Education on the decline.

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When we compare our education system to other countries do we look for things like number of doctors, engineers, accountants and lawyers produced per capita?

Or maybe literacy?

Or average scores of IQ tests?

Hell I don't know.

Give me two young men and ask me to find out in a hurry how well they've been educated and I'll give them an equation to solve, a computation or two, a test of reading skills and a few questions about the nature of time, and give you an answer.

But here's a fact.

The ratings given our education system since the DOE was established by a progressive twit named Carter, have steadily declined.

Our kids are not being educated as well as they once were and it's because of liberal policies and the teachers union.

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What is the solution, do you think? We can complain from now til forever, but until we start teaching teachers as the professionals they are, we do not stand a chance of improving the system.