Beautiful dog photo

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Hi my all friend ajj maien app ko kabshurat dog kye photo dekhne lagai hoo app ko ajj kye mere photo bhut hai zaida achi lagai gyee aur app uss ko bhut hai zaida pasand bhi kerehai gyee.mujhe dog acha lagtai hai aur yeahi animal mujhe bhut hai zaida pasand bhi hai uss wajha sy ajj maine app kye saath uss animal dog kye photo share kerne lagai ko bhi ajj kye mere photo bhut achi lagai ik wafdaar animal hai hum ko uss animal sy pyaar karna cyeahi.mujhe dog bhut acha lagtai hai mere pass bhut achi achi photo bhi hai uss dog kye jao mujhe bhut hai zaida achi bhi lagte hai aur pasand bhi bhut zaida hai.


image source


image source

Mere saath saath mere jao dost hai unn ko bhi bhut acha lagtai hai yeahi animal aur bhair kye loog uss animal sy bhut pyaar karte hai aur woh uss ko apni saath saath rekthai hai mujhe bhi yeahi bhut hai zaida pasand hai animal maine bhi uss sy pyaar kartai hoo aur pakistan maine bhi bhut sy achi achi dog hai jao loog apni ghar maine bhut hai zaida shouq sy rekthai hai.

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If your dog’s acting funny, get out the umbrella! According to a Press poll, 72% of dog owners believe their dog can detect when stormy weather is on the way.

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