Travel with me #109 : Dolphin spotting in Hualien, Taiwan!

3년 전


Dear Steemit Friends:

Today we're going to be exploring some of the coastal area of Hualien County, in Taiwan.

Thank you for joining me once again for another adventure! Today we're going to be exploring some of the coastal area of Hualien County, in Taiwan. Hualien County is the largest by land area of all of the counties of Taiwan and has a lot of mountains and coastline. It is located on the east side of the country and is famous for its beautiful mountains, many of which rise straight up from the blue ocean and beaches.

The region is very sparsely populated, with perhaps less than 350,000 people living here, probably because of the geography of the area with 87% of the county being mountains. Taiwan is renowned for experiencing frequent earthquakes, because it sits on a boundary between a number of different tectonic plates and the country is considered very geologically active because of this.

When I arrived in Hualien City there had been a massive earthquake just some weeks prior which I had heard quite a lot about. I expected to arrive and see a lot of earthquake damage to different buildings but I was amazed to find nearly no damage. The city experiences very frequent earthquakes, so they are very good at fixing the damage quickly and keeping buildings strengthened against the shocks. There was just one bridge that I saw that I was not able to go across because the supports had been weakened by the earthquake. I was very saddened to hear that during the large earthquake a hotel had collapsed and some visitors from the mainland had been killed. The people of Hualien City do a lot to keep the buildings strong against earthquakes but this was a particularly big one that made the news all of the world.

I didn't have much time to explore the city because I had arranged to go to my first visit in the area, Qixingtan Beach which is located near the township of Xincheng. I try and keep to my plans!

Qixingtan Beach is on the Pacific Ocean side of Taiwan, and the water as you can see was beautifully blue. This was not a sandy beach, but rather a pebble or rocky beach. With the large mountains of the Taiwan's coastline in this region, many rocks are eroded from the land which are then smoothed by the crashing of the ocean waves into these beautifully smooth stones. Though I wouldn't want to walk around on the beach in my bare feet, because it would be quite painful on the rocks and stones, I loved the aesthetic of these stones on the beach. They felt so smooth and I wondered how many thousands of years it would have taken to make each of these stones like they are now!

My best stone tower with my Steemit t-shirt!

A sneak preview of the colourful coconut stand you'll join me at later (in the background)

As you can see, the ocean is a beautiful blue, but the water was also quite rough. Because of the geology of the area, the seabed drops very deeply, very quickly. The same as the mountains that rise up quickly behind me, the bottom of the sea continues to drop down deeply too. Because of this the sea here can be quite rough. From this coast line the Pacific Ocean stretches for thousands of miles until you hit the Americas. Because of this, there is no big land mass to slow the weather or the waves so the coast line of Hualien gets weathered quite strongly by the elements.

I hope the water always stays as clear and beautiful as it is. In 2009 the officials of Hualien County abolished the Qixingtan Environmental Impact Statement which was protecting the area around the beach from large developments so now there are many big development projects around the beach. I'm glad that many more people are able to come and see its beauty but I hope that does not spoil the environment's beauty at the same time. Every year more and more visitors come to the beach and I hope thousands more to come can still visit to enjoy the nature.

Getting some refreshing coconut juice!

I don't think there's much better to quench your thirst than fresh coconut, especially by the sea on a hot day

By this time I had worked up quite a thirst for myself and wanted to get a quick drink. I'd been quite fascinated by the beautiful surroundings so hadn't really looked much as what there was to offer around the beach to get refreshments. Almost as soon as I turned from the stunning Pacific Ocean, I was delighted to see this colourful van selling fresh coconuts! I don't think there's much better to quench your thirst than fresh coconut, especially by the sea on a hot day.

The vendor had so many coconuts, and I knew he probably would need them because this was a lovely idea to have coconut juice by the beach. I'm sure that many people would soon come and take all of his stock so I quickly purchased myself the biggest one I could see ready for a refreshing drink. Apparently, coconuts are not actually nuts they are in fact from a group of fruits called drupes. Examples of other drupes include olives, plums, cherries, apricots and mangoes! Unlike these other foods, the coconut is hollow and full of beautiful, healthy, fresh juice. This hollow space is the main way that coconuts spread their seeds - the coconut can float on the ocean because of it and travel thousands of miles to other islands and continents.

If you've never drunk coconut fresh, it's hard to explain how good it is. You can now buy many different coconut water drinks in packages, but it doesn't taste the same as when it's out of the coconut itself. First the flesh is cut off around the outside of the inner nut and then the very top of the nut is pierced so that you can get a straw in to reach the juice - or some people just lift the whole coconut to their mouth! They are portable little hydration carriers for anyone that needs to refresh themselves, as I really needed to!


There were many other vans selling different foods and drinks to help you cool down on the hot day. Icecreams and different drinks were most popular but I was much happier with my fresh drink straight from nature.

