Travel with me #110 : Kuala Lumpur by day and by night!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

Today we will explore together the National Mosque (Masjid Negara), as well as many more of the colourful and cultural sights of Kuala Lumpur. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the largest city in the country, with a population of around 2 million. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is considered the financial, economic but also cultural centre of the country. As a result, it is a unique blend of modern and classic styles, colour and simple metalics, practical financial buildings and ornate cultural ones.

Kuala Lumpur's airport is one of the busiest in the world, recently ranking 23rd for total passenger traffic with over 58 million travellers passing through the airport in 2017. It is a hub for travel to, through and around South East Asia, making it a melting pot for different peoples and cultures. Today we will see some of the fascinating different cultures that have found their homes in this diverse city.

National Mosque (Masjid Negara)

The National Mosque has a capacity for 15,000 people to attend and worship at the same time and has been an important place of worship, culture and tourism since opening in 1965.

The National Mosque is an important centre for Muslims in Malaysia and its size reflects its importance as a central religious centre for the country and for the world. It has a capacity for 15,000 people to attend and worship at the same time and has been an important place of worship, culture and tourism since opening in 1965. In 1987 it underwent major renovations and improvements and its unique and modern design still continues to encapsulate Kuala Lumpur's growth into a modern super power and centre of culture.

The minaret of the mosque rises 73 metres into the sky, making it an impressive building to look at from miles around. The roof itself is a modern architectural marvel, being a 16 pointed star shape. This roof was originally an orange concrete roof but was replaced with more modern looking blue tiles during the renovations of 1987. The star shape was apparently partly inspired by an open umbrella with the shape of the minaret being inspired by the look of a closed umbrella.

The most important thing to remember about Masjid Negara National Mosque is that it is first and foremost an active and functioning mosque for worship. There are visiting times but these are set around the times for prayer. As you can see, the building is quite unique and blends traditional styles with more modern styles and this represents the Kuala Lumpur's role of blending tradition and modernism in this fast growing world.

The colours of the building are very simple - beautiful pure white mixed with the blue of the tiled roof. The elegance is found in the shapes of the building. The building itself was designed in collaboration between three renowned architects, one British and two Malaysian. Perhaps this also helped bring together a lot of different styles from East and West to make this quite unique building.

It is of course also very important to wear appropriate clothing that is respectful of the significance of the mosque as a place of worship. The mosque is very good because it will supply you with clothing to wear that is appropriate to your visit there, so you do not have to worry about if your clothing is respectful for the situation.

Here you see a better view of the blue tiled roof with its iconic 16 pointed star shape. This marks the central area of the mosque and is very impressive. The shapes have also been copied in other areas around the mosque, as you can see, to keep the styles cohesive and give the building a really recognisable and interesting identity. Who would have thought such simple shapes could be so distinctive. I think this is a real testament to the architectural design and skill.

Many of the halls and walkways of the National Mosque are open to the air, reflecting both the climate of the region but also the desire to situate the mosque within the natural world. Set within 13 acres of garden, the buildings of the National Mosque transition seamlessly between inside and outside and the area is dotted both with green plants and trees as well as ponds and fountains making this a very tranquil and special place to visit.

As you can see the insides of the building is extremely bright with sunlight. The white paint lets all of the sunshine bounce around the inside space and the high ceilings give the impression of grandeur without having to become over the top with the design and decoration. You are aware that this is a place of significance just by the size, the uniformity and the open spaces, in a city where space is at a premium. The large pools of water also help cool the space while giving you a feeling of being outside, while still being covered by the unique roof work.

I really enjoyed just exploring these inter-connecting hallways and pools that ran around the mosque's central prayer hall. There were plenty of little benches to sit on and I imagine these would normally be full around prayer time with men meeting with each other to talk before and after their prayer time in the prayer halls.

The main prayer hall sits underneath the 16 pointed star shaped roof, the inside being gilded in gold. As you can see the space is huge and the style is much more traditional than some of the outer connecting hallways and buildings. This is much more the 'feel' of other mosques that I've visited, but the roof's height and shape give a really impressive feel of something a bit different and special.

The angles of the roof above make the sounds in this hall quite amazing. They make the sounds of people's voices echo around the hall, never bouncing straight back at you. I imagine that at prayer the height of the roof and the angles of its vault must make the sound echo and amplify to fill the entire space, immersing you in your time at the building. Such a beautiful place to be able to come and worship and even when only filled with tourists you could feel the special significance of the building just hanging in the air, with just a few hushed voices admiring the grandeur and special-feel of the prayer hall I stood in.

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Having spent a lovely morning in the National Mosque of Malaysia I had been put in the mood for culture! The city of Kuala Lumpur is such a distinctive mix of hyper-modern glass skyscrapers and more traditional cultural areas, and today I wanted to search out more of these cultural buildings and pursuits. I think sometimes the best way to understand a city is to just start walking and exploring the area on your own two feet and seeing what you can find!

I knew that there was an amazing architectural wonder to be seen that was quite different to the modern building I had just seen, called the Sultan Abdul Samad Building that I really wanted to see. So off I went searching for it! As you can see in the photos above, I saw lots of other sights on my way to find the building I wanted, and they were all quite spectacular in their own right! But wait until you see the Sultan Abdul Samad Building next.


The building has two main stories and is 137 metres long and 41 metres high, making it the largest building in Malaya at the time of building. The main clock tower was designed to echo the look and feel of Big Ben in London.

And here it is! The Sultan Abdul Samad Building was first built in 1897 and is really quite impressive and beautiful to look at. The traditional styling reflects it being one of the older buildings in Kuala Lumpur, which is so dominated by its growth in recent years. The design for this building is actually quite unique and blends many different styles. It has been described as Neo-Mughal, Moorish or Indo-Saracenic. When looking at a glace you feel like you know the style of the building, but the longer you look the more you see different styles all over.

The building has two main stories and is 137 metres long and 41 metres high, making it the largest building in Malaya at the time of building. The main clock tower was designed to echo the look and feel of Big Ben in London but in the unique style of the building. Apparently the construction of the building used over 4 million bricks!

