support me.

Wow, seems like you had loads of fun there! And you were even lucky with the weather! I think it's quite rare to see this place without rain :)

I went there a year ago. Since I didn't have an international drivers license, I needed to take the public bus to explore the park. Unfortunately, my Chinese at the time was pretty much non-existant so I got off at the wrong stop for the Eternal Spring shrine and had to walk all the way through the first tunnel. From then onwards I started hitch-hiking!

Taiwan is awesome! Glad you're coming back there often!


It was definitely a tonne of fun and i'm sure you can attest to that too. Sadly I also don't have an international license but I think it is a blessing in disguise because the bus I eventually took had an excellent tour guide. I'm impressed you made it via walking though, it's quite a distance!


I had amazing tour guides when I started hitchhiking afterwards :) Even met a Taiwanese guy who studied at the same university in Australia at the same time as me! Keep on enjoying your travels!


That's so cool! Meeting like minded people on travels is part of what makes travelling so great! Thank you dear!


wow. these pics very good and very beautiful and excitement. you are very beautiful wink

Hey Sandia, thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs. I love the milky blue water flowing through the gorge. It is great to have mountains so near the sea as well.

It's a pity you didnt get a go on the bridge. I like to bounce around stressing people out.

Nice jump at the end of the post. I hope you got your legs back down again.


ooh wayne you are always so funny with your comments (in a good way!) I'm trying to find some cool ways to "imprint" my visit and a big jump seems to be the most fun ! I have something cooking to share soon though, it's one of those strange internet meme style things, stay tuned!


Sounds exciting, I look forward to it.

The water in the river look so blue! So the helmet was provided at the entrance of do you have to join a tour? Do you get to go into dark and narrow caves because it looks like a caving helmet :)


So the helmet is provided as a requirement by law. There are frequent landslides there so it is a safety precaution. They are handed out at a stop just before the main tunnels and that's where you return them as well when you come back.

Very nice!

Amazing! I never knew Taiwan had a Grand Canyon. Thank you again for allowing me to travel with you.

the journey is very fun and exciting, you must enjoy it, you have been around the world, your room to go to aingapura but now to Thaiwan, you are very great and have a lot of money to travel around the world, I am proud of you who have been successful and have a great talent , if there is time to visit us in Indonesia, because in Indonesia there are also many beautiful places and fun, especially in Aceh, Indonesia. Here are so many places of recreation that are so beautiful, even many foreign tourists who visit Aceh to enjoy the beautiful sense and the scenery is so impressive. Enjoy the beautiful city of Thaiwan and hope you are always happy. Thanks.

Greetings from me to you @sweetsssj


hi edy90, it sure was an exciting journey not just in Taroko but for my entire trip in Taiwan, it's definitely somewhere worth visiting if you get the time to. I've been planning a trip to Indonesia for quite some time now, I don't know if I will make it to Aceh straight away as Jakarta and Bali are higher up on the list, but i'm sure i'll get to aceh eventually!


If you go to Aceh do not forget to let me know, I want to meet with you, because I am your fans, I want a photo with you, you are very beautiful. Thanks.

Thank you for the nice view^^


my pleasure angelman, thanks for checking the post out! :)


you're welcome^^
& I followed you^.~

Very beautiful.

Wow @sweetssj, what a beautiful Taiwan. Soon I will go there. Awesome video Girl. I hope you do have some time to see mine too.

Good article . I put my voice down. This should be seen by many. Please give me also.

Хорошая статья . Я ставлю свой голос. Это должны увидеть многие. Поставь пожалуйста и мне.

Wow, i never thought that Taiwan is really that beautiful. Perfect !

While you were there i was laying on my couch and eating M&Ms. Sometimes I like to hold two m&m's in between my fingers and squeeze as hard as I can until one m&m cracks. I eat the cracked one, and the one that didn't crack becomes the champion. Then I grab the other m&m, and force it to compete with the champion in this deadly game of m&m gladiators. I do this until I run out of m&m's, and when there is only one m&m left standing, I send a letter to m&m's brand with the champion m&m in it with a note attached that reads: "Please use this m&m for breeding purposes.

Please don't call me a M&M murderer :

Wow that's was a nice trip i wish i could grape some money now and hit the roads to joint you but don't mind the world is a small place we shall cross paths some day and i know it will be as fun or better than this day. Thanks for the great blog hoping for more from you #slimformin

You took your time to record your trip. You should make a documentary of it and I bet people will love it.