Dolphin spotting near Hualien

The Kuroshio Gulf Stream is a very large current of warm sea that brings millions of migratory fish with it. And where there are lots of fish there are lots of dolphins looking for tasty fish to eat!

After the beach I headed back to Hualien City for my next activity, dolphin spotting! Just off the east coast of Taiwan runs the Kuroshio Gulf Stream which is a very large current of warm sea that brings millions of migratory fish with it. And where there are lots of fish there are lots of dolphins looking for tasty fish to eat!

The dolphin watching tours here are very popular. There are many different companies offering this experience so it pays to look around a little bit to find one that looks nice and professional. You aren't guaranteed to see dolphins because obviously they are wild animals, but this is one of the most likely places in the world that you will see them. Most of the tour operators are in contact with each other so that if one finds dolphins, they can all come and help their tour experience the beauty of these animals. Because there's a lot of dolphin watching boats, that means you're very likely to see some!

First, you must leave the harbour to get out into the ocean to where the dolphins feed. This takes around thirty minutes and it's also a lovely boat ride too. I enjoyed looking back out at the coast line of Hualien and also seeing the many different buildings of the city and harbour getting smaller and smaller behind me. Remember, even if it's a hot day the boat goes quite fast so it becomes very windy while you're standing on the outside of the boat. I almost lost my hat a couple of times, but I was glad I had it because the wind would have sent my hair flying all over my face!

As we left the city behind you could see many other large ships docked and also out at sea. With its location on the coast Hualien City still makes a lot of its trade by sea. Though there are good road networks in land, the mountains of the region can make transportation a little slower. Because of that I noticed that the docks were busy with different big ships, all bringing in goods for the city and for the surrounding townships. Being the only city in the region, Hualien City is the centre for most of the shipping.

Because of the Kuroshio Gulf Stream fishing is also very important to the city and other townships with many people making a living from fishing around this coast of the country. When you looked out you could see many fishing boats as well as many dolphin and whale spotting boats. The Pacific Ocean here is much the centre of attention for many different livelihoods.

Trying to get a steady shot with the other dolphin watching boat

Looking out for dolphins!

Green trees and plants mixed with the industry of the harbour

Goodbye Hualien City

And then we found them! After around half an hour heading out into the ocean, our captain called for us all to look over to the front right of the boat. Of course I rushed to the side of the boat and after a few seconds I saw splashes on the horizon. Soon we had caught up with a huge pod of dolphins. There were probably around twenty or thirty of them all on the surface of the water just jumping and swimming together in their family.

There are over 40 different types of dolphin, but these were the famous Bottlenose dolphin. They are actually quite large, larger than I expected. Our captain told us that they are usually around three to four meters long on average and weight around 600 pounds or 270 kilos. They often live for more than 40 years and are very social animals, spending all of their time in a group known as a pod. They love the warm oceans and hunt together to catch mostly small fish. Many scientists believe that the dolphin is one of the most intelligent animals in the world and have the second largest ration between body size and brain size, after humans!

Dolphins are a mammal, which means they can't breathe underwater like fish but they can hold their breath for a very long time when they are diving for food. When they aren't swimming underwater trying to catch fish they'll swim on the top of the water so they can breathe out of their blowhole on the top of their head.

I was amazed at how fast they could move. Our captain told us that some dolphins can swim at 55 kilo meters per hour and jump up to six meters in the air. They are very communal and communicate with their own language under the water but apparently their jumping also serves as communication. Different jumps and flips mean different things so they can tell each other what they are feeling! I was just completely in love right from the very first sight of them.

Once our boat had caught up with the pod of dolphins, they realised we were there and they slowed down so that we could drive alongside them. It felt like they were playing with us and wanted to show off! You can see how close I got. I thought that I could almost touch them.

With the boat now moving slowly and the dolphins just wanting to swim with us and play, I felt this was a very special moment. These beautiful dolphins knew we were here and it's like they wanted to spend time with me so I could admire them and take photos. Perhaps they were showing off a little bit for the cameras? I like to imagine they wait around for the boats to come each day so they can play with us humans and show off how beautiful they are in the water.

Even looking back at these photos I feel a little overwhelmed by how lovely these animals are. I think I will let the rest of my photos and videos do the talking because I can't match their beauty.

Traditional Beef Noodles

By the end of my day I'd worked up a serious appetite. I couldn't wait to eat and didn't want to waste too much time finding a restaurant so I headed for the first place I saw. And what a gem it was. A really traditional little family run Taiwanese restaurant. Not far from where I'd just been whale watching, the restaurant was nestled just next to the road in the foothills of the mountains.

I was seriously hungry and ready to try as many different local dishes as I could! Let's go inside together.

The clouds had come down and made the mountains look really mysterious

Lovely painting of Koi Carp

The restaurant had a pet dog! I think he was keeping his fish friends company. Maybe he though that people would try and eat them for dinner and he was protecting them! He looked like he'd had just as long a day as me and just spent his time half asleep and watching the world go by.