The building has been mostly used as government buildings since it was first built and would have been just known as the Government Offices for many years, during the British administration of Kuala Lumpur. It has also been home to the various courts, such as the High Court and Supreme Court - I'm sure you'll agree that this building reflects the grandeur of its office over the years! Now it houses the offices for the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia.

The two towers the flank the central clock tower house massive spiral staircases and their design is very impressive. As you can see they are topped with copper plating that shines in the sunlight and gives a very unique colour and accent to the building. Though the buildings around Kuala Lumpur are getting taller and more impressive, and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building is being slowly surrounded by sky scrapers, it still remains one of the most often visited buildings in the city.

You can see why it is so popular with its traditional charm and look, while still remaining impressively large even when compared to some of the buildings of glass and steel that surround it. It is still a central backdrop for Malaysia's Independence Day parades that are held every year to mark their independence from the British in 1957. I spent much time here, exploring the different angles and views of the building and the surrounding buildings. It was nice just being able to see and walk around these buildings on your own without having to pay to enter the area to view it, as you often do with such beautiful cultural buildings as this. The building stands as a working part of the city's central district and I'm sure many locals of Kuala Lumpur who walk past it every single day get used to the sight of it! But I just couldn't get enough as you'll see from my next few photos.

Exploring the Cultural Streets of KL

Having torn myself away from the Sultan Abdul Samad Building I continued my exploration of KL city on foot, and was amazed by how many different and beautiful sights, sounds and buildings there were to see. I found this amazingly colourful street market just by accident which felt like a real hub for the local community. There were people everywhere enjoying the food and smells of the market, with many people sat together socialising and watching the city go past.

Down each street of KL City I felt like I was finding a different culture from the last. Sometimes I felt like I was walking down an old city block in San Francisco and at other times it felt like I was exploring the local buildings of South East Asia. The thing you notice most is the colour and sound that is everywhere in this big and bustling city. And then you look up and you notice all of the towering buildings that surround you. As you can see here, through a gap in the more local city streets, you catch glimpses of the 420m tall Kuala Lumpur Tower which is in stark contrast to the normal daily life and markets of the area I was exploring.

Colour everywhere! Like South East Asia meets San Francisco meets Carnival!

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Next on my exploration was Sri Maha Miriamman Temple situated just on the edge of China Town. This temple was founded in 1873 in Jalan Bandar. The structure you see here was built in 1968 and its front entrance has become iconic in the area in its traditional South Indian style. It is the oldest still-used Hindu temple in Malaysia. The Raja Gopuram tower on this front entrance is to signify the threshold between the material world and the spiritual world. There are 228 Hindu idols in different scenes on the five tiers of the tower and they depict stories from early Hinduism.

This traditional and ornate tower at the front of the temple is called a gopuram and features many different figures from the Hindu religion. It was absolutely amazing to look at and I spent quite a long time just looking at all of the different depictions, all so brightly painted. This is typical of Kuala Lumpur - I have just walked from the Mosque, past the old colonial government buildings of the British Empire, through a market and American looking city street, to find a Hindu temple situated right next China Town.

Such a central hub for Asia, all cultures meet and co-exist together here in a beautiful mash of different styles, religions and peoples. I absolutely love that at every different turn of your head you will see new people, different places and cultures from all around the world. It's almost impossible to take it all in but I was really trying my best to experience everything in such a place of diversity!

You must remove your shoes before you enter the temple to show respect

From the outside of the temple, the tower is very impressive but it does not look like it will be a large space inside. In fact, when you get inside the temple is extensive and it runs backwards and outwards to spread over quite a large area. As soon as you enter, you enter a world of quiet privacy and respect. The sounds of the street outside, the cars and the people, all fade and you feel in a different world.

Inside, the statues are just as ornate as outside, and you can see many of them much closer up. The colour and the carvings are very impressive and are a real contrast to the National Mosque. In this post you can see the transition from the plain white walls of the mosque to the ornate statues and bright colours of the Hindu temple of Sri Maha Miriamman. It is amazing to see the different ways that humans express their faith, culture and artistic nature and I'm sure you can agree that everything you've seen today with me has been spectacular in its own very unique way.

The Sri Maha Miriamman Temple houses the Silver Chariot which is a chariot that features prominently during the annual festival of Thaipusam. The chariot apparently is built with 350 kilograms of silver! Of course, it is not available for the public to view when the festival is not on because it is so precious. It was first used in 1893 so it is a really important historical relic and must be looked after very carefully.

As you can see, I couldn't stop taking pictures of this amazing building. The colours were so much to take in and because of all of the different figures and stories told in the stone work and the painting, it was hard to look at everything. I wanted to be able to look back at my photos and really study them to see the different characters depicted in the stone work and to admire the hours of work that it must have taken to create them for this temple.

The paint work throughout was bright and vibrant and it must take regular retouches to keep it looking so fresh. I wondered how many people it must take to care for this temple? It is clearly well looked after and that reflects its importance as a functioning, well visited Hindu place of worship. What an honour to be able to visit such a special place and spend time exploring and viewing all of its wonders.

Petaling Street

Within just a few hundreds feet, you find China Town or Petaling Street. There are dozens of restaurants and shops, selling many of the traditional foods and wares that you'd expect to find in China Towns all over the world. It serves as a little piece of home for the thousands of Chinese people living abroad in Kuala Lumpur as well as a great place for tourists to explore and experience different cultures and foods.

The street is not large, but packed into this small space is every single different sight, sound and smell of China. There's traditional restaurants and market stalls, shops to buy designer bags, shops to buy traditional clothes and dress, souvenir stalls and so much more. To think I had just been in the quiet, incense filled air of the Hindu temple just five minutes ago and now I was in the crowded, noisy, food scented Petaling Street! I will leave you now to just enjoy the sights and colours of my next photos because they tell you the story of this lovely little piece of China better than my words every could. For anyone who has ever been to a similar place, I think the photos will bring back every sight and smell that you once experienced!

Sky Bar

After a very long day of sightseeing, I was ready to relax in the evening, rest my feet and enjoy some food and drink. I chose the Sky Bar at Traders Hotel opposite the Petronas Towers which you'd have discovered from reading my earlier post this year!

