My Second Steem Anniversary!

3년 전


Steem has been such a blessing for me and I know I'm far from being an exception. Steem has helped me make so many new friends. Steem has done so much for me that it's hard to express how grateful I am for it and it's also hard to try to give back as much as it gave me.

In this video, I tried to express as much gratefulness as I could and it totally feels to me like it's not enough and it seems like there's no way it will ever be enough.

I've tried to express gratefulness and give back in each of my posts and comments. I've been thinking, breathing and sharing Steem pretty much every day ever since I've learned about it.

In July last year, I've left a job I had been working at for more than 10 years, thanks in big part to Steem. (link)

Blockchain has given birth to a new era for humanity an era most people aren't fully aware yet.

Thank you Steemians and Steem on!

Steem Anniversaries can be found on the 6th line at the left side of the screen.

Also today, I've run a 10k race and finished 9th overall without any training over the last month which blew out my expectations and helped make this day even more special.

(No training besides trying to keep up with @karensuestudios fast pace's life!)

Special thank you to @karensuestudios for editing this video and her awesome friendship!

Useful Steem Tool!

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My video is at DLive

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It's so awesome to see your face and hear your voice, and what a bonus to see @karensuestudios! 18 months in this place, what a blessing!! You rock and she rocks (and I rock haha!) xoxo Here's to two more years!!


Awww thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️

What blows my mind is that you were a vegan working in a slaughterhouse before coming here and in two years the amount you have given to help make Steem a place worth staying is incredible! How many more of us will we free from actual or metaphorical slaughterhouses with the opportunity to freely create and share on Steem?

Being a part of your journey with you gives me hope that the number is very high of people we have already helped, are inspiring today, and will continue reaching in going forward!

I will resteem and am excited for my one year anniversary soon as well! Thank you for doing so much to make a community I was excited to join!


Thank you Jerry! I'm glad to know you and I've learned a lot from you and your posts! Thank you for the re-steems! I really appreciate them!

I've seen Steem positive impact in action and I'm also convinced this is only the beginning!


I totally agree with you. It really has done so soooooooooo much for us all although I have not had the success that you guys have had but it still has done a TON for me as well. I'm a photographer/livestreamer that was flat broke all the time but thanks to steemit and other platforms on the blockchain I make a few bucks here and there I have been here over a year and am coming up on the 2nd year anniversary myself ! Can't say that I don't love Steemit ever since day 1 I was addicted. I have some big plans coming up and I hope to find my spot here on Steemit. STEEMIT FOREVER!!!!!! I actually watched a ton of your content on youtube, you sure do know what your doing for sure and you are an example of how amazing Steemit can be.

This is a great milestone @teamsteem and congrats.

I am the first Ugandan about to make 1 year on Steemit and am happy and i have really benefitted a lot from Steemit.

I have to admit i joined and became active at the time you quit your job,that post really opened mind about the possiblities of Steemit....i was just new and it motivated me to remain up until now!

Congrats once again sir.

Wow man! 2 Years already! So cool! You are inspirational my friend! Hope t meet up with you one day and thanks for all that you do!


I hope we'll meet up too!

Okay, this shall be a mushy comment (too bad!)
You have been an amazing friend, through up and downs and thick and thin
You have been an inspiration, you spread positive vibes from nation to nation
If anyone deserves the best
it is for you ...and yours.... God BLESS!


Thank you B.A.! I always think I'm not doing enough but I'm always doing my best!

I'm not far behind you. Four more months to go. Good job, man. Congratulations and all that fun stuff.


Wow four months to your 2nd anniversary too?


Yes indeed. Time flies when you're having fun. Something like that.


and I'm guessing yours too is like 2 months away?😀😀


Indeed, you're right


Wow congrats in advance to you too 🤗
I’m yet to even have a first anniversary 🙈
But I will steeming 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

There is a greener future in steemit if we just keep on steeming and never giveup even if the reward is not compensating with our effort at the start.