I suppose he probably gets so many visitors every single day that it's boring now. I wonder what his name is? I called him Goldy. I think he might be a cross between a golden retriever and a corgi, what do you guys think?

There were so many dishes to choose from so I got a little selection for myself. The preserved egg tofu looked particularly amazing. I also got some courgette, some stir fried beef and a couple of other bits. I couldn't wait to get started. Everything looked really lovely.

These beef noodles were amazing!

Fried pork on rice

Care to join me?

Thank you so much once again Steemit friends for joining me on my adventures. You can already guess my favourite part of the day - the Bottlenose dolphins. Those animals are completely magical and I cannot believe that I was able to see them so close. To see them swimming, jumping and playing with each other and the boat really was amazing. You can see how fast they can swim through the water. I wish I felt that natural in the water, I would feel just like a mermaid.

If you could go and see dolphins, would you do it? I'd love to go back there and spend many more hours just watching them. The time I had just wasn't enough. If you've enjoyed my post, please give me a vote and a follow but most importantly, please comment below so that I can get to know you better and enjoy speaking with you!











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Dolphins are a lot of fun and it must have been special to see them in their environment. My kids got to steer a boat last year with some of them swimming around - great experience. And that food looks delicious...


Wow.. I bet they were overwhelmed with joy from that Tom! I've still yet to steer a boat before, but I reckon I would be a good captain!




Greetings, sweetsssj. I missed your posts.

I found your post very nice. For sure, what fascinated me most were the dolphins. Here in Brazil, in 2016 I went to a beach called Pipa beach. It is in the State of Rio Grande do Norte. There, in one day, I was paddling in the sea and saw dolphins passing by. It was really cool though, it was not this scene with that synchronized nadro that appeared in your video did not. They went really fast.

Her photos, all of them, were very beautiful, except the piranhas, because they are very evil.

If you'll excuse me, I'll put a picture of my paddle. Look at you to see how beautiful it was:


Thanks for the post and I'll be cheering for the next one.

Good evening!







影片的韓國OST音樂真的超級好聽 配合甜心妳的走海邊超有Feel的~~~ =) . 在香港也有看海豚的地方下次介紹給妳呀 樣子有一點不同的 但沒有妳看到的這麽多隻一起遊的~~~




好呀 一定要去 那裡名字叫大澳 拍照超好看的 還可以吃海鮮 ;p





沒看到鯨魚嗎?其實我都沒去這些賞鯨豚的,大概主要就是怕暈船.... >_<



这个船是很晕呢,主要海上风浪大呀,可惜这次没看到鲸鱼,看来还要有下次呢= =



无论是人还是风景 😄











看海豚心情应该会很澎湃... 很想亲自去看啊……




哈哈哈 谢谢..我38 啦……

I love seeing this type of publications since it makes me learn about new cultures and new places from my home since not only with going to the place it is enjoyed but also seeing it, soon I would like to go to those places as I would like You will know my country Venezuela where you will find some very warm and crystalline beaches where you will spend a very beautiful vacation especially on the island of Margarita


It's a pleasure to share with you guys, and i'm really looking forward to coming to see the places y'all live at. Venezuela has been in the press a lot for it's unfortunate currency situation but i do hear a lot of good things about it otherwise!

Really beautiful video Sandia. You did a great job of capturing those amazing dolphins on camera. Looks like you picked a great day to see them in action.

Many types of dolphins have become endangered. I hope future generations can still experience their beauty.

Nice job with the stone tower. Did you have any problems getting the pebbles to balance on top? Also, nice way to show off your Steemit T-shirt design.


Hey wayne! It was sooo amazing, I really wish I could just go out to interact with them everyday, that's the goal for me one day to live not too far from places like this.. I often heart a lot of negative news about some festivals (particularly in Japan) where they kill dolphins in the troves, it's so tragic!

The stone towers were a little tricky but I was determined to leave a mark :)

Beautiful post Sandia!
What a beautiful place this is.
The combination of the colors, the music and the swimming dolphins in your video are so relaxing.

I remember back in 2016 when I was in Egypt, we were swimming with the dolphins.
This is really a great experience.

As always your food looks very interesting.
Regards :)


thanks jason, I thought the general colour scheme for pictures in this post are really soothing to the eye, that of course must mean that the actual place is even more so!

I didn't realise Egypt had dolphins, that sounds amazing!


Yeah of course.
I visited a little island called Orange bay close to Hurghada.
There are some spots where the dolphins often appear.
We were lucky to see the dolphins back that day :)

海豚真的太美了~影片做的很用心 真的好喜欢






文章照片和视频一起,现在要花好几天写啦= =



Hii Sandia,

It's good to see that you are traveling and enjoying these days,

It's been a while since your last post and i was waiting for the next adventure from last 12 days😅 but here you are as always with something new and interesting to see and learn.

