North Korea's summit will be scheduled this month : President Donald Trump

2년 전

The United States and North Korea will be held in February at the end of the week. We will be announcing its official week next week. According to Chenna Radio International, US President Donald Trump told the media in the White House that the North Korean President Kim Jong The meeting will be held in the end of February. US and North Korea have received consensus over the time and place of meeting. According to the announcement issued by the Foreign Ministry, the US specialist stephen stressed on the policy of North Korea Began will go to Saul for South Korea on February 3 WBI will discuss the Korean Foreign Ministry's Security Council for the Korean Consulate, Lee Li-two. Otherwise, he will also interact with the North Korean official. According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompu Trump and Kim Jong The meeting is expected to be held at some place in Asia.

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