Men prefer dolls instead of real women


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Hi everyone!

What can be said about such a phenomenon? Men are not ready to adapt and accept a woman as a person to such an extent that they are ready to replace her with a doll.
Honestly, I don't see a special substitution.

In the case of a patriarchal family, a woman is a doll, or almost a doll. The robot is functional. That's why:


  1. The main virtue is obedience
    Namely - obedience to the will of her husband. In the cases of poor traditional countries, when the wife is brought to the house of her father-in-law, it is submissiveness to the husband's family. In practice, this means that a young woman should not have her own will. And if she has one, this is a "defective" woman, not virtuous, obstinate.
    It is also interesting that if a woman is attacked, they want to rape, she must show diametrically opposite qualities. Complete disobedience and resistance to the rapist must be strong enough to be killed. Then the husband will be happy, and so will his family.
    This is the first resemblance to a doll.


  1. Inability to enjoy intercourse
    It's no secret that some nations practice female circumcision. The genitals are mutilated in such a way that the woman cannot enjoy.
    The statements of some figures also indicate that in this way they achieve the first goal - obedience.
    I’ll draw attention, just in case. A doll from sex is also not fun.
    This is a specific phenomenon. All such in the world there are few such peoples who mutilate girls' organs. But nevertheless, everywhere there is a desire to forbid a woman to have sex, to enjoy it. Usually they say that keeping chastity is a great blessing, blah blah blah, the future husband will be very happy to get a virgin, blah. In the 21st century, with reliable contraception. They are still talking about telegonia. What a woman wants, what she will be happy about - no one cares.


  1. Functionality.
    How often do they talk about the division of roles into women and men? Yes, all the time! The man is the "breadwinner", and the woman is the keeper of the hearth.
    Certain functions are required, as with dolls. If she is unwilling, unable to perform her functions prescribed by the "instruction", a woman is also considered spoiled.
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