Well first of all i want to appreciate your Stone tower because you made its really Beautifully and huge also and that was looking really beautiful with you and probably the best beach Photograph that i ever seen in your posts,

And the second part of todays adventure is also very beautiful and funny also because you guys keep struggling to get a steady shot on that boat 😅 but surprisingly you done a great job in capturing other boats and bottlenose Dolphins 😄 i personally like your gif of underwater Dolphin because it was looking very magical,

And as we all know that all your post have a tasty side in them, so Today's post is not an exception 😄 and food looking really tasty and sry i totally forgot about the tasty coconut water that i also drink each day after getting back from my gym and i know that would be really refreshing and tasty for sure.😇

In today's post i also like one more thing that you are looking way more happy and naughtier as compared to your some recent posts and that really makes me happy,so always keep Traveling and be happy dear 😇

And if you got some time then please have a look on a very special post of mine about My Childhood iam sure you are going to like that and don't forget to give your feedback on that one dear,and try to post more frequently because currently you are posting only 2-3 times in a month,so try to be more active so i can also enjoy seeing you adventures more often. all the best dear be happy and enjoy your life.😇👍


Always a pleasure having your visitation shiva, as usual, you've picked out some lovely points in my post, especially the stone tower which I thought was really cute.

I recently picked up the new Osmo which will hopefully improve my video stability a little more!

As always, thanks for visiting and i'll drop by your post soon :)


Ya pictures and videos quality are surely improved a lot in this post and i love your editing also.


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Wonderful... Just wonderful. I love the dolphins and the food part

Nice trip, looks like your living life :))


Taiwan never disappoints, a lot of people go to Taiwan to do just that! (Live (a good) life!)

Nice place. Hope you loved the journey.


thanks dear, loved it to bits!

Your stone towers remind me of stone figures the Inuit travellers build in northern Canada. These figures Inuksuk (singular) or Inuksuit (plural) can have a prosaic use of marking where food is cached, they also have something almost spiritual in nature ... especially if they are of the type depicting people - "inunnguaq".

These could be a message to the people of the future ... I was here.


that's a very interesting bit of extra information there, thank you dwarrilow, I have to investigate this a little more, thanks for the hint!


Hello sweetsssj

My company is working on a new way of displaying content from steem. The purpose is to add additional features and to promote people who share common interests by adding them as contributors. I have added your profile as a "Host" and added a few people you have recently curated (so you can see a few posts on the contributor page). Someday you might use this site as your own travel magazine but with other people contributing as well.

Visitors who log in using steemconnect to the site are able to bookmark their favourite hosts, and also to bookmark favourite posts. The search function constrains the search to only the content of the "host" on the host page, the "contributors" on the contributor page and the bookmarked posts on the bookmark page. A visitor is also able to specify whether to open a post (when they click on it) on or

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This is cool! Do I also have my profile?


At this point the host page will show your recent posts we aren't ready to have the rollout where everyone can set up their host profile. The revenue component hasn't been completed. If you can provide me with the usernames of a few of the steemians you follow, I can add them as your contributors and create a profile for you similar to @sweetsssj and @eljose27.

Do you know what ? Always waiting for your posts to enjoy what you are posting @sweetsssj Your posts are professional and entertaining. I also like the photos. You are the best example of a successful human being. I liked the pictures of the dolphin. I hope you will visit Morocco one day.


he moroccantoughts, just wondering if you are from morocco? I might be visiting sometime soon :)

Dolphins are such amazing animals


Totally agreed


Yes true i love watching dolphins too!


can't disagree with that!

so beautiful I would love to visit some day

I don't eat pork but that meal looked delicious anyway! And dolphin watching was probably an awesome experience.


Thankfully Pork doesn't feature as heavily in Taiwanese cuisine as it does Chinese!

great post, thanks for sharing. I saw dolphins a couple of times while surfing in byron bay, australia. at first its a bit scary when they appear next to you, but then it is just an awesome experience.


hey betterthanhome, after swimming around with sharks (nurses albeit) the dolphins were much easier to get used to. That, and I've actually had some "swimming with dolphin" experiences in the past too. As you say, it's really awesome!


But I'm a Friendly Shark @sweetsssj.......


my gosh that is a friendly shark indeed!

Upvote and resteem. I have been to Hualien many times. Good call sweetsssj.


hey lucky.digger good to see you still around!

That is amazing, how many times have you done that?


just once dolphin spotting but a few times swimming with them!


That is so cool, where do you go to swim with dolphins?

This is what is called quality content! I really enjoy visiting your blog because it always very rich and full of good stuffs. I never knew there was a quake in Taiwan of recent. Do have a nice time.



I wonder how she affords it. Sugar Daddy??


i'm glad you like it, it's taking quite a long time to produce the content these days but i'm enjoying it more than ever! :)


Keep on keeping it real. And do have a happy Sunday.

