Dogecoin Finally Made it to Binance!!

2개월 전

Today marks a truly special occasion! Let the cryptoholics everywhere celebrate the official Binance listing for Dogecoin! After years of speculation Dogecoin has finally been added to Binance's wide selection of cryptocurrencies from around the world. We've begged and pleaded for Doge to be listed on Binance for the longest time, so Dogecoiners everywhere are  having an absolute fanfare. We've made it this far and yet still there's such a long way to go on this exciting crypto journey. It is a rainy day here in my neck of the woods, so I need to get out of this random restaurant whilst writing this article and get to shelter before it really storms. 

Next time, I will talk more about securing crypto and cold storage. I look forward to that talk. Well until then, adios!

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