Snow day

4년 전

Sorry it’s a later post but I’ve been busy.

Our huskita puppy loved the snow she demands to go out in it. She howls at us until we let her out, and then we have a very hard time getting her back in.


She’s a hole digger at the best of times but snow is her favourite.


We had a bit of a blizzard over a few days in the East Midlands.


So I stayed in. I didn’t fancy driving in this weather (plus there’s people out there).


I made bread which I’m really proud of.


And sat crocheting all week, which I really got deep into and almost finished a baby blanket for a friend who’s expecting.

I’ll post more on the crochet blanket tomorrow.

The snow is slowly going so I might have to go out soon but I’ll avoid it for as long as I can 😊

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Very cute pupper 💕 what is her name?

One day I wish to play in the snow 🐶🐾


Her name is Spook. We are an unusual family and love her name :)


Spook sounds fun! I'll invite her to my next birthday party 🐶🐾

I don't know how I missed this one! Spook is adorable ... and I love that loaf of bread! (By the way, @ dogfact is a bot - if you respond, it will continue to post more dog facts. I learned that the hard way with another bot called @ catfacts! I finally just muted it so I wouldn't be tempted to swear at it anymore, lol.)


Thank you for that very helpful advice i didn’t reply to it as it didn’t upvote my post anyway. I’ve seen it on a few posts but this is the first of mine.

Great its wonderful post...

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