The Sky Bar is definitely one of the coolest places to hang out in the evening in Kuala Lumpur. It's a bit of a local institution, and is located on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel. You get amazing views over the city and they have a range of amazing, fashionable food and drink. At the centre of the bar is the pool, surrounded by private 'cabanas' that you can book to spend your evening in with sofas and other rattan style chairs and tables. You feel like you're at a cool beach bar except you're hundreds of meters in the sky!

The look of these cocktails speak for themselves - elegant, cool and tasting as good as they look. The rooftop bar has a great atmosphere, and the roof over the pool is actually open to the sky so while I was sat in my private cabana enjoying I suddenly realised it had started raining! The seating areas were under-cover but the pool was not so the rain drops started to splash down into the water making a lovely sound and a beautiful view to look at. What a unique place to enjoy a cocktail!

I, of course, also got food which was most delightfully served. A really social place, they specialise in sharing foods and finger foods so I got loads of different things to try! The fruit served on sticks in the ice bucket was a real favourite. The fruit was fresh and juicy and the colours were amazing. I felt like I was picking flowers as I picked up each different colourful piece of fruit to try from the ice bucket!

The spectacular views of the Petronas Towers from the window of the Sky Bar

Seemit friends, I feel tired just remembering all of the walking I did on this day. My brain was bursting with the different sights, sounds and smells that I had managed to pack in to just one day. Being able to explore all of these difference places mostly on foot was a real treat and I think it shows how amazing Kuala Lumpur is that you can see all of these different sights and cultures all in one place and all in one day.

I can't pick any one favourite about my day exploring the culture of the city. My favourite bit was seeing all of the different cultures working side by side with each other. To see Muslim places of worship next to government buildings next to commercial shopping areas next to Hindu places of worship, and for that to all be part of the same new and growing culture of Kuala Lumpur as one united culture was really special. I encourage you all to go and experience it for yourselves if you can! If not, I really hope you've enjoyed learning about it with me as I explored it with you.

If you've enjoyed the post please vote and follow, but importantly also comment below! I love to speak with my followers, learn of their experiences and hear about what they thought of my travels!












当一整天长长的游览接近尾声,天色也渐渐暗下来,我选择登高望远,看一看双子塔前面迷人的夜色,走进位于吉隆坡盛贸酒店33层的Sky bar,这个半露天式酒吧,第一直觉就是这个地方选对了,这里可能是吉隆坡欣赏夜色的最佳选择,并且可以在愉快的音乐声中,放松疲劳了一整天的身心,美食与美酒相伴。


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Greetings, Dear Miss sweetsssj

I liked enough of your trip is made to the capital of Malaysia (Kuala LUmpur). Here in Brazil it is practically impossible to know this place. It's not something that is so evident as more traditional trips to countries like USA, Italy, Holland, France, England, Spain, etc. Of the countries considered Asian, the trip made more common and that some people around here do, especially those of Japanese origin is for Japan.

In your post, I could see how rich the culture and how the sites are beautiful and very well maintained.

At the entrance of the video (picture appears in front of him on the page) I saw that you were in a place that seems to be frequented by many kinds of different tourists!!! This is good because it opens the country to different cultures, giving the opportunity to Exchange and learning, both for the country as to who receives visitors.

Very cool that you're using the steemit shirt, because, besides being very pretty, help to promote this social network we use.

I appreciate this post in which I could see a very well structured, too beautiful with amazing architecture of the locations that you entered. Thank you very much for letting us know a little bit of Malaysia's capital.

Thank you and good day!!


Hi julisavio, since i'm based in China most of the time, most of my travel is around the asian continent, but I have made some plans to tour nearer to where you are some time in the future. There are so many exotic places that have been on my bucket list for quite a while including Brazil and it's just a case of planning a full trip all around there without having to go back and forth between there and China.

Many people assume that the Asian culture is the same or atleast very similar across Asia and while that may be true of oriental countries, it is certainly not true for Malaysia which has some of the most ethnically diverse population of any Asian country i've ever visited. I think it's an impressive feat which must be noted and even praised.

It's also always very interesting speaking to curious bystanders when I'm having photos taken, most of the time they assume it's for instagram or any one of the other "traditional" social networks, but they are almost always positively surprised to find out about Steemit after I tell them about it, it's just a shame that the onboarding process is still some what slow.

Anyway, thank you for the thoughtful comment and taking the time to let me know what you thought of my post. See you around dear!


Wow your Blog is just such quality.... quality quality quality everywhere I look more quality, it just keeps getting better! you cannot help but succeed, I feel like you will end up in that Group of most powerful Chinese Women.

Im serious about that..... we know what China thinks of steem...

It sometimes is #2 on this list but for steemit china is still #5 and that is still huge, I mean to be that big of a search term in China is pretty big. No way EOS can take this marketshare away in any short period of time... SMTs in China will be so crazy omg, we won't even be able to decipher the Chinese characters :D XD hah imagine Chinese SMTs in chinese , talk about crypto.. I bet chinese + cryptography would end up coming up with some incredibly sophisticated complex encryption based on very hard to learn Chinese riddles, puzzles, subtle and hard to understand for foreigners, oh man I bet theres all sorts of things being worked on in China for security like that! Steem would be a great way for China to train its Students at all the Chinese universities, they could all use steem to monetize the school work that they are already doing... much of it is published online but upvoting incentivization would really speed up innovation at universities, i bet lots of new breakthroughs could result from adding steem to the Chinese university system.


apa tuha




Was looking forward to see your post of KL, an interesting city with mixed culture. It has everything, probably the my favorite cuisines: Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisine <3 <3 I could stay the whole day in the Petaling Street lol.

The Sky Bar looks amazing, your dress looks fab! :p


Ah yes, it's been a while since my last KL post, and this will probably be my last one as I haven't spent much time there at all. Still, it's a wonderful city with such a diverse offering that I could easily go back there for many more rounds to come. Petaling street was sooo fun, but sadly I had to schedule my visit for the last day just before leaving Malaysia!

Thanks joy!


Finding time here is almost impossible, especially
Have over 120 Curation to do daily.


You are doing a great job, Steem on.

