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Hello my dear friend . My name is Emma Kameniková and I am from the Czech republic. I live in small town named Česká Třebová. I live in a large house with my family. I have got two brothers. First brother is older than me about 5 years and he studies at University in Olomouc, he studies Economy and Spanisch. My second brother is my twin but I am older than him about seven minutes. My parents are divorced. I have got dog. He is one year old and his name is Ben. He is golden retreiver. And I am really keen on doing canicross with him. Canicross is something like running but you have to run with dog in front of you. Most of my free time I spend with him on walks. I also spend time with my friends from school or from church. I study at High school in Litomyšl named Trading center. The school is focus on marketing and management. After High school I wanna take gap year for travelling becuase I love travelling and I wanna travel to foreign country and get to know new culture or make new friends and improve my english or germeny. I really like english lenguage, it is my favourite subject in school also every holiday I go on english camp where is also Americans who teach us english and it is very good for me becuase you can spend eight days with people form other country and you can learn something new from their culture and they can learn something new from our culture. A really have no clue what I wanna do in future but I wanna do something with lenguages and maybe something in buissines and marketing or make my own company but I will see what I will do. I just wanna do work in which I will be satisfied. I am very glad that I can be here in Vienna becuase this is very big experinece and chance for us. I know that frist days will be hard and I will be shy and I will be afraid of speaking english with somebody but during the week I will not be so shy than before and I will be able to speak more english. And for that I wanna improve my english skills and be more able to comunicate with new people in english. and I think after these two weeks I will be more confident in stuff in which I am not confident now. I really love Vienna. the people here are very nice and when I came I felt very welcome. And the landscapes here are very beautiful. Vienna seems to me very clean. I have already been in Vienna before but it was for one day and it was in December. This time I am here on Erasmus + because my school chose me and I am really thankful and glad that I can be here and get new experiences. We are here for 14 days and we are here since Saturday. I have already seen a lot of sightseeing here for example Albertinum or Prater. See you soon !!
my facebook: Emma Kameníková
my instagram: emma_kameníková
my school:

my dog :21985559_10208288161716415_2043348179_o.jpg

That is me :19420772_659092340953433_4122756032224195313_n.jpg

this is my pic from English camp :20375708_676686039194063_2405977176907532144_n.jpg

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That's a very cool first post Emma! I love it. I think you'll find a lot of great people around ready to help make your stay with us a satifying experience! I am looking forward to your next posts! =)

A warm welcome to the steem community! Please look around, read a lot of posts and get acquainted with all the things you need to know in order to be part of the community. There will be always a helpful hand just a mouse-click apart from you!


Thanks @peter2017 to guide and empower our new comers! I am always happy to see you around. =)

Welcome #inyoursteem, sorry joke! Welcome on steemit! Hope you'll enjoy and have a lot of fun here! :))))))))))))

Welcome to steemit Emma!

Welcome to steemit
Hey dear
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Hi Emma, welcome to the @globalschool! :)