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Hello Wafricans

It's the one and only @nmalove, here to announce the first @wafrica Music Contest!

We all know that @wafrica is all about showing Africa to the world, so let's show them what we've got..

Requirements of the contest

  1. Sing any type of song, love, hip hop etc. in your native language. (Original song is optional)
  2. Post your content on your blog using #wafricamusic and #wafrica tags as your first and second tag
  3. Post the link of your entry in the comment section of this post
  4. Upvote and Resteem this post.


This contest starts from May 24th 2018 and ends by June 2nd, 2018.


There will be 3 winners
1st - 15 SBD
2nd - 10 SBD
3rd- 5 SBD

Keep the entries coming guys, you can use a musical instrument, sing with people, just be creative.


From @nmalove, check out my blog and know what I'm upto..

Much love from @wafrica.curators:
@surfyogi, @gloglo, @gee1, @prettyjules, @nmalove, @jeaniepearl, @chiama, @lordjames, @kofpato, @steemgh, @mcsamm

My video is at DLive

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I'm so happy i got here to place mine 4 minutes before 3rd of June. Network almost messed things up for me. My sincere appreciation goes to @nmalove and the @wafrica team for this great opportunity.
I have resteemed and upvoted as required and made a video of my entry.
Here it is. I hope you will love it.



This is @nmalove contest but you certainly have my vote dear!
Wow, you really know how to rock the party!


Wooowww, I'm short of words. Thanks so much.

@nmalove I wish u can teach me how to sing....🙏🙏


Hehehe.. Just pick a song an sing along..

Regards @nmalove and @wafrica.
Thanks for the intiative to create this contest. I've been announced by @gbija and so after i've spoked with my Tribe here we are:


This is our entry for this contest. Hope that people will enjoy listening this composition of mine. Regards and stay tuned with Future Music from Our Tribe :-)


Regards @nmalove & @wafrica!

Please let me know if i'm eligible thru the post i've created for this contest ... i've read to another post here that it needs to have at leats 300 characters to be eligible for participation.

Hope that i'm eligible.

Regards @nmalove & @wafrica

Have a Blessed Day all you steemians from arround the World and expecially Africa :-)


You are eligible for the contest


Thanks for your answer.
Hopefully we'll maintain the connection and for the Future maybe we'll find more ways to collaborate. You can check out my campaigns for Uganda and other areas in this World thru my Tribe's Music.



Enjoy/Follow/Resteem/Upvote if you feel like. Thanks


I love what you guys got there. Awesome.


I think you should be on the winners list!
Love the trumpet solo, this has a Freddy Hubbard sort of feel to me, brings back good memories ;-)


Hahaha @surfyogi
Just followed you now
Thanks for the comment
Freddie Hubbard is one of my favorites jazz trumpeters and i've had some tours with one of his bassists from the Past, his name is Henry "Skipper"Franklin ... he's also the bassist that appears on one of platinum albums of Stevie Wonder's and played also with Diana Ross
Genius musician
Keep in touch and keep sustaing the Art/Music on its form here on steemit
You really now the jazz history

Hi @nmalove and @wafrica

Here is my entry for this challenge

Although, I could not upvote or resteem because I found out about this contest late due to my phone that was stolen from me and could only participate today being the 31st of May.
I hope not doing the above stated doesn't disqualify my entry....

Here's my entry
I hope you enjoy it....





Wow...i am the winner of this contest and i say it without any doubth...just a click will convince you...thanks wafricamusic and wafrica for giving us this great opportunity...https://steemit.com/wafricamusic/@mrxplicit/wafricamusic-wafrica-music-contest



I followed the rules. I decided to use pidgin too because of its predominance in my area. I couldn't resteem because the limit has been exceeded.

Meanwhile, here is my entry:


Hello Wafrica. Thanks for this beautiful contest.
Here is my entry.


This my own entry for the constest it's and original ibibio song. Your post has been upvoted and resteemed



VEry cool mon


Thanks a lot...I appreciate

Hello darling @nmalove, he is my entry for your wonderful contest that shows Africa to the World!
It's a song called Makeda , about the Queen Of Sheba, that was originally from Yemen, but the story got transformed with time.
The song is by Les Nubians, a Rnb duo from Chad that was big in the 90s !I asked my friend @heaterville to produce it for me , he did an incredible job!


I can't keep quiet anymore, this is beautiful woooowwwww!!! You sang it better than the composer. It's better than the first video you sent some days ago. You have a very good voice. Bravooooo


This is one of the nicest comment i 've read :) thanks so much !