Oh yes !!!
I guess consistency and patience pays

Being for the community and not just the rewards

Good point @elizahfhaye


Well said! Steem is going to become bigger than Bitcoin and It's only just two years old and It'll have more network effects as the months go by...

Thats great @teamsteem. Its like you are the founding member of the steemit community. You have seen all the ups and downs here

Nice ..
Great video from you, well done
Thanks for sharing..

Awesome! 2 years is just amazing! Steemit wouldn't be the same without reading your posts! Resteemed with pleasure! 😉

Congratulations friend. It is not a days journey coming.
I’ve been here for 5 months. Before Steemit, I knew that Cryptocurrency existed but I didn't have money to invest, so, I figured it was not for me. Since I joined Steemit, I have earned what I consider a good chunk of money and am very happy about that.

As someone coming on their six month anniversary with some hard-earned perspective on how much commitment to the grind it takes to consistently post for two years....hats off to you sir and congrats on some much deserved payoff. May we all be in the same position in 2020! :)

Awesome, happy anniversary! I'm still only about 8 months, but only really "got it" 5 months ago and started to be more active. So excited for the future of Steemit! I'm even working on a "Steem" inspired painting, "Steemland", that's almost finished.


Whoa! 2 years?!? Congratulations my friend!
I've been here for 6 months, and I've learnt so much in that time, possibly more than I have than in the 14 years I've been working in my IT career... so I can't imagine how much you've learnt in 2 years.

Thanks for being so enthusiastic and passionate about Steem… the ninja gym owner still asks me all about it whenever he sees me... your t-shirt really made an impact!

Wow I feel so emotional reading this, I took a peek into your previous post and I discovered they were very helpful in guiding confused new users and curiously seeking for knowledge kind of people on the platform really, it's so amazing.

Congratulations buddy two years Is a lot of accomplishments a fantastic milestone @teamsteem , full STEEM ahead.

Congratulations :-) I am approaching to my first anniversary at August :-)

We the minnows are so glad to have someone as special like you who has been as inspiration and has mentored us.
I join just this February oh I wish I knew Steemit before now,
On behalf of the minnows, and my fellow ever loving Nigerians we say Happy Anniversary sir.

Hope to meet in you in person someday so I can really get mentored by you, I need it seriously.


Thank you! I would make sure to learn about other cryptocurrencies too.

It is gratifying to see and feel the good energy that you transmit in each publication here on the platform, and I admire your simplicity and desire to contribute more and more to your followers, I congratulate your two years in steemit and bless your path so that you can always give much more! Your words are a reward and your achievements are a stimulus for us, I live in Venezuela, where we live the worst economic crisis of all time, I didn't know you had left your job almost a year ago, I've been thinking about it, so I'll read your publication, I'm sure it will give me some tools, thanks again and happy birthday.
Excuse my English, I use a translator.

Firsly Congrats @teemsteem

My 6 months Anniversary has came and gone, just seems like such a long time ago when i first got here as a dust minnow and was challenging you with my philosophical logic and multitude of suggestions for a fairer Steem and more mass scalable social media blockchain

here's a blast from the past when i was just 1-2 weeks here as a rep27 0.5 SP minnow responding to you for the first time.....i also witness voted for you...... you were one of my very first witness actually

actually, you never did respond, hope it didn't offend you or anything like that

Congratulations @teamsteem , indeed a great achievement to contribute continuously for 2 years to this great platform.

steemit is a great project

HEY congrats on year 2! What a great journey! Good luck moving forward! @ryan313

Congratulations!!! :)
Great video!
You two are "just friends". ;) lol
I'm going to guess that on your 3rd anniversary you'll be like guys Steemit has been so great to me I even met my wife on Steemit. lol

Congratulations, I'm barely there to my first anniversary.

Steemit is a world on its own with the most beautiful sets of people. Steemit brings life, friendship and happiness. If I'm not here in a day, its life I'm cut out of this world. I'm so glad to be here. You have been so amazing too @teamsteem. God bless your heart.