I love this photo.
you look so cute on your sweet white steemit shirt, I love the design.
I love the place too, what a great adventure and experience you have there.

your so lucky to go with a wonderful places in the world.

how I wish I could go there.,maybe someday.

thanks for sharing your travel @sweetsssj

we are so lucky that we have you in this community as if we travel with you all along, you bring us the wonderful place like Kuala Lumpur. this journey on steemit is so great as we have you here, it is awesome to see the wonderful place and the culture.

thanks for your lovely smile and photos, all are amazing.

keep exploring the world @sweetsssj

this post is upvoted, this post is resteem

super thumbs up


thanks mrblu! Surprised to see you pick this one this time.. but glad you liked it :)


it is my pleasure sweet. take care always, I always keep you in my prayers, for the daily protection of your travel. take care always sweet my dear.^_^ God be with you always.


Youre blogs just keep getting higher and higher quality.
I love how you represent the Objectivist lifestyle, success, Capital, Abundance, and you are able to share your abundance with comment upvotes. I feel like in the future you will be able to do live shows where you upvote the best comments that you come across, i feel that could set you apart from all the other streamers. The fact that you already have the SP to make a real difference in peoples lives will make youre show much more fun to watch and when steem is back over $8, when were at $10 steem, youll be giving out $20 comment upvotes like candy :D


Appropriate video capture^^

Hey Sweet Ssssssssj!

Been a while since I caught one of your post fresh hot off the steemit press. You really go above and beyond with your travel post, total inspiration every time I see them.

It's been some years now since I was in KL. And to see that Mosque, brought back some very scary memories. I was out in front of that exact Mosque in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Tall white American. The service ended and thousands and thousands of young muslim men came pouring out of it. I've never been surrounded by so many people giving me one dirty look after another and shouting things at me I didn't understand, but were sure not good. In the midst of a panic attic my girlfriend and I at the time had to jump over a guardrail and cross a highway to get out of there. We felt so unsafe and unwelcome it was down right frightening.

Seeing you all covered up like I don't know....your sweetness certainly does not shine through like it does in your normal attire. But so glad you had a better experience that I did.

Overall KL is a great city, a diverse city, and I really had a great time there as well.

I'm still plugging away on my blog. Any advice or constructive criticism is always welcome from the one and only Sweeeeeeeetsssj.

I just finished a six month adventure from Ecuador to Patagonia. Now visiting Family in New York, before I likely head out to Europe, or maybe the Carolina's here in the US for a bit first. We'll see.

Where is your next destination?

Hope you are well. -Dan "World Travel Pro!"


Hi Dan! So lovely to see you alive and well as always! I'm surprised to hear about your experiences at the Mosque but I guess we experienced it at different times of day, perhaps it was a little bit unlucky on your part to face the thousands of people coming out at the end of the service, but even still, I'm surprised they made you feel judged as I felt anything but welcome there, maybe it's because i'm not a tall, white or american?

I did experience on thing there which was slightly strange which was going down to the labelled toilets, only to be told I wasn't allowed to use that one, even though I saw other people walking straight down. Felt a little bit discriminated at that point, but that was the worse of it.

At first I was a little uncomfortable with the cape, I felt a little bit silly as it's so far from what I usually wear, but I figured that I have to respect the etiquette.

I'll definitely drop by your blog soon and have a good gander, it's been a while since i've had a chance to just enjoy blogs and I know that yours will be top top quality!

I'm actually going to be exploring Europe for the next few months but I haven't decided exactly where yet, probably a bit all around!


Thanks Ssssssj the sweet! Interesting to hear about how you made out at the mosque as well. Hey if our paths cross in never know ;)

Thanks in advance for taking a peak into my blog. Way different style then most travel blogs. These days I've gone mostly video and give commentary with my vast 11 years of travel knowledge, I'm thinking the first thing you will think is I've got to get one of those camera stabelizer things like you have. I believe a popular one is called the zhiwun smooth q. I Plan on buying one this week. Just never in a million years thought I'd be the guy walking around with something like that in my hand.

Anyway. Have a great day and I'm so appreciative you took the time out of your busy schedule to leave me such a nice reply.

Hello Sandia,

Good to see you are fine and enjoying these days,

Kuala Lumpur is such a beautiful place and also with mordern environment fused with a beautiful cultural mixture,

I am really impressed by your photography of those temples and wall paintings of Hindu Gods and this reminds me about my travel to Chennai because i Experienced the same way there as you experienced here,

You are looking so cute in that Dress that you wear on the worship place,

Iam totally agree with you that after visiting these types of places we really got confused that how much should we write and share about them because the experience of these places are endless,

Keep Traveling and enjoying your life dear, All the best 👍


hey shiva how are you doing? I think my mum told me I missed a comment of yours before.. so sorry about that!

It's been a really long few weeks of moving around and just when I thought the worse was over.. more errands! Anyway, I really liked KL because of the diversity of it's people. To think that most people in Malaysia speak like 3 or 4 languages is astounding.. I can hardly manage with two..

Writing about these kinds of things really helps you settle what you experienced, and help you appreciate it all a little bit more, I guess it's all part of the journey!


It's all right dear and your Mum is a really kind and sweet lady 😇

And these days iam trying more stuffs on Steemit and Dtube is one of them and im glad that iam getting good response from DTube.

Thanks for the post and waiting for the next one dear 😇👍



是的,清真寺每天会有4 段时间可以参观,就要算好时间去啦,KL确实都市化很多,玻璃幕墙的高楼大厦非常集中^^

Wow, @sweetsssj. This is the first post of yours that I have read, and the first of your videos that I have seen, and I felt as if I had experienced KL from a native! I am in awe of your ability to both write and show all the diverse cultures that seem to intermingle so effortlessly.

The closest I've been to KL was Singapore, in 2012. I felt some similarities with the Singapore experience, especially the mix of Chinese, Malay, British, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, and many other cultures. I totally agree that walking is the absolute best way to experience a city, which is what I did there.

So I 'm wondering if you could compare the Singapore experience with the Kuala Lumpur experience? True, they have many common threads, having been one country for so many years. Singapore seems a bit more buttoned down than KL. Do you have the same thoughts?

Perhaps if you could do a video and/or a post on comparing these two experiences, such as what could you experience in KL that you couldn't experience in Singapore, or vice versa? I think that would lead to some interesting comments.

