DnW Poetry Contest #5: I-N-F-A-TUE-L-O-V-E

4년 전

Hello guys! Here is another piece of poetry that I will share. Since Valentines day is getting closer, this poem is about infatuation and love. Enjoy!


The moment I saw your wonderful smile
I couldn’t help but glance for a while
Your striking presence was certainly felt
It feels like my heart is starting to melt

Whenever we are on the phone calling
I can’t believe my heart is truly falling
Those lengthy conversations, I wish would never end
This amazing feeling, I just can’t comprehend

My heart is overwhelmed by the picture of you
So I hope and pray you feel the same way too
For I don’t want to wait for these tears to drop
In time, I thought this burst of emotions would stop

I wonder if this feeling is just a temporary thing
But you gave me hope and pure happiness you have bring
That’s why I believe the power of love is much stronger
Because it will show us the thing called forever


Hope you Enjoy!

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