My secret weapon for blogging on steemit; my boy Willie!

2년 전

Willie sitting up with me while I blog on Steemit:

willie sitting pretty.jpg

He MAKES me blog for Hours; so I won't disturb him, ROFLOL! NOW you know my secret weapon, a 15 pound ball of fire dachshund! I am his pet, and he runs the house. When I have blogged long enough, he melts and I get this:

willie sleeping.jpg

Can you hear the snoring? This one is the best dog I have ever had!


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Thanks, it is good information.


haha! that is so funny smithlabs..well no matter what happens you win then!


He is backing me up right now, ROFLOL! He can watch me blog for hours....
AND He groans if I move too much, so I have to stay on the keyboard!


Hello @smithlabs

Congratulations! Thanks for using the #dogsofsteemit hashtag! This post has been chosen as one of the winners for Episode 42 of the #dogsofsteemit challenge.

Can't wait to see more dog photos from you!


Thank you very much, dogs are a big piece of our home, so I will post more puppy pictures for sure!


Wonderful! Looks like the dog inspires you a lot .. @smithlabs


He is my good boy, or I am his toy...not sure which, ROFLOL! I delivered him myself, and he has run my house every since.

He LOVES to sit up under me left arm, while I type, it is almost like he feels he should proof read what I type, ROFLOL! Willie has taught me what the term Dogged really means, if I am here, he is here. If I am gone, he yells at the door for me to come back.

SOOO, I get a lot of blog time....