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Friday the 13th... one eye covered? IlLAMBinati confirmed! Everyone, quick! Jakob's been compromised! Get out your supersleuth sets and let's track him down and rescue him from their clutches!


Too late for anything other than NOW! ^_^


BTW, that GIF is so on.

When I was maybe 9 (?) at that address that seems to be the singular point of my bEarth as specific GPS coordinates on the splice I reckon more akin to the SIMs in talking plant-formAT, that character ^^^ was doing cartwheels on my antique wardrobe that I had been flung off onto by a co(U)sin who swung me...I cracked the side of my head open and bled on this thing...and it's been the source of many Russian Nesting Doll - or - was it Jewish Spinner-types of ongoing experiences that I've recently halted with my choice of breath...

So that pank panther showed up on my dresser after I visited a model house that may have been a fractal of a naval exper(EYE)ment I disavow, where I wound up going in and out to be reFORMatTED and face-to-face with a black panther who was breathing in my face with her front left paw on my chest, protecting me...


CROWd Source the Spoof!

THIS 1s 4 eWE.

The Buk.jpg
The great outdoors.mp4
The Greatest.jpg

Sir What happen to you ?


Hey @deepthim, just a little joke going on with my friends about the ludicrous manner that life can turn when people are delusional, "drunk and disorderly," too something or other...or in cases like mine, honest and direct about what others choose to ignore.

Hahaha so funny lol.


Glad you like it, @christian.danny! My friend @AllSeeingEwe is very creative!

Wow great creativity sir.