Anyway, I know I will spend many hours sharing your experiences through your brilliant writing and videography, even though we are many miles apart. I feel very fortunate to have found you.

Ira - upvoted and resteemed.

Hi @sweetsssj, This is a very detailed post. The photos have an exquisite quality and all the pieces in the post are placed perfectly. When I started reading this post, I could not stop myself until I read it all. The flow of your writing and beautiful breaks in between made it a great reading experience. You almost walked the readers through the streets of Kuala Lumpur. I see you had put on a Steemit t-shirt and people around you were noticing that as seen in this photo:

I think, this is a great promotional tactic. Did they ask you about Steemit? Also, which camera do you use to take photos or make videos?

Perfect job! Steem On!


hey ugetfunded, thank you for taking the time to read through my post so thoroughly and looking through the pictures in so much detail too! Yes, I often get asked about Steemit and even where my blog is, pretty much every single day by all sorts of new people. I think over time it's made a real impact because it gets people talking about it and getting all sorts of interest as well. Maybe a decent amount of the people i've met over these last few years have been converted to steemians!

I use a Sony A9 to take pictures and I use my iphone x with a dji osmo mobile 2 gimbal for making the video! A lot of vloggers like to use the Canon G7X for vlogging because of it's flip screen but i'm actually more about taking pictures!

Thanks for dropping by dear!


Thank you @sweetsssj for your response. I'm glad to know that leaders like you are spreading the message about Steemit in a very creative way. Steemit deserves to have far more users that it has and it's a BIG relief that efforts are being made in this regard.

I intend to visit Malaysia next year and I hope to get hands on experience on photography and video making. I've already put on the photography hat so all I need at this point is good luck. :)

Stay awesome and inspirational as the world need more leaders like you.

Have a good day/night!






Hello @sweetsssj, I am from India and I really like your activities. Today you gave us all a tour of Kuala Lampur. The mosque you showed is so beautiful, it's time of Ramdan and that makes it more beautiful and attractive.
You look very pretty in the pink gown. Honestly I like the way you write the post, everything on order. I am new and steemit and still learning.
You also showed the pictures of hindu temple too and that is so beautiful. You are doing a great job keep inspiring. Your motivation is very different from all others. Good luck, will be looking forward to see more posts from you.


hello tusharraina23, I'm aware it is Ramadan right now, so I guess it's some what fitting! I'm honestly so impressed with the blend of cultures in KL and Malaysia in general, it's a wonder theree hasn't been that much social turmoil..

Thanks for visiting and commenting, hope to see you more often :)


Most welcome sweetsssj
Congratulations for your post..... best of luck


Yes very well said we Asian countries do have a lot to offer when in comes to culture and religions. I hope your tour was a great fun and you learnt new things too. Well I will be glad to see more and will stick around. Thanks for appreciating my comments

Very AWESOME photos you have in this post. FYI really like your purple dress


aww thanks fproductions, it's actually the one supplied to me at the Mosque. I didn't feel too confident in it initially but it certainly grew on me quite quickly!

It really looks like a pleasant trip .. well done
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Truly an artistic and inspiring share. The cultural art and architecture is amazing to say the least! Thank you for continuing to be a positive example of what this community is all about!


took the words right out of my mouth brett, thanks so much for all the support as always!

Simply pretty @sweetsssj




looks beautiful and you are beautiful

Come visit the USA! :)

When i am going through your post i feels i am visiting Kuala Lumpur.And i must say you have a unique passion & expression when you stand before lens.all of your photos r lovely.thanks

Wow! So many wonderful photos and so much interesting information!

I lived in Malaysia for a while, but it was more than 10 years ago.
I'll have to see it again sometime soon.

Thank you!

it's always nice to see your trip.

I really like very good work.




There was a silver chariot! Thats so cool, wish that had been on display! My friend @nomadicsoul took this photo. This looks a lot like this 24 karat gold charm: Say the word and its yours! - Goldy



aw thanks lol I wanted to do a post with this pic and this gold charm but my creativity feels...constipated???


Oh gosh that's golden symbolism right there! I wonder what other gold pieces you might have! :)

· Wonder no more!! Let me know if something catches your golden eye :)

HOW I WISH to see the petronas tower of malaysia. It's always been my dream to go there and have some more pictures of it. Thank you miss @sweetssj for taking us there! It's really a big thing. Especially if you're just planning to visit there. Because of your post we know where to go and where to visit those places. Xièxiè!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

Hello my dear i hope everything goes well with you. I have a gift for you on my blog feel free to check it out ❤💙 and tell me if you like it.


thank you so much for that :)

I'm always see your vacation and i'm so suprise cause this so wonderful. I'm very very love travel so... And when i see this article that make me always jealous, Lol. By the way happy to your vacation @sweetsssj

Fantastic post @sweetsssj ! Wow 2 million people in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! I cant believe the "traditional yet modern Mosque" holds 15,000 people in such a beautiful building. I love the blue 16 pointed roof! And the beauty of the Sultan Abdul Samad building made with 4 million bricks is absolutely magnificent! The city is so colorful and vibrant, not to mention that awesome view from the Sky Bar! I could spend all day there Lol! Thanks so much for sharing with us another outstanding post. Steem On! upped earlier now resteemed .💁👍😀💕

Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes... Great travelling enjoy your journey.. and keep it up.. @sweetssj


Welcome.. Have a great weekend.. @sweetssj

It’s a very beautiful place.
thank you to makes us a part of your journey @sweetsssj. 😍😘


my pleasure my dear, thanks for joining :)


Thank you @sweetsssj 😊


I see what you did there!


I love to travel like you:) enjoy every travel:)


Faisal Mosque 6th Largest Mosque in the worldwhich is located in Islamabad, Pakistan
The Faisal Mosque in Islamabad is the largest mosque in Pakistan and South Asia and the sixth largest mosque in the world. It was the largest mosque in the world from 1986 to 1993 when overtaken in size by the completion of the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. Subsequent expansions of the Masjid al-Haram (Grand Mosque) of Mecca and the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) in Medina, Saudi Arabia during the 1990s relegated Faisal Mosque to fourth place in terms of size. Faisal Mosque is conceived as the National Mosque of Pakistan. It has a covered area of 5,000 m2 (54,000 sq ft) and has a capacity to accommodate approximately 300,000 worshippers (100,000 in its main prayer hall, courtyard and porticoes and another 200,000 in its adjoining grounds).