Dolphins are fun

Hey @Sweetsssj,

Nice to see you after very long time. I know you were active but I was not because I got busy with my university stuff and exams. Just left with three exams and then vacation will start so hopefully I will be active now.

I saw you holding Osmo. when did you buy it and how has been your experience with it so far?
I am sure now we will get more smoother video and might be some cinematic shots. I am also planning to buy a digital camera. Hopefully I will buy cannon g7X Mark II.

Hey btw, nice stone tower.


I hope you'll have some time to get back into it soon dear. As for the Osmo, I actually bought it over a year ago and it is on it's last legs now.. but then again I use it all the time so I think it's served it's purpose very well. The good thing is, the osmo 2 is basically better in every way, and is far cheaper!

As for digital camera, do take a look at the Sony Mirrorless camera's, like the A7 range!


Ok, yeah if you have used it well then it served its purpose.
Osomo 2 is so cool man but right now my focus is on Camera.

Thank you for your suggestion. Yes I have checked Sony's Mirrorless cameras like A7 range and A65000. They are just fab but a bit higher for my range. I have around $500 and for them, I need at least $1200.
One way I could be work hard on steemit and collect money and then buy a Mirrorless camera.


this photo I love most.,
the contrast, the texture of the image is fabulous and the caption of your beauty projections is so awesome. what a cool adventure you have in Taiwan, the foods look so tasty and the pod of dolphins, are so amazing too.

this post is very recommended and resteem

I love also the views of the coastal area of Hualien County, in Taiwan.

by the way, you look so cool in your steemit t-shirt- the design is great.

take care always on your travel.

the video editing is empressing too.

super thumbs up. @sweetsssj


aha you were not the only one to pick this picture this time :)


yeah correct its seems so cute, but i like it, hmmn let me chose another one.,^_^

this is very mysterious one, seems kinda yoga type post. ^_^

so cute ^_^


hi @sweetsssj i want to greet your mom, a happy mothers day, and i dedicated also to all moms here at the community. hope you will love this one.

Always wished I could travel to Taiwan once, next summer maybe. Nice post!


The same here, I'm still wishing but no way to go there yet :(


I'm sure you will have an absolute blast! I've enjoyed it every time!

You are my favorite user on steemit!
And also these delicious food.
Keep it up.


aww thank you dear, the food is making my drool!


The food looks awesome!

Another unsurpassable amazing post of @sweetsssj !
My respect and congratulations for this amazing post!
Have a wonderful day


hi zanoni, thank you so much, and greetings to you :)


Thank You !



哈哈 谢谢啦!~~

What an amazing trip! I had to wipe the drool off of my mouth when I saw the Taiwanese Restaurant food photos. But my favorite part was dolphins. I have never seen them in the wild before. There were so many!


Oh don't mention those delicacies, I'm hungry like a starving elephant lol.


Haha! I was trying to decide if you were talking about the restaurant or the Dolphins. Hopefully the first one.
I love your profile picture by the way!


Of course, the restaurant hahaha :D


Hey, in some countries dolphins are a delicacy. I'm not here to judge. Haha.




I was amazed that there were so many! Seemed like up to 100 or even more! Of course, the food never disappoints!

  ·  3년 전

Beautiful scenery beautiful calm and cool ... Very happy if only could vacation there..
Coupled with you beautiful ..


Some people hope to be on vacation there at least once in a lifetime, including me. But some of the residents actually want to leave that place to see the other world lol. The sad truth.


The scenery is splendid, I can't get enough of it!

  ·  3년 전

Yes we are always looking for places that make us happy brada there ..

What a beautiful place to visit...
I hope i can visit Hualien someday in my life...
From your photos, we can feel that Hualien is a very refreshing and cheeful place...
Really like it...❤

Thanks for sharing & have a lovely day, dear @sweetsssj...☕🤗😍


thanks for having a look my dear, hopefully it is as cheerful in the post as how it felt when i was there! :)


You are most welcome, my dear...❤
Would you please visit my steemit blog also, dear my friend...
There are many interesting things also...
Hope you will like it...😀🤗☕❤

My God, I look forward to visiting Taiwan too! Nice post

people pretty scene have pretty well

incredible views..i am also eager to travel like so @sweetsssj


make it happen nafa!

Beautiful post, beautiful woman, beautiful locale: beauty everywhere!!

Thank you for sharing your adventures. I will visit Taiwan someday, and perhaps you will be there to show me around.


hi kopt33, thank you so much for the lovely comment, i'm actually not in Taiwan as much as my posts would suggest, but there is a very wonderful Steemit community there that I had the pleasure of meeting when I last visited. I'm sure they would be very accommodating if you visited!