Happy anniversary my friend
It’s been quite a journey but you made it here
Here we , celebrating your years of success on this wonderful platform, more success to come , more celebrations to be done . I wish you many more years of happiness and success on this platform.

Congratulations on your anniversary to the best dual on steem @teamsteem your blog have be interesting, informative, insightful enlightening and enlightening all the time many more years ahead guys

  ·  3년 전

Congratulations and that the successes continue on your side, now trazate new objectives because the winners never stop. With much effort you achieved the things you wanted so much, now it's time to celebrate for the successes achieved, I admire you despite the adversity never you stopped believing in yourself and in this platform, congratulations for your recent successes and I hope there are many more!

I am happy for you fam. It is a great milestone you reached. I hope to stay in and get motivated specifically by this post. Thank you for the support to the community.

We are also extremely grateful for having you around. You're such an awesome personality, very hard working and upvotes both the newbies and veteran Steemians alike. That makes you the cynosure of all eyes here. Please continue in this form without partiality.

Congratulations for coming 9th in the race even without training.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Congrats @teamsteem
You are really hardworking ✌️
You are intelligent
You are smart and wise
I admire you 😊

I miss you on my blog 🙈

I always felt excited when I see your upvote on my post 🤗

Congratulations on your second anniversary @teamsteem. Coincidentally, today is my first month anniversary on Steemit. Hoping to also celebrate my 2nd year anniversary!

Sir, I have been blaglisted with the @smartsteem vote, so I request that I get removable

I also aprpreciate to your mission and optimistic feelings of steem

  ·  3년 전

Congrat @teamsteem, what an achievement!! I can totally relate to your feeling about how Steem has changed our lives... Steem On!!


Thank you Rea!

Happy anniversary @teamsteem sir, congratulations on what you have accomplished so far in steemit, not easily can indeed be you today, all need a process, I will make this as a motivation to me for the better. Once happy celebrating 2 years in steemit. Steem !! On.

Happy anniversary :-)

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for sharing this with the community. It always nice to read something that is done with passion.

hi brother , i am new in the steemit . i know that my upvote don't have value. but i read your post and support you . i will follow you . i hope you will help me to make a good platform on seemit.

thank you

@teamsteem, Thank you for sharing his experience, this is my story in steemit, this is what I experienced so far,

  1. I agree this steemit get friends from many parts of the world, do not know tribe and religion, skin color, this is multicultural.

  2. During the steemit I was able to pay tuition fees, because I was still a student at the University, although not yet able to pay off all, but this steemit has helped a little.

Happy anniversary dear friend
And for Steemit they are the best
Though not fully know to the world yet,but the few who are aware of it will have something to testify about
Once again congratulations on anniversary
I just hope It favours others

Congratulations for your very motivational post, and for two fab years! Thanks for the good vibes that all new steemians need, I´m one of these learning a little bit every day. Carpe Diem!

It is very inspiring to see your post and to realize everyone can benefit from Steemit providing we put in the work. It is also great that you are trying to help others do well as you have done.

congratulation for your great anniversary. i got lot of insparation from your post for work on steemit.

thank you so much for shear a good post.

hello there!!!!
well congratulations and great video.
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!

Congratulations, teamsteem!!! You really are blessed!!!

Happy anniversary! Followed.

awesome being able to transition from a full time job to full time on steemit. It's undoubtedly a feat that needs some proper celebration. I strongly believe that crypto currencies will bring about great changes to how we live, work, and share information. Great job out of you!


I am fully agree with you

Congratulation brother for your 2nd steem anniversary


upvoted you and follow me
i already followed you :)

the future of steemit is very rosy we have to stay in touch with each other continuously and make it more successful

My Second Steem Anniversary!
has been resteemed by @resteemmuse

That's so exciting that you got to leave your job! I LOVE seeing posts like this about steemit. I've only been here a few months and it's been game-changing for me as well. I'm looking forward to so much more time here, more friends and more memories!