I see you having a good time in your vacation do have a beautiful day over there and thanKS for sharing your wonderful experience with us.


my pleasure nancy, it's been a wonderful time in South east asia honestly, I should really look into spending more time in these parts!


Wow that's lovely to hear do take good care of yourself.

Luar biasa perjalanan kamu
Mengingatkan saya ketika berkunjung ke situ tempo dulu.
Incredible journey of yours
Reminds me of visiting there first.


hopefully you'll get the same opportunity very soon :)


Thank you for your prayers.
I am very glad to see you want to reply to my comment thank you.
Successful greeting @sweetsssj
Terima kasih atas doanya.
Saya sangat senang melihat anda mau membalas komen saya terima kasih.
Salam sukses @sweetsssj

Wow! Thanks for sharing such an incredible experience. At times, I felt like I was there with you. I will definitely have to make a trip to Malaysia!


Fantastic! Glad I was able to trigger some interest!

fajna piosenka jaki jest tytuł tego songa

真光荣~~ 有你把我的国家发扬光大!哈哈哈





It’s amazing,when you come here,indonesia?in here have place like beach bali,I think you must try go here cause now you very near from us☺️☺️ And enjoy your vacation,best regard from indonesia


Bali is definitely a place i'd like to visit real soon, there are so many really cool hotels!


Yeah,,that’s right,see you soon in indonesia

Lovely photos and will add Kuala Lumpur in my travel list


absolutely, it's got a really nice blend of lots of different Asian cultures!

I can look at ur posts all day long..

Thanks for visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I as a Malaysian still not thoroughly explore these places...and you done it in a day...all I can say is Wow!


Aww thanks for having me dear! I guess that happens quite often, when people get complacent with their home country / town because they think they can visit it whenever they want. I think travelling a lot does help you appreciate your home quite a bit more though, maybe because you're not at home quite as much!

Great scenery you got there @sweetssj does pictures are lovely, enjoy the rest of your vacation dearie


hey wales007, thank you !

nice photo


thanks :D

@sweetsssj, 马来西亚美食也是很好吃😋……

Posted using Partiko iOS

  ·  3년 전

very good photo!!


thank you skku, which was your fav??

  ·  3년 전

first picture!

哇 谢谢你把我故乡吉隆坡拍得那么漂亮!太美了!



<3 nice

It's a fun ride and I can see from your smile Miss @sweetsssj. my greetings to you and i miss a trip like this.


thanks dianclasher, so much cultural diversity here, it's hard not bring a smile!

Very good pictures thank you for sharing your travel experiences. I hope to one day go to know those places. Greetings from Venezuela.


hi ricardo, and hi Venezuela!

haha, finally you visit malaysia


and i'm off already! But will be back of course :)

@sweetsssj You must travel to #Venezuela. It's a beautiful country -despite all its issues- who worths be visited...


it's on the bucketlist hopefullly will be there sometime this year or early next!



I want to recommend you that once there, never stay alone in Caracas, It a little bit dangerous, specially if you are distracted with your phone or having a purse in the Plaza Central or in The Metro. There in Venezuela is prettier places that you can visit: Mérida, Canaima, Margarita, Los Roques, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto all of them beautiful places and relaxing...

You can advice me when you're in Maracaibo. I would keep you safe in my house if you want...

Welcome and hope you enjoyed KL. When are you hopping by Singapore? Do let us know! 😄😄


Thanks jrvacation, Singapore is such a lovely place, I'm not sure it'll be very long before I hop by!

Wow that's very fantastic tour of #Malaysia and your photography is full with awesomeness I think nobody have a tour like you I hope you enjoy your Malaysia tour
Thanks for sharing with us your great post . Your writing about the places is fantastic @sweetsssj


hey beautifulplaces, thanks so much, photos always do a lot of talking!

wonderfull place


very interesting place that's for sure!


yes it's true

Perfect post...


aww well nothing's perfect, but I do try!

i know you have many comments, because you have very good posts with many picture. I have a question, is it ok to ask? You've done something right that your posts are so valuable and you have so many followers, right? what can I learn from you?


hi dear, i've written a guide to help with lifestyle blogging, feel free flick back a few months to find it for some ideas how to do it better.


thank you dear @sweetsssi for your effort

Very well said.. Thanks for sharing your experience in KL, it feels like you toured us to the places you’ve been there 😊 You really look gorgeous and fabulous on your dress at the Sky Bar ❤️


thank you my dear, immersive is what I was going for!

Hello @sweetsssj i really admire your passion in having adventure😊😊you are so gorgeous in whatever you dress with. You really look stunning in every angle😊😊


aww thank you ilaylauvs, too many compliments i don't know how to respond!! Thanks again!


You're always welcome @sweetsssj 😊😊😊

The article is great and the photos you took are amazing. Thank you for telling us about your trip. Your article contains many useful Information about this beautiful City.


my pleasure, happy you enjoyed it :)


walk here dear (Putrajaya, prime minister's office) here I am waiting, when you come here,

Location : Putrajaya mosque , Malaysia


Didn't get to visit this, but it looks amazing!

What a good story! interesting story and lots of photos! Thanks


you're very welcome dear!

Wow I am most impressed by that sky bar with that amazing pool! What a great idea!


it is certainly one of the coolest places to be in the central area!

I was just planning my trip to KL next month and suddenly came across your post! Thank you for the hint, I would definitely pay a visit to Sky Bar, looks amazing! Have an unforgettable trip! :)

Just in time for my next trip to KL soon! Thanks


When are you going???


End of July, I guess it will be really hot then!!!

Wow, what an informative and well-written article. You definitely paint a beautiful depiction of the experience in KL. Plus, you look amazing in your photos! <3 keep sharing!


Aww thanks so much lola will do!

Very nice post @sweetsssj and i like your all posts.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat so close to Singapore! haha.


I know! Was only there for 2 nights though!!