Oh -- that's still cool. I am vacationing in Taiwan in December and I would definitely meetup with the Steemit community there.

hey @sweetsssj , I like your style and i am fan of you . Waiting..... for your next post .

looks so good :) and tasty...


kingscrown always knows the best to eat!

Have a nice trip @sweetsssj, if you have time please visit our country indonesia, its so beautiful country


Sometime later this year my dear, hope y'all ready!


Ok...Welcome to indonesia

wow posting is very nice and fun filled with beautiful scenery -lovely.


thanks putry01!


yes same-buddy.

I would recommend whale watching from the neighbor island of Fukaji - Shima
At the most southern point there is a free viewing platform


I haven't had much time to visit the islands around Taiwan, to me Taiwan is already quite a small island, and it has so much to see already!


Fukaji - Shima Island belongs to Japan

Blue water and dolphin's game looks wonderful. The dolphins are playing so close to the ships on the sea. Pictures of such a beautiful moment are wonderful.

I like blogs and posts from you.very beautiful vidio about you.very relaxed you are at sea with what buoy you want to swim I love your vidio.I am happy to be your friend. Thanks


hey kurza233, thank you, hope you enjoy the content, I spent a lot time preparing it!

Qixintan is really nice, the first time I went in winter was so windy that I nearly got blown over!!! Seems like you choose the good season to go to see the dolphins as well


It was quite recent actually, but also really lucky because it was raining the entire time aside from the few days I was there!!

I was resteem.. your the best @sweetsssj


thanks bonbons!


serious .. I am always satisfied to see your post. full color. and nothing you save for tomorrow (next post).

Taiwan muy buenas tomas. Tenia algo de tiempo sin ver tu trabajo, pero como siempre me encanta tus recorridos e imágenes. Saludos luz fermin.



Are you interested in traveling to Taiwan? Perhaps you can check this out first"Taiwan" A great place to travel The safest place to visit






The dolphins looked so cool and the stone tower you made was perfect 😲👍


thanks tanbay, the tower had many falls not shown on camera haha :)

Looks great, what a amazing animal @sweetsssj i hope i can see that also!
Please follow me, best regards @mrandreas

Very thorough post! That dish you ordered with the cucumbers is the same as 拍黄瓜 (Pai Huang Gua), right? I love making that a home. It's so good and easy to make.


ooh you know it! Yes that's very common in China actually!

OMG! really cool Journey!, you spent an excellent day enjoying the adventure! haha. How long was the trip?, very cool and exciting experience!. you made me want to visit Hualien. hahaha. see ya @sweetsssj <3


Hey ceheiberg, the trip to Hualien was just a few days, I had to take a gamble as it seemed to be the raining season and I found just 3 days where it wasn't raining to visit!


Nice!, but I see that after analyzing all your options you made the perfect decisions about the date. I'm really glad you liked yor trip. You didn't stop Smiling in all of your pictures! hahaha!^^

OMG you named a dog after me!! Ha ha I am flattered :) - Goldy


I endeavour to drop a little something each time for the gold loving goldy.


I love this endeavor ! I

a very enjoyable trip @sweetsssj. beautiful beaches, refreshing coconut juice and cute dolphins. and beef noodles that look very delicious. Happy to enjoy the next trip my friend and I will be waiting for him.


aw thanks agusscout, see you in the next one!

wow, this is fun reading through and watching the short video


thanks ! Glad you enjoyed it :)

@sweetsssj The Best Part of being a Dolphin is that you get to Play Everyday. Thank You for another Spectacular view into your World of Beauty and Travel and Cuisine. I am so Grateful every time I see one of your postings since I know I can absorb some of the most fantastic places on Earth.................


stokjockey thank you for being one of the most dedicated readers! I wish I could be a dolphin..


Thank you @sweetsssj we will always be the August 2016 STEEMIANS and nobody can take that away from us.......You have a wonderful week and I will be looking for your next Lovely Post.

What a beauthiful place to visit , I hope i can visit Hualien someday in my life :) . if you have time please visit our country Morocco, its so beautiful country.


I am certain I will be visiting your country this year dear :)

Looking and Traveling like a queen as always Jess ! Good to read your blogs from time to time hear. Hope you are doing well :) Take care, Sue


dear sue! So lovely to see alive and well, hope everything is going splendid!

OMG, I want to go and see the dolphins.


you know where to go then!

@sweetsssj se ve que la pasaste chévere!! por culpa de tu publicación a mi también me gustaría ir a Taiwán jejeje. Me Encantan los Delfines, gracias por refrescarnos la vista con tan jugosa publicación.

Do not ask me why, but the first photo I saw was the one with the goldfish... I was like: Stop, these are no dolphins :D Nice post! Best wishes from Germany again


haha well, you got there in the end! Greetings to you in Germany dear!

