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This hits home. I have a non-zero number of pre-rendered memes related to ATH that I can't post right now. So sad.


Sending you my thoughts and prayers, sorry to hear. Skip the 9,000 DBZ memes :)

No doubt. Some things are down like 100% but some things are down like 1000% or more.

APPC. Wake up. Everybody said that this coin was a great deal at $4 because it was going to be $50 in a couple of months. It's $0.36 right now.

$0.36 WHY do I have so much of it?

I feel like I keep learning a lesson over and over again that Bitcoin is the coin that won't hit the floor even if it goes down. I wish I had kept all of everything invested in either Bitcoin or Steem because they're both doing fairly well. SBD is still rocking it out too.

  ·  2년 전

It's been 3 months huh, felt like years :( lol

This meme brought a tear to my eye...

Hard times indeed. People might have to work for a living.

"Time Tough"

i still miss December :(

There are lots of coins worth only 0.00000001 BTC (1 Satoshi) for them the only way is up!

bwahaahaa...can I have a tissue please?

lmao... I was surprised when I had just entered the market and saw the first fall, had not spent the first week and everyone had gone crazy...

It is still double since I joined. And that was a couple of months

and people keep saying we will not see it again

we are going to be all time high in September -december again . thats the golden period for crypto :) I believe. whales create fud buy btc create FOMO sell btc

Lol..pretty funny

  ·  2년 전

That's was really something wasn't it ... both SBD & Steem Rocketing.

Like stocks and paper currency that is not backed with precious metals, the value of cryptocurrency is based on confidence. No confidence, no value.

Hahaha amazing very true guys forget about ATH.

It is based on at what time you came into this market.about 40% came when the train started to burn,guys be patient,this is my advice sorry if i hurts anyone.

Cyrptos make all of us cry nowadays

lol hahaha nice post

hahahh its hard too much :/