I'm there with you's really hard to express the amount of gratitude you feel! Words will never be enough!

Congrats on your anniversary! Looking at what you accomplished and the value you bring in to Steemit has inspired me to continue with with SBD!

Félicitations pour ton anniversaire tu mérites tout l'amour ici Guillaume tous les meilleurs vœux pour les 2 prochaines années merci @darsico

I always follow you. You always have interesting teamsteem posts. Thank you so much@ teamsteem congratulation.....

  ·  3년 전

It's a great achievement that you have been very active in the community for 2 years, then I only have to congratulate you.

Bon anniverse mon ami { French}
It’s been quite a journey but you made it here
Thanks to yours friends and followers alike
Thanks to supporters and group alike
Thanks to all on your success story
This is a milestone for you my friend
Happy anniversary!!!

Muchas felicitaciones por tu segundo aniversario @teamsteem, excelente video espero que sigas cosechando éxitos, recuerda que cada sacrificio tiene su recompensa, aquí estamos para motivarnos los unos a los otros. Dios te bendiga!

You Know I am new here I joined Steem 3 days ago , and i am very inspire with your stuff and posts . May you have many many happy return of anniversaries like this.

congratulations and have a happy annivarsary

Congratulations on your two years of being on Steemit! I’m coming up on my first year in a couple of months, and so far it’s been a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to see where this community flourishes in the next couple of years

  ·  3년 전

Congratulations sir. I hope some days, minnows like us will do something like this!

Ca m'a touché... Tellement ... On a la même sorte de voyage sur Steem. Steem est devenu ma vie. (LOL KAREN :D I looooove the music I love the apparition :D :D :D).
So, when do you come to see me in Brussels?


Possibly soon! I have a couple of things to take care here and then I'll plan to go on another trip!


😱 😍 😍 😍 😱 We have a spare room if needed @teamsteem. Well, it's my studio for recording my videos but it's pretty big I am sure you will love it 😎 With two double beds inside ! If @karenstudio is joining you in the trip 😅 Y a une photo si tu veux voir dans la vidéo que j'avais fait pour présenter SteemBNB 😎

Sent & upvoted in one click with Fast-Reply


La vidéo n'est plus disponible.


La vignette a disparu mais la vidéo fonctionne toujours :-D


  ·  3년 전

Seems that you have no deposit. Plase send any amount of SBD to @tipU to use @tipU services :)

of course you are very experienced, if there is time I hope you can @teamsteem

Simply awesome. I call Steemit, "The Revolution". It's changing lives and rebuilding people, giving social media a new face.
Keep steeming, friend.

Congratulations @teamsteem. Wishing you many more anniversaries. Followed and resteemed.

Thanks for being part of Dlive community:) And I'm go glad to have you promoting Dlive :)

Felicitaciones por tus 2 años en steemit.

Boss thank you so much for a great post. Boss apna like steam bless. It's just Kirsty Steam's blessing for everyone. I worked for Steve for a while, but I love Steam a lot. Only you are grateful to everyone why everyone is grateful for everyone.
Boss is less than getting my stem. Do not invest and do I will not be of any benefit to you, but one thing I can do is to follow the boss to follow you. To comment. You can follow a big man like you. I am happy. Thanks for a nice post. Boss is really great

Congratulations for making it this far. I enjoyed reading your posts and watching your videos which are very helpful and interesting. I am looking forwards to more posts and tips from you. Thank you!


Congrats @teamsteem!! Its an amazing achievement , hopeing my second anniversary is worth celebrating too


Thank you Destinysaid!

So awesome, thanks for sharing and for leading the way!! Also great to see @karensuestudios, you're both really inspiring 😎🌟

Happy Steemanniversary! After 4 months of joining Steemit, I got to meet Steem Quebec members and am so pleased to see how we are such a great community. Can't wait to meet you too in a future meetup, fellow québécois! ;)


Salut Jess! Et Merci!

