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Come with me on my first walk in the snow with my new puppies. I'll be talking about tips for training, and my experience with shooting on the new iPhone X! See how my new puppies react to the massive amount of snow we just got! I've never seen this much snow so early in the season. But that's probably because most of my winters until now were spent in the city. It definitely feels like Christmas!

Check out the vlog about my puppies here.

So I literally just picked up a pair of thermal boots last week. Talk about good timing! They're good for up to -40 C. Thank god! My little rain boots that I'd been using until now definitely would not have done the trick. Especially considering we have about 30 cm of snow on the ground right now and more on the way tonight!

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Gold Labrador Puppy, Zoe

Anyway, I wanted to use the blog part of this post to talk about my experience with the new iPhone X. For more about my puppies, check out the video above.


I got the iPhone X a few weeks ago, and this was my first time shooting my dogs with it. I'll be comparing it to the iPhone 7 Plus that I was using before.

Chocolate Labrador Puppy, Jordie

Now I'm not by any means a professional photographer, and this is really just a blog about my experience with the camera features of the phone. First of all I was really impressed with the iPhone X's video quality in 1080 at 30 fps. All of my videos until now were shot in the same setting on the iPhone 7 Plus. But I was really blown away by the detail and clarity of the iPhone X camera.


I was also really impressed with the iPhone X's ability to take a screen grab, or a still frame, from video footage. The precision and detail of this has definitely improved. With the iPhone 7 Plus it was often difficult to find a still frame that didn't have many aspects of the image blurred from motion. but with the iPhone X I was able to take a still with much more precison and virtually no blurring from motion.


All the photos in this post are stills that I took form video footage shot on the iPhone X at 1080 in 30 fps. And I was pretty impressed with the precision. Like the above close up photo of my chocolate puppy, Jordie. She's in the middle of quickly jumping up on my leg to look at me. The action in the video took just a few seconds, but the iPhone X was able to capture this still with very impressive precision and as you can see virtually no aspects of the photo are blurred out from motion. You can see the video footage of this in my vlog above.

The iPhone X's ability to capture stills from video is my main tool for taking photos of my dogs. You guys may have had a similar experience, but I find that it can be really difficult to photograph dogs.


Photographing one dog is one thing, because you can usually get it to sit and essentially pose for the photo. But with a handful of dogs at the same time, good luck telling one or all of them to sit without everyone getting excited or being confused as to which dog you're talking to. So for this reason, taking stills from videos is my main tool for capturing photos of my dogs. This gives me a wide range of stills to choose from and the ability to capture them in motion, as you can see in several of the photos in this post.


Thanks for reading guys! And I love feedback, so feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Much Love,


All photos and video are mine and original.

For information about the dogs I breed visit my website torontolabradorpuppies.com

For more about me check out my Introduceyourself

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I enjoyed your post. Perhaps you might consider posting your future video posts onto dtube. You'll get an upvote from dtube for posting original content.


Thanks @gringalicious! Great suggestion! I've tried to multiple times in the past but had trouble with the upload and posting functions on the platform to be honest. I heard recently that there were a lot of improvements made to the system though so I should give it another try :)


I have not personally used it, but my Dad has, and you are right, there have been improvements. I do know that for now, the file needs to under 1 GB.


Oh I see, thanks!

So cute! I love Jordie! You could even tweak your settings to shoot in 4K 60FPS with an iPhone X!


Aw thanks! And thanks for the advice! I just don't have very fast upload speed out here and I wouldn't want to have to wait 4 days for the video to go up lol :P

I enjoyed your post


Thank so much :)


welcome ^^

Wonderful video!!


thank you!! ♥