Wow @sweetsssj ! The Toroko Gorge in Taiwan is so awesome and beautiful! way up high I would be scared to look down Lol, but would really love to visit some day. Thanks for sharing your spectacular photos with us, its great for those that may never get to see it in person! Thank you my friend, keep up the great work!upped and resteemed!💁👍🏮

Beautiful @sweetsssj
The Last Picture of you jumping made me laugh. Saw your belly button........I know childish of me.


haha can't hide anything from your eyes!

Amazing view, perfect nature work! I wish I could be there to see this with my own eyes! I guess it was a fabulous experience!


It's definitely something you need to try see with your own eyes!

This place is very beautiful :)

Wow, I should probably visit this place soon! More blogs like this please <3 I love you and you travel blogs @sweetsssj <3


aww carlitojoshua, thank you so much! I will surely have more like this to come, thanks for following!

Lovely! What do those gold characters say on the cave entrance? Speaking of gold, let me know if you want to be one of my Steemit Legends to unbox gold:) already have some big names on the list, but would be honored to have you @sweetsssj - goldy


It's the Eternal Spring Shrine!
oooh what does that involve??? :)


I send you gold and you open it :)


sounds too good to be true!


It is for exposure :). If you are interested... lets talk !

great view tgere taiwan is a great place

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Holy Moly! That place looks so surreal! Beautiful photos, thank you for taking me on that adventure through time and space ;) Would you mind if I use some of these photos for references for some sketches? I want to try drawing landscapes and these are awesome!


My pleasure edrau, and yes feel free to use them. Make sure you show me what you do with them! :)

@sweetsssj I see your blog, do you travel all the time ?
For cryptocurrency news follow @jyotirmay
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See you again

Great post .. especially those last photos from the cliff , those look unreal :)

I love how blue the water is in the streams. There are a couple of places where that happens here in the United States and Canada.


Where are those places, do spill!


Havasupai Falls, Arizona, USA

And the lakes with glacial runoff up in Canada.

Hi! thanks for sharing us those sceneries from beautiful Taiwan. I wish I could visit Taiwan . I shared your pics to one of the faculty members in this university i am working as she is scheduled to present a paper in one of your universities there.


ooh that's quite incredible, which university ?


My friend is going to your place at National Taichung University of Education to attend MOA signing and to formalize our tie up with mutual exchange scholars with our school here, the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology.

Visited that place before and it's truly wonderful! The texture of the marble cliffs plus the turquoise/sapphire water is quite a sight to behold!


Only a person with personal experience could attest to that! I'm glad you're one of them!

太鲁阁一直想去啊啊啊 现在看了这么多近距离美图更心痒了 还有清水断崖也被你种草 哈哈 觉得那个淡蓝色安全帽和有链子的水杯也都很可爱咯~ ❤

Hi Sweet, 有住太魯閣晶英酒店嗎? One of my favorite hotels in Taiwan... 只是,去太魯閣還是有點怕怕的,三不五時,會有落石。>_<

  ·  3년 전

I saw it well today.
It looks so good.^^
I will also try harder.
Please help me a lot.

So beautiful!

What a beautiful post @sweetsssj You are a very talented photographer/blogger! I am 30 days old in steemit and am very happy to see people doing very well for themselves here. Please stop by my site and show some love :)

Wow. This is cool @sweetssj. Sometimes I eish I have the means to travel to another country to know what the world looks like in other places.

Looks like an incredible day out.

I'm guessing Taroko Gorge is perfect for people who love great scenery and a bit of exercise. I must admit @sweetsssj, you look very fit and athletic. The climbing, walking and dodging the occasional boulder is probably no challenge for you.

I love your post And I confess that I'm in love with you how beautiful you are;) <3 <3 <3 marry me;)rosas 03.jpg

That place looks crazy scary and crazy fun.

I've been to Taiwan once but if I go back, i'll have to go to this place for sure!

Thanks for all the detailed post! I've always wanted to visit Taroko! Did you get to visit the amusement park nearby?? All your pictures are lovely :)

Greetings my dear friend @sweetsssj fabulous every time we are impressed with the beautiful sites, each blog exceeds the beauty and charm of the previous one, it should be very nice to travel, and exchange the culture of each country, which is what presents us in your Written, all the pictures look great, I invite you to come and meet my country, it is small and currently with many problems but my Venezuela is beautiful.


Hey @sweetsssj, you are really sweet, cute, gorgeous, beautiful, honest, kindhearted. I like you and your post is really amazing. You are welcome from the core of my heart to visit the beauty of Pakistan too.

Beautiful mountains and green colors @sweetsssj

Is there an Indian food shop there?

Thanks So much for giving such a nice information about Taiwan.

very good inspiration of travel hobies*

Wow wow wowww😵😵😱😍