I love your posts they are so beautiful.😊👍🏽


😘 thank you .and may I return the Complement .

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i never knew Kualalampur is so much colorful! color every where.
No one can feel bored by watching one color around.

i do respect your mentality to dress appropriate as per situation in National mosque.
The photos of inside the mosque is nicely taken with perfect angle.
i do search on google after that to see the top of the mosque and choose 2 photos to share.

1. Blue lighting inside

2. Mosque from top


Those are some wonderful photos, the roof of the mosque looks so beautiful from top down view!

Rehola... I believe that I fall in love with you... Give me a son. jajajaja okay it's a joke. It's a great post, the pictures and color are very amazin.
Good job.

Have fun @sweetsssj, hopefully one day I will also visit beautiful and historical places like you


Of course you'll get the opportunity ami92, it'll be a terrific experience for anybody!

Every time you publish, it makes me amaze immensely, makes me fall in love more with your way of writing and expressing what you live in each trip in each plate of food, in the culture of a country, it is wonderful to appreciate in a user like your @sweetsssj provide valuable content and high quality on this platform, I have always said you are my admiration and some day would like to be as successful as you, I send a big hug and greeting and at the same time inviting you to visit my blog and support me. Kisses

just want to say, excellent work. nice journey

Your blogs and Vlogs both are amazing. I have seen some more extra things in Kuala Lumpur which i missed. I have visited there last year. It was a great fun there.

By the way i am a traveler too and i have started my blog here too. So you may like my blog. I am not good as you. But i am trying to share my experience and information.

Travel Series (Part #3) St. Lucia Iceland, A Romantic Getaway

It is impressive to see each of your publications, so colorful, those trips that cause you to grab your bags and go to travel; I congratulate you for such a beautiful work and teach us the different cultures, the different places, traditional meals of each visited site; I loved all the places of KL that you visited; especially the building of Sultan Abdul Samad and Sri Maha Miriamman Temple, the pictures are not even spectacular; Thank you for showing us and sharing with us, I wish you the greatest success appreciated @sweetsssj

Hello here I am again enjoying your beautiful photos, those wonderful trips that you do, where those spectacular sites are observed, thank you for sharing with us, my husband although every day this weaker gets very excited when I show him your post and the pictures that you publish; as well as travel photographs. Thanks, Successes and Blessings

Hallo princes @sweetsssj, I come from Indonesia
I really like your post travel to kuala lumpur. in your post today, you look so beautiful, and your post I really like, with a neat grammar. the shooting was very beautiful, too. Honestly I like every post you ...

That place is so colorful! Especially the Sri Maha Mariamman temple which I fell in love with 😊
Hope to see it one day too 💕

What a good place to visit, hope they gave you "Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea. Source" one of their favourite


ooh i didn't get that.. but now that you mention it, I will look out for it next time, thanks!

True steemit fact: Kuala Lumpur is indeed the capital of Malaysia. BING!

wow, its amazing ...thank you to makes us a part of your journey.....All the pics are awesome


you're welcome sajjadk, glad you enjoyed the tour :)


the way you take a tour is cool...I like it very much

Wow, That is a very colorful place!

Amazing! would love to travel but i don't make enough money for that :P

Again the holiday to singapur, must be very exciting, who's the same holiday?
If I knew you were going to holiday to singapur I would come to meet with you, because I really want to meet you, I want to have a photo with you, I am the same fan of you, hopefully your journey is fun and happy. congratulations and success @sweetsssj

I too like to visit Singapore and Malaysia one day.

Great to see you made it to KL! Very well documented with some beautiful shots as always! I'm in the middle of a travel guide which I'm writing with the locals with KL and beyond. Let me know if you would be interested in supporting this community travel initiative! Oh and if you are going to be in KL much longer, i'm sure the team there would love to show you around so you can find some off the beaten track places. :-)

Oh... you should have let us know that you were in KL.. TeamMalaysia would have welcomed you and bring you all around like how we bring fellow Steemians from overseas to visit different locations...

改次过来吉隆坡,请通知 TeamMalaysia我们一定会热烈欢迎你而抽出时间带你参观本地的旅游胜地和享受美食


I should have! But it was such a short notice I was actually only there as a stop over back home from the maldives.. next time i'll make a full visit and see all of you guys!


Remember to find @orangila for your next visit. Even-though the whole community maybe busy, you can trust him to bring you around in Kuala Lumpur. 😆


Hahaha... actually even better to visit Penang in the future... so much more to offer, see and eat:)

😱 ahhhhhhhhhh!

You go to all this place all alone, i wish i am there with you, explore the whole journey with you. It would have been an amazing experience.
You want to rip my eyes off with pictures


haha you are so considerate my dear, don't hurt yourself now!

Greetings friend, I always reiterate the admiration that I have for each of your publications, for having the privilege of traveling and sharing with us in steemit, those charming sites, such as the minaret of the mosque and the Kuala Lumpur tower and the Sky Bar, all are admirable places to meet are really beautiful, and I want to congratulate you for your elegance, I think that we women should be critical of our way of dressing, but we should never be simple, as it is of your knowledge I am from Venezuela, where women are very flirty, I loved your taste to dress, according to the occasion and you are very beautiful, I also want to thank again for transmitting the culture, food and all those earthly paradises in each of your post, I invite you to come to know the humble blog of this servant. I congratulate you for your success achieved in Steemit, it fills us with inspiration and even allows us to dream a little with all those adventures.




  ·  3년 전

Give the thumbs-up


::thumbs up::

Hello how are you?

See you in Turkey and I want you to shoot video about travel. The video you shot about Malaysia's capital city is beautiful. I was curious about the culture of the people living in Malaysia, it was a useful content for me.

We hope to see you in Turkey. Especially Pamukkale, Istanbul!


Hi dear, I miss Turkey quite a lot, I may have to make another long visit again, but a few others on my bucket list need to be ticked off first!


Sirince, Greek Village in Aegean
Cunda Island
Fethiye - Antalya
İstanbul - Islands
Denizli - Pamukkale

my recommendation is to visit you. ^^ Ehehhe.

Fallow My Channel :)

enjoy traveling!


of course, I always do!

Thanks for the gorgeous post.


