Time-lapse colored pencils - The myths about being an Artist

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Hello everybody! Today's I'm going to be talking about different myths about being an artist. This is myths that I see a lot of people think it true.

The first one which is that being an artist isn't really a real job and I feel like a lot of people have this sort of idea that being an artist is just a dream job and a fantasy and isn't really a realistic career path and it isn't a stable career I think this is particularly evident in younger people they get discouraged away from doing an art career by people like the teachers or even their parents because people don't really see it as being some sort of successful realistic career goal and so they stay younger people into having more stable conventional career paths. I think nowadays it has become so different, with online and the fact that you can reach a worldwide audience through social media. That's the kind of myths that go around being an artist and the starving artist idea and no longer exists because we have such a large audience that we can reach so I definitely think being an artist is a real job and it is a stable career that you can build. I think another reason why people think it's not really a real job is that being an artist is seen as something that's just fun being an artist she just gets a paint and draws all day so how can that really be a job, surely it's more like a hobby. I think that's so untrue why would you want to wake up every single day and spend hours doing your job for years of your life that you don't enjoy so being an artist is just a job that you can also really love doing.

The second one is where you have to be naturally talented to be an artist and if you're not born with this sort of artistic talents then you can't go and pursue art as a career and this again is definitely not true being an artist isn't a talent. I feel like the word talent diminishes all of the hard work that an artist puts in to get to the level that they are. Being an artist is definitely a skill and perfecting your drawing and painting skills takes many years and a lot of patience and hard work to get to the level where you can be a professional artist and start making a career out of it.

The third one surrounds the whole idea of being a starving artist so a lot of people think that if you're an artist then you must be living very poorly, you can't really afford much to eat and there's this whole persona that being an artist also means that you're not very
wealthy or to the other extreme you are the person that's selling your art for millions.
So either you're poor or you're really wealthy but there is that middle ground you can earn a very nice stable living being an artist. You may not earn millions from each piece of painting but you can a normal kind of successful wage from being an artist just like any other career path. To do this you can't just be the person that's making all the art you've got to also have that business mind too. You need to know how to market and advertise yourself and promote your work so definitely need a business skill in order to be a successful artist.

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Beautiful art sir @vaansteam. She is looking very beautiful. I always appreciate your brilliant creativity.


Thanks @msena again for the awesome support!

You have really fast hands!

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Yeah, I know. I like things fast! ahaha

very good quality and technique of overlapping colors my congratulations! @vaansteam

I really liked your video and the way you approached the figure of the artist, @vaansteam. The contemporary artist has many advantages in comparison to the one of yesteryear! I think that certainly the career of an artist is still very frowned upon, especially in some countries, where it is considered that he is a lazy and that he will not achieve anything. This is because there is another myth and that is that the artist achieves fame only after his death. I know of many people who please their parents and society by studying university and leaving art aside. They are frustrated people with jobs that consume his life. If you have talent, the ideal is that you work on it, that you study, you perfect yourself, that you listen to your voice. If you do this, surely the other will come with time. Nice evening and thank you for sharing your talent!


I'm glad you like the video. You're absolutely right. It has many advantages than before. It's better to do what you love. Thank you so much for the comment. Have a blessed week!

You are absolutely correct.

In my locality, that's just the way people see artists. They dont even want their children to study art in higher institution even though they know that the kid has the skill or talent. Instead of them to support them, nurture and encourage them to do better, they would want them to venture into other career and at the end, the kid will end up being frustrated because he realized his destiny so late. This is what happened to me but hopefully, am picking up now. I have left the course I studied and now fully engaged in art because I see my future there.

Thank you for sharing.
I just hope they will start valuing artists and art itself and start seeing it as a skill, profession and something worthwhile.


I hope you can pick up too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a wonderful week my friend!


Yeah, I believe I will....

Everything starts with believing.

Have a wonderful week as well.

wow,its obviously very excellent art photography.really you are a big master of good skills photography.its always showing your art drawing.. your art videp just brilliant.how good creativity? ..my dear friend @vaansteam you are just talented..i am always like your magic art... good quality..