Mumble rapper vigilante be like

wow 2 years already??? That's great! I can't wait to celebrate my first one in October! Thank you also for your support with my blog and the vegan community in general!! Greetings to @karensuestudios!


Thank you Eve!

I've left a job I had been working at for more than 10 years

I'm alwasy interested in learning how people can finally living off blockchian projects as that is one of my biggest dreams to achieve. Maybe you can share with us how was the process and stories? You've been such a big inspiration to me.

Nice work :) good job and good luck, check out our news :) up voted

I steemit shared a lot, I wrote a lot. But what I have to do is always the same. I'm glad you helped me. I'd like to apologize already.

Happy Steemversary to you-- that's awesome! You were one of my first inspirations when I found this place in January 2017, and you continue to be. Here's to many more happy years!

Hi interesting article how did you go about getting into the space ? Would like to converse and get your opinion on a few aspects.

Happy second anniversary, you have come a long way. Hoping to see more from you.

I love reading that STEEM helped you in being able to quit your job.

Also, I wished I found about Steemit 2 years ago. But better late than never I guess. :D

Congratulations on your anniversary and 10k race as well! Well done :)

And @karensuestudios just had an anniversary too! Congrats to both of you. So awesome being able to do what you love and get paid for it too!

Wow , this is good journey really. I think you enjoy it so much. A few days ago , i joined here

Awesome video. Inspirational for newcomers on steemit. Hope my earning start now after getting useful tips from you

Congratulations @teamsteem, it's an achievement and a very big one. Steem blockchain is worth sacrificing our time and money for, but as you said, a lot of people do not aware of this. Thanks for sharing.
Happy steeming anniversary!!

Great milestone attained @teamsteem.

Congratulations on attaining this height. Keep being amazing, I'm grateful for all the good work you're doing in helping Steem attain global adoption.

On trending without bots. Nice!. Its been a while since ive seen that happen. hehe. People just love you.
Hats off to your 2 years here. Hopefully each one of us can earn even just a little of the respect of the community you have, when we hit 2,3,5 years on Steem.
Congratz again and keep on Steeming!. :D

Oh, and do more comment competitions. Im pumped up, i gotta win one! :D


Thank you! I'll definitely do more comment competitions! I'm glad you like it!


Well you managed to come across my blog. haha. Thank you for the upvote, but i still want that comment. :D

Congrats! ❤️❤️❤️ I still can’t believe our start dates are only a day apart. 😜


@karensuestudios I know! It's exactly what I was thinking yesterday!


Hehehe sycronicities!

Que increíble es verte y sobre todo escuchar tu voz, que inspirador eres. FELICITACIONES querido amigo.

Congratulations! I like to watch you and Karen's Dlive videos. It's so fun and inspired!

Hi team, , i hope sometime i can be like you in Steemit. But now, , i'm just dreaming. One day

Hi this is @juniorohaekwe Its my first time see you although not real life,I would like to congratulate you on your second steem anniversary it's a privilege. It is not easy to be this devoted to this platform by your post which has helped me in trying to create my own post. I liked what you said that you left your job to be in this platform ever since you discovered it, I don't know if anyone has said this before you have a strong mind. you took a big risk to be here on steemit and I'm thankful on your behalf that your actions for a better future is paying off. And for the race keep it up bro you can go faster and more farther than that if your believe and keep practicing. Finally I want to thank @karensuestudios for helping hand in editing this video it is awesome

Congrats @teamsteem on two years. You're doing a really awesome job with great Content. Keep it up :)
Full Powered Vote.gif

  ·  3년 전

Wooo...2 years...I would say you and Steemit are made for each other...
To many more coming years...

Boss you are great man. 2 year already, So cool. Steem is our a good family. I wish you my boss and you have a great day.

Boss will give you many greetings on the occasion of two years.

Bigups @teamsteem. This is a rare celebration indeed!!

