A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MY PUPPIES VLOG #7 | Quick Update: These two puppies need a home!

3년 전

These two puppies need a home! Before I let anyone else know about them, I wanted to let the steemit community know that we have two puppies available, and we will accept steem!

We have a chocolate female Labrador puppy and a black male Labrador puppy. They’re purebred registered.

Watch the video here:

We’ve had interest from the US, and as far as Germany and even Thailand in the past, and if they’d been involved in steem or other cryptocurrencies the transactions would have been much easier to facilitate. I'll have no trouble finding these guys a home locally, but first I wanted to let the steemit community know about them, in case anyone is interested in adopting a puppy in exchange for steem.

We’re in located in Ontario, Canada, and would arrange to get them to you, provided that it's a safe trip for the puppies.

I want to show how steemit can be used as a relevant form of exchange. And that it’s a great way for small businesses to transact.

The puppies will need to go to their new homes in 1 - 2 weeks.

If I don't hear from anyone by Wednesday, November 1st at 12pm UTC time, I will be letting my other over 2700 social media followers know about them to find them a home.

Comment below for details.

Much love,


All photos and video are mine and original.

For information about the dogs I breed visit my website torontolabradorpuppies.com

For more about me check out my Introduceyourself

And you can also connect with me on Instagram


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Ha ha.. He looks so cute! Every time I see one of your dog post I feel I should take a retriever too!


Lol thank you! Yeah they're hard to resist! We've adopted a handful in the last year, and keep adding more to our family :D


You are such a beautiful and kind person ღ ღ ღ


Aww you're too kind :) :)

so cute! i have my own eternal puppy (he have 4 years but still being a baby) your dog is so cute! they're so cute, im sure they going to find a lovely family!


thanks so much! :)