That is really sweet thank you so much!

Really a fantastic art as usual! I know you have a great skill of art and have patience that made you a perfect artist, always like your magic art,thanks.


Thank you @tangera you always have something nice to say!

fast hands or fast forward ... you are creative creature.


Haha life is too short to be slow


You are intelligent to control speed otherwise as well said;

Speed kills running down the mountain,
Speed kills running down the street,
Speed kills presence of mind,
Speed kills you know what I mean :p

Hi @vaansteam, I think you have struck on some very important points here and ones that I can relate to as an artist.

For many years, I avoided pursuing art as a serious endeavour due to those same misconceptions held by people around me.

It was only recently, over the last few years I decided to pursue my art work.

In terms of being talented or not, it is much like sports. Where some basic talent and ability is necessary, but to be successful, you must go through training and be disciplined.

I am hoping with the rise of the steem platform, we can have more people pursuing their passions as careers. If we remove the middle men and allow the rewards to flow directly to creators, it is a far more efficient system.


Hello @livvu, I've always avoided pursuing art because of these reasons. Steemit has helped realize my potential. I hope you keep doing what you love. Life is too short to be unhappy.


Yes you are right @vaansteam ! Btw, last time I planned to draw with charcoal for an art project I did with an ekip making documentary movie. But in the end they choose the scribbled style. I'll try drawing with charcoal another time

good job


Thank you!

Good Day Vaan, the first is to congratulate you for that new drawing as always do it perfectly, and with respect to the post you've written about the artists, I have to be in total agreement with you, because as you have expressed there are people who think that being an artist is Viv Go a life in a hippie plan, evil living off your paintings and having a bad time, but today that has changed a lot, there are universities and schools dedicated to teaching art in all its expressions, and thanks to the current media we can share and give Knowing a level that years ago we could not even think, but if you do not have that innate talent to take any pencil or other tool and make a sketch, drawing, painting and so you have to study and be constant to do well what you propose , in my case I'm self-taught I've never been to any workshop or school, I've been reading articles and Opinions of people who like you share their work and teachings and I have been applying to my drawings and paintings, in short I extend more than if I do not mess and not stop Jajajajajaja congratulations on your great drawing and thank you very much for sharing your ideas.
Have a good week, buddy.


Hello, @vicenteajb I agree with you also. There are so many things online that we can learn and it's much easier to share your work. I wish the best for you. Keep creating that wonderful art my friend!


Hello Vaan, thanks friend and you if you create magic with your drawings and excite us all.

Nice article! I also think that being an artist is a stable job. I myself was never supported with my art hobby as a kid and where making 3d graphics became my main hobby, drawing was abandoned. Recently I got back to drawing and I hope to improve soon(even tho I'm a programmer haha:D).

You really have an amazing skill. It is impressive how you draw such detailed piece with clean, readible, yet realistic colors. Keep doing your best! Cheers


Thank you! It's good that you're getting back to it again. Good luck to you!

I do not use prismacolors but faber-castell (they're similar) still have gone entirely digital lately and I miss the traditional feel of painting on paper...
nice time lapse (and drawing). She's very pretty... I feel always very unsure about colouring...I'm more a sketch artists and that's why I've been lately colouring on the computer... but most of my life I mised watercolours and colour pencils and I miss the traditional touch and the smell of sharpening pencils
can you miss the smell of sharpening pencils? hahaha


Yes, they are similar and sometimes I used both. I can only do traditional art. I can not do any digital at all. You should do some coloring on paper. I love to see that.

I am subscribe youtube to see your painting.

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That's really nice of you! Thank you!


Your welcome,

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Hi @vaansteam. I want to thank you for your post.

I think it's unfortunate that a lot of people stereotype artists (let's confine this to visual artists) into a "small box" in terms of all the things you have mentioned. Artists must not accept this kind of stuff.

