VOTU Podcast interviews CODUM.io

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If you can tell me which parts of this episode are of most interest to you then you can help speed up my editing process to chop this up into ~10 minute bites!

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It is important not to forget that child we all carry inside, sometimes we forget, these initiatives push me every day to be better ... I remember when I sat with dad to watch tv on Sundays I will never forget this great character Chuck Norris in the walker ranger de texas and his great adventures ... Thanks to you allowed me to relive that moment. from venezuela to the world

-Share a link to their whitepaper or website
-Audio quality is unfortunately horrible, people are spoiled :(
-Although your voice and talking is great. The guest was very hard to follow from the start. Make him give more of a summary. Start with generalizations.

So basically:

Build up the complexity of the subject over time, guide your guests more into certain topics. Never ask: "Can you tell us something about Codum? " It's way too broad.

Hope that helps

Definitely the Chuck Norris jokes!


Haha, make a VOTU: Chuck Norris Compilation.

Definitely these activities have given me a change in life, I think I was asleep in the ancient world, I hope that every Sunday I can be there sharing with all of you, they are great.

I always love the introduction part...i love how you open the program mam @beanz...yeah in this podcast I love how the guest introduce it.

Hey @votu, we may be able to assist you. You should join our telegram channel as well. With the link to our whitepaper, you could also drop in an update that we're going to EOSHackathon and we need community support and likes on our intro video.

I'm rarely on discord because my mobile phone cannot handle yet another heavy messaging app in background anymore.

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