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Without a doubt

and a nocoiner.


True lol 😂

The kingfisher is a lovely bird and a difficult bird to photograph, if you like birds you should check out my series of posts called NESTBOX CAM UPDATES they are about to start getting interesting.


Cheers mike

Great but it could be a man also sir🙃!@theycallmedan

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Hahaha... Good humor but may be it can be man also :P :P :P

Hahaha, simply because its talking.
I didnt say women talk too much ooo, lol!

Fish bird. You have taken a very good picture.

My shoot

The name of this bird is Shalik.



😊 Happy Sunday.....Humour at its best,😉

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I also think like you, because I see a very visible posture, the bird on the right is indeed a female

And she is angry because he was late coming home because of weather conditions which she doesnt believe and says "you said you will fly throigh storms to find me and youre afraid of a little rain"

right, I agree with you, it's indeed a female

Yeah, you right @theycallmedan she has a very huge open mouth ...


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Bahaha that look :)))

hahaha I think I think the same as your dam ... it is very obvious hehehe

Found you a similar version ...


Haha. I think you're right and those who are married can better understand. 😌

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married man is never wrong :)

Dear @thecallmedan,

This is not fair, right one is shouting so you call it female, that's female always use to shout!!!


see d comment below at least you'll find a reason to be happy. btw you r frm BD, right?

hahahahahaha!!! I understand what you mean @theycallmedan.


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Dunno, I thought it might be a beta-Male actually...

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Thanks @metametheus 💜 This is a snoring man occasion for me. Calm blue oceans, calm blue oceans.

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And all the comments.. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

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Hahahhahahhha even i think so, all the females are the same though it be human or birds....

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Nice post using #dmania! I was just looking into dMania, as well as other #dApps on the #Steem Blockchain.. The future of Steem is looking bright!

Thanks, @theycallmedan!!!

i agree, you must be the expert on relationship.

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female birds are usually mostly actions when they are perched on a tree

It is okay but sometimes they would open their second mouth below and things get stinky @theycallmedan 😂

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It made me laugh how you recognize as the bird a female. In my mind I think you thought it was a female at the right side because it keeps on talking like opening it's

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Haha @theycallmedan I think you're right

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Hahaha 😄..I second your opinion. Male on the left because women are always right.

Exactly what are you implying?

did you just assume their gender ?

It's the same case with all the species. I have seen similar pics of lion as well. Well that was humorous for a Sunday morning.

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Ha ha you catch right way.
Mouth opened bird wanna female I believe lol.

Normie Female

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Why would you come up with that conclusion? HAHA

@theycallmedan, I call you "Gen....ius of life!"

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nice to lol

Yeah lol! It's squakin at the other bird the way and angry wife would at her husband.

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Please don’t tell my wife I liked this post. 😜

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I'm sorry I just can't keep my mouth shut either.. my right as a human being. Not a female. Not a male. I find this perpetuates myths and stereotypes about woman, and given the comments, is also validating people who continue to suggest woman should keep their mouths shut or be the brunt of jokes if they don't. I am sure I'll be ridiculed for this, being called a snowflake or the like, but this does quite offend me and quite likely, other woman too. I'm sure you posted in light hearted jest but realise 'jokes' like this are part of a wider culture of inequality that won't stop if no one calls it out. With much respect xx

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insert meme here about how a paragraph long rebuttal of a simple meme helps perpetuate the same "stereotype" the comment author was complaining about being made fun of by a meme


Thanks .. that comment was certainly anticipated. As per above. Also, oh the irony.

And so on it goes.

Memes are anything but simple. Simple, perhaps, for those not the subject.. or indeed OBJECT ... of memes.

Odd too how criticism can be not the cause of reflection, but instant division. Empathy could save us all.

Much love.


Memes are anything but simple. Simple, perhaps, for those not the subject.. or indeed OBJECT ... of memes.

The only people they aren't simple for are those who are unable to take, in anyway, a joke. Those who trends towards moral authoritarianism, of any side of the political spectrum, cannot stand the idea of criticisms of their ideals and will go out of their way to refute anything they perceive as negative towards their beliefs. Therefore, they are unable to tolerate even the most simple of jokes pertaining to their moral dogma.

The TL;DR of this story? Lighten up a bit... Learn to appreciate a good-natured joke or meme. I would tell you to smile more, but, considering the subject of this discussion, you'd probably perceive that as an insult. Moral puritanicalism in unattractive to most everyone else, save other moral puritans.


You'd be worth talking to if you were willing to discuss, rather than criticize and attack in the way you choose to do.

Moral puritanicalism in unattractive to most everyone else, save other moral puritans.

It's not a popularity contest! Lol.

What is useful in these kinds of interactions is willingness to see where the other person might be coming from, and show willingness to empathise with why they may see it as offensive, even if, considering all the facts and background information, they essentially don't agree.

The only people they aren't simple for are those who are unable to take, in anyway, a joke.

As I said above, memes are very often not simple. They can be cruel, racist, misogynist and stereotype perpetuating. It is my right, as it is yours, to speak up against perceived injustices without being belittled or told I am overreacting. I don't think I am - given some of the comments in here which take this 'joke' further, I actually think I'm perfectly justified in protesting against how this 'meme' might be sexist and misogynistic. I am absolutely POSITIVE that wasn't the intention behind the post, at all, and that it was intended in good humour. And yes, I am perfectly prepared to see the funny side and am not personally annoyed at the person posting at all.

However, having seen the oppression of woman and experienced it myself, I can also see the harm such stereotypes can do. I also see how what seems to be 'light hearted jokes' are actually a very, very thin line that can quite easily tip over into something far worse.

In Australia, we have some of the highest rates of domestic violence in the world. Sad, but true. There has been much dialogue around what is okay, and what's not okay, all in the name of addressing such horror. The general, accepted consensus is that it's appropriate to call out 'jokes' that demean woman in some way - whether it's intended or not. I made a promise to myself that I would call it out, in the hope that people may think about what effect it might have on others. Sometimes, people are willing to see how 'simple' jokes can be endemic of a wider cultural malaise and gender inequality that can lead to worse things that 'just a laugh'.

Happy to continue to interacting, should you choose not to dismiss me outright and consider a little more about why I might react in such a way. You seem like an intelligent guy. May I refer you to an interesting article?

This is also a nicely simple summary of how gender stereotyping might affect both men and woman.

With respect.