This "returning it to the states" logic of the Dobbs ruling is nonsensical to me.

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The Casey framework was more representative of where people were on abortion. The states could implement abortion restrictions as long as they didn't create an undue burden on people seeking an abortion.

The status quo was pretty amenable to reality. 90% of abortions occurred in the first trimester. Another 6% occurred between 13-15 weeks. Only 1% occurred after 20 weeks. These 1% occurred often because of risk to the mother's health or due to severe fetal abnormalities. There weren't even many abortion providers that performed third trimester abortions in the US. One of these providers even was murdered by pro-life extremists.

Now with Dobbs, states will be able to completely ban abortion despite that being a minority view, even in red states. States will be able to criminalize abortion and may even go as far as criminalizing getting an abortion in another state.

People will be at the mercy of a minority of pro-life activists and a flawed criminal justice system.

At least 26 states are likely to ban or heavily restrict abortion in the coming months. For a couple more abortion rights will be on the ballot this year. For a few others, abortion rights will remain in a precarious position in the state legislatures based on the results of the Midterms. And nationally, Republicans are interested in federal legislation to restrict abortion.

We could see a very restrictive abortion landscape by next year depending on how court rulings and the Midterms go.

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