coral planting near at Phuket

4년 전


Planting corals is teamwork. One diver cuts the packages of the two components of the glue, a second mixes them, the third diver places the glue on the concrete blocks and the 4 one places the coral pieces. This takes place at a depth of about 8 to 11 meters, so that the divers can usually work for one hour until the air ends. Of course this means the available air above 50 bar, the 50 bar reserve should still be in the tank when we showed up. Safety comes first here too.

My video is at DLive

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Great work and good initiative for the nature!


But it is also a pointless undertaking. one notices this when one shows up and in the next the water bubbles because it is full of tourists, on boats, on dinghies and in the water.