Meet "Lucky": My building's dog mascot

3개월 전

It wasn't that long ago that our building had a strict no pets policy but then the lockdown happened and Vietnam closed the borders and all of a sudden the various apartment buildings started to have much more relaxed rules about who and what can stay there.

I don't think any of the many dogs currently living in our building have caused any problems but I'm not sure about that since I don't exactly go and visit my neighbors.

The funny thing that happened was that after about a year of Vietnam being closed that the owners of this building, who were the ones that were not allowing pets in the first place, got their own dog as well. I guess they found out from the guests' dogs that having a dog is a pretty great experience.


Lucky hangs out on the ground floor and is eager to greet almost anyone that comes into the building. This can be nice sometimes but since he is a long-haired Corgi, he sheds like crazy so touching him results in you getting his hair all over you. It doesn't seem to be possible to completely get it off of you either. I still pet him anyway because he is too cute and friendly to not do so with.


I do feel a little bit bad for "Lucky" some days because the owners don't seem to be very actively involved in his upbringing and he spends a great deal of the day locked in a pen of sorts in the lobby of the hotel. He just sits there and stares at you wagging his little Corgi butt hoping that you'll come over and pet him a bit.

He does get some "yard time" during the day every now and then but since he is young and our building is located on a somewhat busy street, he can't be given absolute freedom or he will quickly become roadkill.


Mostly the process goes like this: Lucky comes up to you, and jumps on your until you tell him to stop. You bend over to pat him or give him scratches, you end up with fur all over your hands and clothes, and then he wanders off back inside. Little jerk. Just kidding. We all love Lucky but I do wish he could get a bit more outside time than he does.

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