But I really think technology and the new range of art material has expanded the opportunities for those that want to be artists and designers in incredible ways. Like you have mentioned, social media platforms now provide artists access to potential art buyers cost-effectively.

The challenge to artists in my view is to learn how to develop clever marketing strategies that will enable them to appropriately leverage available marketing channels to expose what they have to offer in the marketplace.

I am an artist and I sell art belonging to other artists as well, and I have used a combination of social media and art exhibitions successfully so I am talking from experience.

nice & fast hand


Thank you!

Hello my friend how are you? I love seeing your hands while you draw, your goal is clear, a beautiful girl who quickly surprises me and leaves you in love with your talent.

I agree with your myths, if you are good and have that gift to create art and you intend to achieve your dream and through your paintings you win people who admire what you do if you can live of that wonderful talent, we must not allow people who do not see it so we can cloud our dreams if you know that you have this beautiful gift simply create, draw, plasma what only you know how to do.

The girl today is beautiful, I love her hair, see your hands while drawing is my greatest reward, I always hope to see your next video to see you in action, you choose a musical background that makes me the time to see you much more enjoyable.

I admire you friend, you are very lucky not all of us have that talent, you work on every detail and make the person in the drawing look very pretty.

Whoever has this talent definitely needs to be supported!

Greetings from Venezuela!


Hello, @jennimorillo I'm doing well! I hope you are too! Thank you for the compliment and for taking your time to write this. You're awesome as always!

I am pleasantly surprised with your post. At this moment in my life, I feel very identified with everything you express. I started a little over a week ago in steemit and in my second article I share the fact that I made the decision (at 36 years old) to develop the talent of drawing after not having allowed it for many years. Since I was a little girl I showed certain aptitudes for drawing but as I grew up I left it aside even though I dreamed of being an artist and doing beautiful and talented works. But I did not continue by:

  1. The social conventions of which you just spoke, in fact I studied 2 university degrees that I have exercised at the time with satisfaction, but of which I do not live today, because I made the decision to follow my heart and devote myself to what I really love. Thank God I have been blessed to be able to live on it!

  2. As a young woman I did not dare to continue in the drawing because I did not consider myself talented enough as other artists, because I was not born with such prodigiousness that I would allow myself a brushstroke to make a tremendous portrait or a great work of art. How wrong I was! for talent is something that develops with constant practice and patience. I discovered it over the years because I am an artisan and I have seen how thanks to the years and experience today I create beautiful pieces and I can see my progress since I incised. This shows me that all talent can be developed.

I'm very happy to find people who are on this same frequency! Your words fill my heart with emotion, just today I decided to take the path to develop my skills for drawing and be a talented artist.

Thank you!


Hello, @evacortez I hope you will keep creating art and make your dream come true. It is never too late. Just do what makes you happy. Thank you for sharing your story with us!


Thanks to you :) it's good to see that there are other people who share your thinking!

Hello, interesting analysis about being an artist, I agree with you regarding the work we should like! if it would not be horrible to dedicate hours daily and for years to something that we do not like. I have done some drawings in particular, especially when I am very worried and stressed but I am not an artist. However, I am making designs and creating with my new work, Community Manager , I can tell you that it is very nice to work in this area, because sometimes I work for hours at a time and I do not even mind.
Congratulations for your work and thanks for sharing your art, your advice and the analysis of being an artist.
by the way the drawing of the girl is great and I am struck by the logo of the girl's hat, I think maybe it's from an institution or something like that.


I'm happy you like your work. Keep doing what you love. :)

The most striking thing is that it can be said literally about any profession. You are right - without a business grasp any talent is doomed to failure and depression. @cleverbot


Does that mean good is a purely human phenomenon?


Do you like dramione?


What is your favourite actor?

Adorable drawing sir. You are a great artist.


Thank you so much!

I love your beautiful drawing. Your video helps us to learn about drawing.


I'm glad it helps :)

Very beautiful girl and great work. Keep it up :)


I will! Thank you so much!



Thank you!

