More Trixie and Max.

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Trixie and Max are two, totally unsocialised, Bull Terriers, That I was given as a response to an Advert on Gumtree about 7 years ago.

They were 2 years old when I got them, and would even attack each other over food!

When we moved to Florida Park from Breaunanda, I did sort of half -heartedly try to find them another home?, but who wants Dogs,

that will attempt to kill any other animals you might have around?

This is Trixie, and that is not a pet Rat!

This is Max, and he is quite a bit more laid back, in general, loves to play with 2 litre Cold Drink Bottles

Max resting after ripping up plants in the enclosure !

Probably looking for lizards, mice , or anything that breathes.

Another look at a recently demised ,huge Rat!

All Photos are my own, as are the Pin Up Stars!

I have written quite a few stories on Adventures with these 2 Exceptional Clowns,

Please indicate if you would like to see more on them and their foibles and Hospital bill's?

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Dog is man's best friend. Do keep sharing about them.

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why not please keep sharing more of it

Max is very cute and the way Max looks .....I want to hug Max

At last it can hold up the rat, good and best try and captured right time.

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Once you shared an article that these two pets of yours has bitten you and few neighbors also (If I am not mistake)! Therefore, yeah I would like to see those hospital bills, not only yours, but also neighbor who got marks from them!
Honestly I hate to live with these type of dogs or whatever :D


Well, no one can say you're not true to your commitments, Alan. That should give Chris some solace, although I suspect she's the one who makes sure Trixie and Max stay safely behind that strong iron fence. Abbey, my pup, is also an excellent watchdog - better than my cameras and motion sensors but the greatest thing people have to fear is being licked to death by her..such a fierce dog,lol.



What a lovely photo.I see she has her own Pet.


She does have her own pet. Believe it or not though, she prefers humans - must be the poodle in her :)

You really have a lot on your hands with these two. Perhaps they make good watch dogs and rodent removers.