Wow great work.You HAVE done fantastic job in caring those dolphin.amazing job..keep up the good work.amuse us all

wow .. it was a fabulous holiday .. saw dolphins in taiwat sea, amazing sweetsssj :)


thanks fajarmadan!


yes sweetsssj ... I am very glad you reply to my comment, hope you become the best, and want to give support for the beginner steemit, like me this :) ;)
Nice @sweetsssj ....

Amazing, beautiful views and these dolphins are so beautiful. I am waiting for more :)


more is coming soon :)

A great experience!


Yes, totally worth it!

wow - what a great and comprehensive story - and the anticipation was building till '..and then we found them!' A great ride, thanks!


hi alsedge, thanks ! Hope to seee you more often! :)

swimming with a bunch of dolphins is the thing I really want sandia😋,is it chinese culinary cuisine sandia ?,
I look forward to your reply in steemchat @sweetsssj 😂


hello dear, i'm not on steemit chat much, it's too overwhelming.


thanks dear, through which I can contact you sandia ?

This is where I would love to visit when I am in Taiwan. I love nature.......

The water is very clean and beautiful compared to Hong Kong!


You must visit here, don't be like me and hang around in Taipei for tooo long!


Hehe ok! I was told Taipei is only good for the street food.

your travelling video is awesome. I really like this.It's very good video.
We have a good time here . Ok stay in touch.


thanks dear, will do! :)

This trip is an interesting one. First time, I am having a feel of how Taiwan looks like. Hualien County seems to be a very beautiful place especially the mind blowing beach with blue water. That was quite a risk you took, knowing earthquake happened some weeks ago but yet you still made the trip. You deserve some accolades. The sight of those dolphin is beautiful. Thanks for this


It was only a few months ago that a severe earthquake hit and already it is back to normal. I was really lucky to have visited during some dryer days, it was mostly raining the rest of the time!


Oh that is good. Likewise here, raining all day

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My reading of the subject
I felt I had also traveled
Thank you for the nice narration


my pleasure nationall :)

Hello, I love all the publications that you do, those wonderful trips, spectacular photographs that fill my eyes with joy because I have not been able to travel for a long time due to the Parkinson's that my husband suffers; those delicious meals that you raise on each of your trips. Successes and Blessings I love coconut water. I invite you to see my last post true love my mother's


hi dariela, regards to you and your family, I hope you are coping well with your husband's condition. I'll drop by and take a look.

Good afternoon @sweetsssj I love your travel post # 109, like all the others is full of striking colors, nice view, exquisite food; the refreshing coconut, the wonderful dolphins; I congratulate you for such an incredible post. Hopefully things in Venezuela that is where I live will be solved soon and you can come and take a trip around these places; Venezuela has beautiful and spectacular places; Merida, Margarita, Calderas, the beaches; among others. With your post I am encouraging myself to visit one of these places and upload a post. I also invite you to visit my profile, the most recent post I have is for a contest I leave the link, I hope you can visit it as I imagine you have many occupations. I wish you the greatest success. Here the link:

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aaah! you are the famous girl of steemit, you are the platonic love of @bursatilonline he had told me about your adventures and that you are a very pretty girl, the truth is that he fell short with what he told me hahaha ... very good pots, the stone tower and the dolphins apparently was the most liked by all


to me what I liked the most was the food looks great !!


hi dear, send my regards to your friend, I've not had the opportunity to speak to him before, but he's very welcome to drop a comment to which I'll be very keen to reply to!


okay !! I will send you your message

What a good video and photos, I love dolphins, it must have been an excellent experience, regards


it was fantastic, glad you enjoyed!

Hello @sweetsssj What a pleasure to see the most beautiful woman of steemit, I really missed you already, with her wonderful posts, I am very pleased to read and see how wonderful you show in your writings, photographs and videos, and at the same time invite you again that you visit my blog and if it is of your pleasure to support me to continue promoting my project with the tags #promohealtheducation, a hug from Venezuela, we love you very much.


sorry i've been a way for a little while, i've been focusing on my travelling and actually moving half way across the world, hopefully will be more active soon :)


If I imagine that your itinerary should be strong for your travels and in the preparation of such an excellent post, good, pretty and beautiful lady I wish you the best and hope you have a time to add a viztaso to my blog.

Oh wow that's a lot of balanced rocks! I also have a pic of just a few rocks on top of one another that I did last month when we went to the beach. :D

The food looks delicious too. Now I'm hungry. :P

Wow that great everything, the trip, the photos, the scenery, the food looked delicious! I loved the Dolphins excellent post




It is sad to know that there were casualties from the earthquake. We also experience earthquakes all the time. There will always be damages. It is good though that the city was able to rebuild itself.

The beach is good for picnic and sunset viewing I think. The sea is rough. There are no sandy area even? The coconut is perfect for such hot spot. You are a stone tower master :D

I always feel that my animal spirit is a dolphin. I have a close affinity to them ever since I have read a story book about them when I was little. I was fascinated by them and their intelligence.

