EPISODE 66 #dogsofsteemit Challenge EXTENDED! Every Monday!



Episode 66 #dogsofsteemit Challenge "Top Dogs"

Dogs of the Day - Tala & Mika

Eagle Spirit Asks: Would You Spay Or Neuter Your Furry Friend? - @eaglespirit

Sleeping Beauties

Just love my furbabies. Shhhh dogs sleeping. - @karenb54

Ivy's New Collar

Ivy - do you like my new collar? - @green77

Puma Misses Snowdays

Missing The Snow - @ervin-lemark

Hazel's Rainy Days

kona's twitter Feed : 2019/04/14 14:08:28 - @kona

Happy Zeus

Animals & Plants Wednesday - hosted by #photochallenge !! - @hangin

Sayan's Walk

Cane Corso Sayan | Кане корсо Саян - @irvet

Sneaky Joey's Playtime

#THANK🐾DOGs 🐾ITS 🐾FRIDAY / #dogsofsteemit - @brittandjosie

Springtime in Switzerland

Another day, another adventure 🐾💚🐾 - @astrothefrenchie

Flowergirl Baou

Me and You and a Dog Named Baou 🐕 - @tinabrezpike

Episode 66 #dogsofsteemit Challenge Rewards

ANNOUNCEMENT: I've had to temporarily reduce price pool to 0.05 SBD per pupper but will increase back to normal when I recoop some funds. Sorry for the reduction but thank you for understanding. I hope you will still stick around and share the #dogsofsteemit love!

Why #dogsofsteemit? 🐶🐕

I absolutely LOVE dogs and wanted to start a #dogsofsteemit challenge to celebrate these beautiful, loving and selfless animals. The aim of this challenge is to promote the use of the #dogsofsteemit tag so that all Steemians can easily search for endless doggo pictures, posts, videos and stories.

I often find myself getting lost in the endless dog-related content plaguing Facebook & Instagram - so why not bring the same to Steemit!?!

To help spread the word and use of the #dogsofsteemit tag I am running this challenge with prizes to the best photos and/or videos of your dog! It could be your own dog, your friend's dog, your family's dog! As long as it's original content and not a plagiarised stock photo taken off the internet.

Updated Rules & Rewards

This will be a once weekly challenge now so I will be announcing the "Top Dogs" every Monday morning (AEST). You can enter as often as you like with as many dogs as you like and I will look over the dog entries over the past few days before announcing our winning Puppers!

Please help me spread the word and grow this tag so I can keep on rewarding dog pictures & posts! I'm still a minnow so prizes may be small now but I hope to increase prizes when I can to encourage further participation! 😄

  • "Top Dogs" selected every Monday
  • Up to 10 doggos for each selection
  • 0.05 SBD Prize for each "Top Dog"
  • Unlimited entries for each selection so spread those doggo pics!

Participation Rules

  • Include at least 1 photo of your dog (or someone else's dog)
  • Include #dogsofsteemit tag as one of your 5 tags
  • Follow @supernovastaffy to qualify for rewards
  • Tag me in your post so I can keep track of all entries
  • Tell me a bit about your dog! I'd love to read all about your pupper!

It goes without saying but original content only. No plagiarised photos!

Spread the word!

Sponsorships are very welcome to help grow the prize pool for future participation in the challenge. If you like the idea of this challenge, feel free to upvote, comment & resteem this post to support the #dogsofsteemit tag.

I'll be checking the #dogsofsteemit tag most days of the week but feel free to insert a link to your post in the comments below & tag me in your post to help me keep track of entries. If you know other Steemians that have dogs please share this post with them or tag them in your entries to help spread the word!

Thank you for reading & thank you for the support! I can't wait to see all the dog posts and photos of your dog/doggo/pup/woofer/floofer! The funnier, goofier, quirkier, cuter the picture the better!

So what are you waiting for? Start snapping away and participate every day if you'd like!


Other great animal challenges on Steemit:

@kona has created a discord group "dPet" as a hangout spot for all things animal & pet related! So please come and join us on discord and say hello!

Invitation Link: https://discord.gg/SBr2abP

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Everything is okay! 👌

You received an automatic upvote, because I believe in you and I love what you create! 😉

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

😍 I love promoting @steembasicincome, even with #sbi-skip! 😜

If you dislike this automatic message, please let me know: thanks! 🙏

Thanks for the mention and for the price. 🐕

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Thank you @supernovastaffy much appreciated :)

Nice dogs, congrat. to all dogs🐶🐶