Being an artist I completely agree with your opinions. People do appreciate an artist or their artwork but at the back of the mind they think that an artist is who have no other career options and no parents encourage their children to be an artist as people think being a doctor, engineer, banker or IT professional is much prestigious. It is very sad that people dont find a person worthy until he or she reaches the top of his or her career.

hi vaansteam , you are great artist....i love this video


Thank you so much!

Wow....Wonder creation....My sister has lots of affinity in art....I think your video will encourage her to become a successful artist....Thanks for sharing.@vaansteam

Yeah I agree on what you said... I never thought I would learn sketching fashion sketches so soon but then I tried my hand on it n I feel good that Yes I can do it. You can become artist anytime if you try your best. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Great post and awesome sketch. 😊

Good job ,I'll follow your art!!!!

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Great 👏👏👏

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@vaansteam realy nice art you have created with your fast hands i like this.

Respect to the craft, most folks just have no idea how much commitment quality art takes.

But everyone can personally profit from doodling just a bit every day -- it re-invigorates the brain for other task.

I've seen many artists doing stuff like this but honestly friend this one is actually amazing and bit different from others.Hope to see more amazing stuff like this in future. ALL THE BEST FOR FUTURE.

Hey friend @vaansteam how are you doing? beautiful drawing as you always impress us with your works of art beautiful drawings I love the colors and tones that you use here

You encourage me a little in my days I'm a little sick and seeing this is good for me

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@vaansteam tienes mi voto y te sigo

omg is so perfect!!!

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Beautiful painting its so lovely and pretty girl

everyting is possible if you put enough work into it :) beeing a artist aswell.

awsome painting like always :)

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wow immense skill! wish I had artistic talent like that amazing


Wow immense skill! wish
I had artistic talent
Like that amazing

                 - mohanverma

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Oh my god , you are so creative , beautiful.

if you use youtube, I can see. I can't open dlive. Face painting like that is always horrible if my hands are working. only able to paint cartoons. happy to see your talent.

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I don't know whether you realise it but nobody actually needs a job in this World...it's just a system that we've bought into. Nice portrait that you've drawn, btw.

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It's awesome I admire you.
Can someone pass to my blog? :) I will too

I hope my drawing look as great as yours one day. Truly amazing.


I hope my drawing
Look as great as yours one day.
Truly amazing.

                 - granitegron

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

A good for your painting

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Excellent friend

need upvote please:)

Wonderful post and some very valid points! Art in all it's forms can be a stable profession now. I think we are seeing the evidence of many school leavers not being able to find jobs even after completing conventional education. Our world is much smaller now in that you can connect to a broader audience by being online as you say. There has never really been a better time to follow what we are passionate about and share it withthe world, literally! :)

Your incredible works remind me of Heather Rooney from youtube, you I think are doing even better!

And, you sell your culture my friend? its really fantastic. Congratulations.

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Great article and so true. Well articulated.

how incredible your way of drawing how you use your skills to show them on the sheet your works of art continues like this

wow!! amazing!!!

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I really liked how you debunked all sorts of myths about the real work of the artist) Thank you!

A lovely way to shoot a timelapse... very clear for the viewer. ... good lighting and a still image. Not so easy to keep the image in one place with larger works though. Great work !

I just joined steemit so I want to be friends with you all. Greetings from me. @rahmifirdaus

Beautiful drawing friend...
Great art...

Excellent portrait! Very interesting video of the drawing process!

Gracias a los avances tecnológicos , los artistas tienen una mayor exposición. Es un camino duro en donde no solo con ser talentoso basta . Se necesita trabajo y perseverancia que solo se consigue haciendo las cosas que uno ama.

Lovely! I love how the pencil + paper combo creates the perfect texture for hair

  ·  3년 전

Dibujas muy bien, gracias por tu arte.

Found this post through artzone, nice work and keep going!

Very beautiful your drawing also looks classy and attractive I love the color of the hat plus the detail that he carries as always great work I congratulate you

Many greetings my friend