Wow! Thanks for your entry dear..

Wow! This is great!
I'm in, but my entry must be via dlive? Or can it be audio?


It has to be video, we need to see you.


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Hello @wafrica

Here is my entry for the music contest in a native language, I sang in Hausa Language as I was born and brought up there.


Thanks and God bless
Happy New Month💙💯

Great an opportunity to showcase my musical talent

Great, but can I rap in Yoruba language? Am very good at that


Yes.. You can do any type of song.


Cool @gbija

Congrats for your song! I always like to hear traditional african songs.



This is my entry link for the contest....all thanks to Wafrica.


Cool @kemikay!

Keep in touch. Have a Blessed Day!


Thanks for participating


Thanks too we appreciate your initiative

wow.... ok.. things are really getting really interesting on steemit. i need to sing me a yoruba love song. great initiative to you dear. lets shake steemit up.....even if i have frog voice, una must hear am.


Lol.. We can't wait to see your entry.

  ·  2년 전

Should it's be a video or an audio ?



wow, its amazing contest offer for music lover..great job @wafrica

Me that I can't even sing to save my life 😂

Wow .... This is really good.... I will be dropping my entry soon

great job,its amazing contest offer for music lover😊😊😊

Am an indigenous rapper, can I rap using my instrumental?


Yes @sammyswt. But don't rap in English..

I'm gonna get through the tag now :)

Yes ooooooo.

This is my own entry ...after thinking of what to do for some days. Check it out

I wish i can partake in this but theres no laptop to use for now😤😤


You can use your phone.


Oh wow....how do i go about it???please guide me through.


Video with your phone and post on dtube or dlive.


So sorry to border you again please,how do I post on dlive? I am so interested in this.


It's easy you can use your Steemit credentials and connect with it
check this to learn more:

I have been waiting for this. Now I wish I can sing too. But since I can't sing, I'll just grab a wine and enjoy the entries. Please guys, shock me a little.


Yes oo.. Please help us resteem.


@lordjames you can oo..😂😂
It says any genre's.

wow that great

wow this will be cool to see the entries for

@julietisreal come let's do this oo..
I know say you pass me, so if I don't bring it home then you should o..


I'm just seeing this now o
This my phone has made me lose many things


Just do what you have to do..

Hehehehehehehehehe, chai i wish this was part of my calling!

Wow .... This is really good.... I will be dropping my entry soon


We are waiting..

wooow... great job.

following @wafrica

soy de venezuela puedo participar? saludos!!

Can I get my friend who is not on Steemit do the song for me?


You can get someone to do a song WITH you not for you.. @winningman

Very lovely


You are required to make a post with your entry on your blog and submit the link here.

Awesome idea ! Am I allowed to join ?mmmhh native language so french for me ?

I want to sing the song Makeda by The Nubians!


Sure.. We will be thrilled to hear from you


Awesome !

Nice one @wafrica. We have great tallents in music

Hello wafrica, here is my entry for the contest

According to the rule, I Am supposed to resteem this post but by the time i made my entry, the post was too old to be resteemed. But side I made my entry before June 2nd, I believe my entry is still valid.


Wow! How come I'm just seeing this?? Hmmm thankfully it ends tomorrow. Lets see how it goes.
Happy new month @wafrica and crew. Have a blast.

Please I'm unable to resteem this. Its already 8 days old. Help!!!


You are forgiven, you can drop your entry @oredebby


Lolzzzz... Thank you so much. Dropping it in a bit

Nice one.. I can't sing tho but lemme tell my friends about it.


tried resteeming until i realised its more than 7 days. hope i can still get a slot @wafrica

Wow wow wow
Wafrica this is superb...... A musical contest...
I'll have to seize my moment....


Please do.. I can't wait to see your entry. Resteem the post too.

Wow! A good move

Late entry,better late than never😅. Here is my entry

Finally, here comes my entry @nmalove!
Thanks for this groundwork laid.


Hello @nmalove and @wafrica crew...
I was unable to resteem like I said before and I was already told to participate.

So... Here's my entry....


Thank you...

Hello @nmalove, here is my entry;

I would love to upvote and resteem the post, but I can't do any now again as the expiration day has passed. I hope I'll be covered, thank you @nmalove and @wafrica for the opportunity to express myself music wise, I appreciate.

please teach me how to sing songs