The food looks good! I just found out there is a new small Taiwanese restaurant we have here in our city. I am going to go try that soon. I hope they have serving such as what you have presented.

What a wonderful thought you have on the dog. I think, too, that he is guarding his friends.

Dolphins have always been considered a symbol of happiness and love, so it is not surprising that they are associated exclusively positive signs. You are very lucky, you managed to see a flock of dolphins, you can be sure that all year you will be accompanied by success. Also seeing the Dolphin in the sea, you can hope to receive some good news.


I didn't know there was that view after seeing a flock of dolphins but i'll take it!

dolphins are human friendly

After Reading your Post, I felt like I was traveling Along With you! Thanks for Sharing the Amazing journey of yours! I wish could could go here someday :)

I really like your travel I also try to edit video!
I'm looking forward to watch next video too!
It's very very good video!


Thank you my dear, still working on a lot of things and learning too, but it's all good fun!


I'm also still learning how to edit. but it's really fun!高兴
And I went to Taiwan many times!It's so good place and kind people in there!!

The beef noodle is the boom! I have been to taiwan for an international education volunteer and had been living there for 6 months. The food in Taiwan is absolutely amazing. It's such a pity that I haven't been able to go on a yacht like this to witness these beautiful wild dolphin. It's always a surprise reading your content :)

Fun trip....

play with rock balance, cool!

And I did not expect to be that close to the Tourist with a bunch of dolphins ... You are so lucky to enjoy this amazing experience.

My Favorite photo :

I can only see the distant dolphins, when passenger ships pass through the sea route from Banda Aceh to Weh Island, Indonesia...

Take care of your health.. Have nice day :)


Just joined you on your adventures, exhaustive write-up, attractive images.

great share of travel.... lengthy and good one. :)

beautifun pictures

Wow! How i wish to see some dolphins too in person. You're so lovely Ms.@sweetsssj


Thanks athenabree, it's amazing you gotta find the opportunity!! :)


Yeah thank you. We have dolphins too here in the philippines but it's quite far here in my place. Sadly you need more funds in order to get there.

I do not know what amazes me more, the completeness of your post, the interesting food you see, how beautiful you are, how wonderful nature is, how beautiful the dolphins are, your pascience to balance the stones. I think everything seems to me that all the above name of this post is fascinating.




aww thank you! You are so sweet! Love it :)

Very fun post Sandia! I’ve never spotted any dolphins yet, you’ve not only spotted them in Taiwan, also swimmed with them previously if I remember correctly? I love seeing dolphins :)

Enjoyed this post very much, thanks for sharing the experience.

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Food seems delicious. Especially seafood 😋

I really enjoyed reading about the floating coconuts! I had no idea! How clever nature is :).

I guess it would be lovely to see dolphins and this would probably the best way to do it. I live close to a dolphinarium, where they keep the poor animals in a pool to perform tricks :'(. makes me really sad.

the pictures are magnificent, i would love to go to that places

You love to ride. I have liked you to ride and I have taken some historical places. It looks very nice to see them. These pictures look like me. You can take great photos. You do not have to compare your photos. It is very good to take pictures like this. Does it take you to travel only on motorcycles or to travel something else, such as Train Bus Chair? Riding a bike is the best bike to kill your ID from us, thank you very much for giving..


Umm well this was on a boat..


Thank you for important comment. @sweetsssj

This looked like such an amazing time. When I was younger and lived in Japan, we went to Ishigaki Island and took a ferry and there were dolphins following the ferry. It was so cool. Since then I have always wanted to go somewhere and swim with the dolphins. Hopefully one day I am able to travel somewhere and experience that.

Those noodles and the fried pork looked delicious. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us in another beautifully done post. am looking forward to the next one.

How do you create this lengthy contents all alone!? Hats off for these quality contents. As always your post is really great and filled up with beauty everywhere. I admit I didn't really read this post to the end because I need some more time for that. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures!


thank you dear, you don't have to read it all of course, the photos are arranged so you can get 90% of the story from browsing through the pics alone, the words just help to elaborate :)

Very, very nice article and pictures and thank you for sharing.
I grew up in the Bahamas and have been able to experience swimming with dolphins many times. They are so intelligent and playful.
They have an area in the Atlantis Resort in Nassau where you can be in the water with dolphins.
Thanks again for sharing,

the area is still clean yes, because it is still less inhabitants of course the air is still fresh at all. I love the area that the population is not crowded@sweetssj


Well despite it's popularity Hualien is surprisingly not full of tourists, mostly just locals or people from other parts of Taiwan coming to visit.






Your travel always makes me happy. !!!
In the future, I also want to travel like you^@^
I would like to have a question.
If I send you some steem dollar, how much can I get upvoting ?

wow!! so good!

돌고래는 기분을 좋게 만드는거 같아요 :)
그리고 글을 보니까 여행가고 싶어지네요. 덩달이 기분이 좋아져요 !