Congratulations @teamsteem!

One of the good guys here, we are so thankful to have you around.

Ready for two more years? I hope so!


Thank you @abh1234! I'm more than ready!

Happy steem Anniversary brother! Hope you see many more! :)

Many many congrats on 2nd anniversary on steem.
Friend its good to know that you thanks for friends which steem give you feeling happy to be your follower.

  ·  3년 전

Congrats my brother... I feel blessed to have a kind person like you around!!


Congratulations on your second anniversary @teamsteem .. you're a credit to the platform and a wise representative of the ethos behind it .. I say the with the utmost sincerity, steem on my friend!

Happy Anniversary gorgeous man, you have had a huge impact on my Steemit journey, I know that's for sure! And hello gorgeous lady @karensuestudios <3 <3 <3 xxxx!!!


Thank you @kaykunoiichi!

I know you are just friends but just in case, when are the SteemBabies coming? 😂

It´s so nice your trayectory. Congratulations. Good work.

Congratulations@teamsteem you are the most motivational and helping person that i ever find on Steemit,keep spreading positivity 😇

Great job @teamsteem, your countless efforts show your passion for Steemit. Many many congratulations for your successful 2nd anniversary here. my best wishes for your future plans and projects. take care .

Wow!! so cool, congratulations on yhur second year on steemit, wishing you success one more years on steemit. Thanks for imparting a lot to this community am so glad we have someone like u.

I'm new to this whole thing but it seems like it's worth it. Thank you for the links and your kind words.

Congratulations, I sometimes wish I had know of it earlier but well still onboard almost four months in, cannot foresee long term but engaged with lovely people on my journey and still encouraged

I feel blessed with steemit. I wish you a very very very long stay here with us on steemit. Hurray



hey good video, good vibres.

Your sound is really good, by the way congratulation for your steem 2nd Anniversary.

Congratulation for your 2nd Second Steem Anniversary.

Congrats on your two years! You are one of the good guys, and I celebrate your success. :) You are a thoughtful and responsible guy.


Thank you @whatsup! I appreciate your comment and I'm glad to know you and reading your posts!

happy anniversary!
good luck for more successful
see you on top !

Congratulations dude on both the anniversary and the race. Keep going forward.

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

Big congrats to you! And thank you for sharing these useful links.

That's really great to hear.I have joined this community almost eight months ago and just now,i have started to actively post here.Hope that very soon,i too could achieve what you had now.

Wow two years!! That's really big. I can only imagine how much you've gained within this period. I read your posts a lot and they have been so helpful in guiding me in this crypto world I'm so thankful

oh~~ sounds amazing

Wow, congrats on 2 years!! 🎉

Really awesome post. I'm not behind you. Four months left, good job, people congratulations and all fun stuff


Congratulation your anniversary, I'm hope the best for anything.

That is great and useful list of links

Wow, congrats dude. I'm three days short of my first.


Steem on Gmuxx!

happy birthday then? :D

I listened to your story well.

Wow 2 yrs and counting, keep rocking.. you will be a great inspiration for all of us.

This post is interesting and helpfull

I am so happy to me a part of this amazing community now! I think its just an amazing opportunity for all of us to really do something we love while generating a little bit of revenue. What a great community and i couldn't be happier being involved. Keep up the great content!

this post is very good and

Congratulations @teamsteem!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 5 with 839 upvotes
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@teamsteem Congrats! I just completed my 6 months...looking forward to my first steem aniversary

We are the future!

First time I'm bumped into your posts.
You have very useful links for beginners here.
Thank you @teamsteem!

Congratulation for your 2nd anniversary 😊

Congrats and that is crazy that you got 9th in that 10K without training up to it. Pretty crazy!

Happy anniversary and thank You for sharing all this awesome info with us :D Keep them coming You know we all love You.

Congratulations for second Steem Anniversary......@teamsteem . You are a good man.Wish you a great moments on 3rd Anniversary. thank you so much for sharing......

