Sad times. Adding to the already simmering divisiveness.

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Trying to read through the opinions in Dobbs. Aside from the verbiage, the issues are fairly clear. And, as suspected, the irresolvable, yet coherent, opposing sides of the abortion issue are mirrored in the legal niceties about whether or not the decision to terminate a pregnancy is a fundamental (unenumerated) individual right - one that qualifies for protection against state government violations of that right. Though no "federalist" I believe it does. SCOTUS disagrees - though the dissenters state the case as I understand it.

For the time being, therefore, those who believe as I do cannot look to the federal government for protection against predations from state governments on this matter. The recourse must be to pressure state governments.

Also, as I understand it the federal government does have jurisdiction over relations between the states sufficient to prevent the extradition of "violators".

What some seem to be wondering about is the fate of any Congressional legislation that establishes the right to an abortion. I suppose this would be summarily challenged and found unconstitutional.

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