A SteemIt Exclusive: Are you addicted to SteemIt? A social media documentary.

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Like many on SteemIt, I aspire to share and make good and rewarding content.

Although our motives in creating content come from a natural and non-commercial place, you soon find out the deeper you delve into the social media matrix the more you find yourself being sucked into the abyss of social media addiction.

It can't be only me, sometimes I find myself posting content only to sit and stare at my devices awaiting the notifications and replies to roll in.

Others try a different approach and switch off their devices for a while, go for a walk around the block (while trying not to get mugged) come back turn it back on only to notice they have no new notifications. Absolutely nothing, don't you just hate when that happens?

Did I pay my bill, it must be the signal right?

What is more worrying is the effect social media and smart phones have on our children.


"I could punish him and say If you don't clean your room this is going to happen, he doesn't care but if I say you don't clean your room, I'm taking away your phone he has a nervous breakdown" two concerned parents berate.


As a content creator you soon learn how others hook viewers into their work and how they make them come back for more content, but when these same tactics are used against our own children via their devices it really hits home, literally.

I recently edited a short documentary that explores the addictiveness of social media, the story focuses on two interesting characters. Meet Daniel a 17-year-old Instagram user who looks after a massively popular Rihanna appreciation page.


And meet Sade a 25-year-old YouTube blogger who shares her beauty tips and girl talk to her growing fans.


Watch this documentary on social media addiction exclusively here

Feel free to share your tips on keeping social media addition to a healthy level.

How do you manage your time on SteemIt? Whats the pro's and con's to being on social media websites?

Sincerely yours @Wrighty

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I remember being in school wishing I could speak to my best friend in the other classroom I couldn't wait until break-time, could never imagine what it is like to have a phone at such a young age with all the distractions of social media.


So true, there seems to me less pros and more cons when it comes to children having social media devices. We are creating a nation addicts, a bit like the pharmaceutical industry. Once you start them on it early you'll always have them locked in the matrix.