You're welcome, thanks for dropping by!












its a lovely journey in this nice place . i appreciate your nice photography , it pleasure to go to this awesome country to make mind fresh and let know the culture and history , thanks @sweetsssj to share this moment with all of us ,

Your style and journey are amazing .. with emotions overwhelming people. keep the fire.. !

Hey @sweetsssj,
Good morning, I have seen your posts. you are clicks are so beautiful, you don't just capture but you create an unforgettable memory.
Please tell me which gear you are using. in which software you use to process your photographs. The details and sharpness in every image of your is stunning.
Hope to hear from you.
Thank you

take me with you to travel

I love your job😊 @sweetsssj


oh if only.. my actual job is quite a drag!


wow nice looking fresh.... so beautiful 😍

Great post and photos. I've been to KL a number of times and it still is one of my favorite cities in SE Asia. This post brings back a lot of memories. I'm especially a fan of the Bukit Bintang area, I've spent a lot of time there. It's probably time for another visit to KL soon!

hay buddy help me to build my blog @muved
may Allah repay your kindness and give you good health, behind you help people then someday you will be helped by whoever it is.

Beautiful photos. Din know u cld write that much on a travel post. Great job

Malaysia is beautiful
That's the capital you visited
Are you coming to Africa anytime?


I'm thinking about visiting Morocco!

Oh! Steemit logo shirts.


yes of course, must represent as often as possible!


Thank for your reply.

Hey, amazing pics - You've inspired my next trip to Malaysia :)

I love KL street food! It is impossible to try all the street foods on one trip!

Wow what a nice day just being yourself and doing what you best via some of the best beauties of the world keep up girl

awasome feeling. i also like to traveling. if any where any fair or megazine always i accept those enjoyable fair or megazine or any thing.

If you accept those enjoyable thing your mind will be fresh and cool.
so everyone should enjoy travel with friends or family or personally. thats very great to all..
thank you for describe about your travel and enjoy time.we can learn many usefull thing from you.

What an amazing post. Wow. Thanks a lot for your article. 🤗


thanks alot trinscowski and my pleasure! :)

TIL Steemit shirts exist.

Non-Muslims are not permitted in the mosque especially female. I wonder when did they so open? 清真寺内不允许非穆斯林,特别是女性。 我想知道他们什么时候开放?

  ·  3년 전

Beautiful! So happy for you!

Posted using Partiko Android

Holy crap I feel like I need to re-do KL now! You saw so many things that I didn't even know was there! I did it wrong! I had to double take at the Hindu temple because it looks just like India! You really got to see the blend of cultures in KL! I'm bookmarking this so that I can see some of these places if I end up going to KL again.

Thanks for such a long, helpful post!

wow nice photo and post

without a doubt it was an excellent trip, I love your photos

Another great travel blog from you, @sweetsssj, and you are lovely as always. 👍 😎 👀 💃
I am not a fan of religious icons, buildings and such. I do enjoy your writing though - in English and in Chinese.
I love the part about shopping, natural scenery (nothing in a big city), and of course, food🍦🍧 🍭 🍮 🍰 🍳 🍔 🍒 🍎 🍍.
Since you do not blog frequently, I'll still support you fully. 🌏 🌄 🌇
All the best!

great photos and everything looked so colourful! love the black dress you wore at the skybar


thank you so much travelgirl!!

Amazing Blog ,,Love It..Penguins.jpg


thanks sufian143!

原来这里也很有民族特色风的感觉,小姐姐这次你又背的可乐包🥤 好cute!




It's amazing @sweetssj.. Like it


thanks denisfair :)

You make travelling so much fun than i think.
Keep having fun @sweetssj


Thank you preciousimo, if travelling wasn't fun I wouldn't do it quite as much! I think it's important to maintain enjoyment of your hobbies :)

Hello Sweetsssj,
I really liked your post and story of your visit to KL in Malaysia!
i do suggest if you ever go to Malaysia again or anyone else who is interested in going, to go and visit Penang.
A great beautiful Island with full of different cultures and a lot of sightseeing with amazing food everywhere on many streets.

Wow as always making awesome tours on your travels! I like everything you explain, travel to places and teach us about its culture, its gastronomy, you make travel rich and full of many incredible experiences, the photos show the beautiful scenery you visit, it is definitely a job Excellent and I love what you do, I hope you have a good day, and I want to see what will be the next thing you bring us! Thank you for sharing with us





marvelous ♥

Your Asian travel posts help us, who have never been to any of the Asian countries before, learn and find out about the people, their habbits and culture. Thanks for sharing with us many facts and insight on Kuala Lumpur in this last post of yours.

Fantastic job @sweetsssj ! all ready commented @karenmckersie , but i wanted to upvote and resteem as well into @momskitchen blog ! Steem on my friend!😋❤💕💁

Thank you for taking the time to learn the world and learning about your life. I like to travel, but I can not make the trip that I want to go because of my dog, but I have to make a good plan so I should go on a trip for a short time. Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

Kuala Lumpur is definitely worth visiting. I love the contrast between modernity and antiquity the city owns. I think the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple is really beautiful.

Do you know have sat down before to analyse this, between light and @sweetsssj who travel pass? I can't fathom it, lol

WOW! Such great detail in your post and KL is an amazing city. Well, pretty much any S.E.A city, town or village is! We went to KL back in August (last year) and we pretty much walked all over the town in the two days that we were there. We especially loved the gardens - anything with green spaces or nature really. :D

I'm in KL too, that's great because now I know what I want to visit ! And please post more !!!

Beautiful you are, my dear idol. As I read your great article. I wish to visit Kuala Lumper as soon. Thank you.

Very good chef forever.

Very good chef forever.

Please resize your photo when you post, because it will easy for me to open. Thank you

Sorry it is just suggestion

Wow, a detailed post with such lovely information. Thank you for sharing. I love traveling too. Do go through my writings too.. have a good day..😊

100% Admirable @sweetsssj you are unique with such beautiful beautiful images and sharpness

Dear Sweetsssj, This post was amazing what a beatiful country is Quala Lumpur, I always wait for you posts and your never dissapoint me, you're an inspiration for all girls. Blessing from Colombia.