Beautiful dog photo

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Dostion ajj maine app kye saath ik kabshurat dog kye photo share kerne lagyai hoo app ko ajj kye mere post bhi achi lagye gai aur pasand bhi ayai gyee.mujhe dog bhut acha lagtai hai aur mere cousion kye pass ik kabshurat dog hai woh uss ka bussinse kartai hai.loog uss animal ko bhut shouq sy apni ghar maine rekthai hai maine jao app kye saath dog kye photo share kye hai bhut hai zaida acha dog lagai mujhe aur pasand bhi ayaai hai uss wajha sy app dostion kye saath photo share kerne ka soucha hai maine.yeahi black couler ka dog bhut hai acha hai mujhe black dog bhut achi lagte hai aur uss ka couler bhi bhut acha hai.


loog uss animal ko bhut zaida shouq sy apni pass rekthai hai aur uss animal sy pyaar karte hai mujhe bhi yeahi animal acha lagtai hai.bhair kye loog jao hotey hai woh uss ko apni saath saath rekthai hai uss sy pyaar karte hai aur uss sy unn ka time acha pass hojtya hai.but muslim loog unn ko zaida apni pass rekhna pasand nhai karte hai.

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A dog’s pregnancy lasts for approximately 60 days.

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Wow, very amazing dog. nice choice