Chronicles of Alan :Tolkien and Bree 3

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In case you have not read parts 1 & 2 you can gain access here:-

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As you can see , these two had recently been for a swim!

Whenever I came home from Work I would park in the Back, Go through a Kitchen Courtyard door ( usually open ) and enter the house from the Back.

Bree would be OK with the little Dogs, Otis and Zen Jade, remember , Tolkien, not so Much.

I made sure not to ever make a fuss of them in front of Tolkien.

Picture 069.jpg

When Zen was 10 months Old , Chris went away with Her Best Friend Corrie, to a Guest Farm in Magaliesburg, and took Zen with her. Otis was left behind as he would get Car Sick.

Chris begged me to keep him locked in the Bathroom to prevent anything happening to him.

I prepared the Kitchen Courtyard for him, Heavy concrete beam against the Base of each exit door, Put a Basket with a Blanket under Roof, Food and Water, when I got home from Work , inside he came watched TV with me , and then we went to sleep .

( he normally slept against the Back of My knees , very quietly.)

This worked great on Monday and Tuesday,.
Wednesday , when I got home , someone was waiting at the front gate for me( to do with work) chatted briefly , I went inside , opened the Kitchen Door and called Otis, strangely , he did not come . Switched on the Courtyard lights , saw his food had not been touched,

I had a dreadful foreboding and noticed that the concrete beam at the base of the door to the back yard had been moved forward.

I opened the Back Door and found his little Body lying close to where I normally park my Car. When I got close to him to pick him up , Tolkien got quite Aggro, but I was having none of it.

I still get a sick feeling all these years later when I think on this, the only little miniature that Chris had adopted as part of her family, that never tried to run away, always happy to be with Chris and happy to be with me if she was not there.

I wrapped him in one of my T-Shirts ( he used to sleep in them when he was a Baby ) and buried him in the front yard, he never even made 2 years old!

Did I phone Chris?, No, why ruin her break?

Chris was coming home Sunday , so I popped out of a Church Meeting and let the hammer fall.

She was dreadfully upset , and when Zen got home he kept going through the house and front yard looking for his little friend and seemed quite bewildered.

Locked in the Bathroom all day seemed( too late) to be a really good option?

I loved that little Gentle Soul and am tearing up writing this.

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People always joke that 'dog' spells 'god' backwards. They should consider that it might be the higher power coming down to see just how well they do, what kind of people they are. The animals are right here, right in front of us. And how we treat these companions is a test
i love dog very well ,thanks for sharing @awgbibb


Marcus Aurelius quote 2.jpg


great words


Great words for great Dogs ;)

So sweet. You have a kind heart my friend @awgbibb
Thank you for sharing


Thank You so much My Friend, I think one gets softer and Gentler with age? ( I did)


With age we grow closer to immitate God.

You and I both know that feeling. You did the right thing to wait until your wife got home to break the news, but it is tough to shoulder a burden like that on your own.

  ·  3년 전

Yea it hurts.

My doge had breast cancer and medicine didn't help.
So he suffered a lot and coughed almost every 1-3 hours with blood.
So i decided to stop his suffering and to put him on sleep..
And after 4 years it still hurts inside like hell.
I feel you. Thanks for the post.


My Daughter's previous Rottweiler, Vincent, had to be put down because of Cancer, Heartwrenching.

  ·  3년 전

Yeaah, i'm sorry maybe i shouldn't have to tell you about it. You'r already in sad thoughts.
Well let's just move forward. There are still a lot of good memories about them to smoothe what you feel right now.

:-( awwww....

So Sweet . Really Soft Hearted

  ·  3년 전

Very cute

Can give me one from those

Brother a lot of thanks for ur support me

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so cute, these boys are so cute. waiting for more!!

just completed reading all three posts. tolkien and bree are so cure. realllly sweet. following u :)

I would like to have these adorable little beings :)
Keep up the good Work.

Wow the story about your grandson again dude hahaha, love it


Diifferent Rottweilers, but they all have a seriously powerful Bite!


Still follow story man hahah

Upvoted and Followed!

Beautiful Dogs!

These little guys are so cute
They just stare at you and they make you happy haha.
I know you like my philosophical posts, I made a new one if you want to check it out.
Thanks buddy

Oh, how pitiful the dog! And the second, too, she lost her best friend! :(

im also Dog lover ,they are your best friend forever :)

It is really wonderful what you can feel when you lock yourself in a bathtub for hours.

Thank you for sharing ;)

Haha nice pictures :)

Picture sponsor I love dogs Thank you for the share + follow

Great story.

Another chapter from the chronicles of Alan 😂

Love it.

haha really cool dogos you got there. followed. I'm a professional dog photographer so if you would like to meet some of the dogs I photographed feel free to check out my blog.

AWWWW, those dogs are amazingly cute. but its so sad :( it really almost made me cry to know you just found him laying there :(. He is in a better place now so don't worry.

It's unfortunate what happened to Otis :( losing a special little friend like that definitely turns your stomach. It reminds me of the time my little dachshund (chocolate) was stepped on by his neck, and permanently paralyzed until they had to put him down :/. Still a great trilogy and I'm glad I read. Keep making more content, I enjoy your articles quite a lot.


Sorry about your Daschhund

Tolkien, I like this name for the dog.. never heard it. Whats the story behind it?


Look up Tolkien the writer on your computer. If you do not come right let me know. I would hate to spoil the surprise!


Haha, yes I know the writer.. LOTR are my favorite books also the movies I watched 10 times. That's why me question why tolkien and in which context..


Most of the Pets I have had , had Fantasy and Mythical Names, Gandalf, Cleo, Lobo, Yoda, to name a few, So I suppose the Writer of One of the Greatest Fantasy Series Ever , would be good?


Thats true. very origional. indeed never heard it. But Tolkien is the greatest of all.. I wish there were more LOTR books.. The days when each year the new movie was coming to theaters were great..


I meant. never heard Tolkien as name for a dog...

Our friends are part of our life, they will always be in our hearts.

happy dogs!

Thank you for sharing... :') Upvoted, and you got a new follower, me!

☂ ⓐⓒⓘⓓ ⓖⓞⓓ ⓒⓐⓣ™

Very nice of you @awgbibb They are so cute.

@awgbibb: Tolkien and Bree 3 makes your team strong, Thanks for sharing this story.

So sorry for that loss. Even through time, these type of things haunt me.

I feel so sad to hear that, so sorry

Dogs are very loyal and kind animals! I love dogs too. Thanks for your post! Touching. I'm your friend, too often remembered. The man who loves dogs can't be evil.

Poor doggo..

Hello brother @awgbibb, it's great to write this story about pets. Yes, animals have feelings like humans. I'm happy to read that happy day. Brother @awgbibb

A dog as they say is a man's best friend. I really like this posts.

Awww Great seeing the whole family :) You are such a nice person.. Thank you for sharing your sweet stories with us.. Looking forward to reading more of it soon. Take care See you around.

these chronicles are getting too addictive. keep up your post :)

The dogs are cute, your really taking good care of them. is a pity that the dog did not make the second year birthday. nice story about you dogs i must say. keep it up.