@teamsteem HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i get goose pumps when I watch your video. Once because I feel the same about Steemit and second because the energy which you transmit through your words is expressing how much you did here and for Steemit and what a special person you are! I'm happy to meet you and I'm grateful and happy to be part of Steemit and have many local and international friends too because of Steemit!

Congratulations on your 2-year anniversary! In crypto years, you are a senior citizen! I'm not sure how I came upon your "stuff", but I am glad I did. It is the right "stuff"! You are definitely a thinker, and the world needs all of them we can find. What a bonus for all that you try to share that knowledge and that spark and that drive with all you encounter. Your kind spirit shines through your posts and each is a wealth of insight and knowledge. Steemit is great, and we all owe this platform and her supporters a whole lot, but screw that, I'm thankful for people like you and your effect on the real people you help influence around the world. Keep doing what you do and steem on!

Many congratulations to your 2nd STEEM Anniversary... :)

Congrats on your 2nd anniversary....

First of all congratulations on your second Steemit anniversary! If I remember correctly Karen just had her one year too :D Life really is about celebrating. Watching you understand and appreciate your blessings at depth along with Karen never fails to brighten my day, and I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned it—but watching the two of you with other Steemians and all your shenanigans inspires me more than any self help material I could ever indulge in. (I also love her top tier trolling c;)

I can now see why you dedicate your time and life to Steemit 24/7, it's definitely not because you have to, but because you want to. I'm only understanding this recently in light of the crazy past couple of weeks life has thrown at me.

You were always a friend, and have taught me countless invaluable lessons through the entirety of our friendship. While you are always looking at how you can lend a hand and help others more, people like me cannot even fathom how much you already do for everyone already.

@karensuestudios is probably my hero though (because she's a girl too, and a badass Scorpio!)

Here's to many more years of adventure, growth, and passion!💖~

wow congratulation sir,siri really inspire to your good job sir ..i hope you stay or more time ..that's why we learn something for you..i need your help sir if you help me i will do something...really i inspire of you. i always follow you..


thank you so much

         reapply back or upvote 

have a good day sir

Genial se ve que tienes una buena motivación, te estoy siguiendo para aprender a que te voten tanto jajajaja.

Congratulations @teamsteem ! You are one of the oldest here on Steem, and you have been the reason why thousands of people learned a lot here about Steem and its possibilities for freedom!

Regards, @gold84

Great stuff i like it :-)

Your sound is good, best of luck sir.

Wowwww congratsss! 2 years sounds like a long time but I'm sure It wouldn't feel like that long as you're having fun ! :) and yes, the friendship! hahaa I love Steemit meetups. So much excitement and surprise. LOLOL ❤

Congratulations, I will hit one year on steemit as well, you are my big brother. lol ☺ I am proud that I joined steem blockchain one year ago and I am happy to see you here after a long time, always helping others and creating content, I wish to see you here also after a year when steemit will be much better, anyway we are like family now, all of us. ☺


Congratulation! Steemit need people like you! <3

congratulations! hope to see more quality blogs this year and beyond.

felicidades... definitivamente usted es mi inspiracion....ya lo quiero...

I will like tot take this time to say Congratulations teamsteem and for many more!

Congrats men!

Thank you bright spark! Go @teamsteem 2yrs! I'm just starting and love the content, quality and heart here... Have you heard of Steem Camp, they are having a gathering I saw in Germany this August. I'm considering going. tbd!

Thank you bright spark! Congrats on your 2year anniversary.. I'm a newbie that is truly inspired by the content, music, art, heart of the people! Blogging first time in my life! I heard about STeem Camp in August this year in Germany, sounds amazing, I'm considering it... Do you know about this? Okay thank you and blessings!

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Good film👍

Congratulations and well done for doing all this great work for this community 🎂

Wow, 2 year!! Good. Congrat sir!. You are inspirational my friend☺☺☺ tanks