Donation Competition - Win The Lap Top And Donate It... (Prize 10 SBD + Donation) 10 Days - Day #5 The Registration Is In Progress

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The aim of this competition is to extend the idea for Steemit blogging. If we give a donation in food or money, when money and food are spent, we have the same problem - a poor family. If you donate a computer and teach people to make good posts and comments, then they begin to get a regular cash flow. I believe that in the first month, every new user can make $ 500, In the beginning the most money is made on good comments. Steemit with this idea can feed many people, villages, cities and poor countries. I want to launch a human idea because more users bring higher and faster growth to Steem and SBD. I want this competition to grow, to get a global dimension. Now it's only one computer, the next time the prize can be 150-300 SBD - it depends on the support you give me.

Rules for applieng :
Rules for recipients of donations :
Place a photo of your family or children to whom you want to donate Lap Top at the place for comments
Make a brief description of why you need to donate Lap Top to them
The number of people you apply is unlimited
In the end - if you are selected for a donation, you should provide material proof that you used the money for that purpose.

You need to be my follower
Upvote this post
Resteem this post

Donor rules ( Everyone can donate how much he wants SBD to support this project ) :
You can donate how much SBD you want
Donations should be sent to my account
We will publicly put your name and amount of donation as a sign of gratitude to each post that will be posted

Rules for winning the prize :
The competition lasts for 10 days
Only judges can vote : @dobartim ( From now I am the only judge of this competition, and I chose winners )

Thanks to donors : @dobartim 10 SBD, @mihaisyblu 10 SBD, @reddust 5 SBD , @utomobong 3 SBD, @dubem-eu 2 SBD , @whd 2 SBD, @chidiarua 1 SBD, @hasanrauf 0.1 SBD,

Day #1

Day #2

Day #3

Day #4

Believe in yourself @dobartim

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I love what you are doing all-round the community @dobartim. You are simplying adding value to lots of people from yoga, to poetey, to donations.
Keep the fire burning and manage my little contribution sent to you.

Wow good job dear i wish your success

thanks for this... will post it soon

I want to participate in this competition. but I am still not able to donate a small fish. hopefully in the future I am able to share. thanks for posting @dobartim

Congratulation !!
Carry on yours activitis

I love your idea an thought of given back to the community using what will sustain people for a long time. Keep up with the good job.

Only wonderful and paceful man can make the donation.

Thank you so much @dobartim for this rare, moving charity deed.
Here's a picture of my brother. His name is Mandy Henry, a finalist in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Akwa Ibom State University, Nigeria.


We come from a very low income earning family which makes it difficult for us to provide other life necessities of life, especially after losing our father to death on October 6, 2013. He doesn't just want a laptop. He needs one! Without a laptop, he wouldn't be able to do his
• final year project and
• MATLAB, a modeling software that Chemical Engineering students must use in their designs.

It is a requirement for graduation from the Department. What this means is that he may not graduate without acquiring a laptop and that as fast as possible. We do not have the means to raise the money now.

Please help us. Thank you in advance.


Good day my great friend @dobartim.
I saw this your act of kindness and it nearly brought tears to my eyes.
The picture you see above is a picture of a close friend.
He is the first child in a family of 8 and but his poor family offer little or no financial support to him because they can't.
He is struggling to pay his school fees so he goes around playing draft in other to raise some money. This has severely affected his academics and it would be a painful thing to see this bright chap drop out of school.
I don't want to tell you all about how his struggle with the basic necessities of life, like food and clothing. I know the picture above shows a lot.
Even in all his lack he still finds a way to smile.
This laptop could be a life saver for him and his family because I believe he would put it to good use.
This is a picture of him teaching me the game of draft.
I will be greatful if you would consider him in your selection.

Thanks for this your charitable gesture.
I would be sending you 0.2SBD to support this project. I hope to be able to do more next time to support your philanthropic activities.

Thanks @dobartim for this opportunity. You are one in a million.

This is Henry Agbaso, he is a father of 1 and still expecting another. He's 29 years old. His salary is 19,800naira= $54.8. His wife is a petty trader and doesnt earn much.
I told Henry about steemit but he doesnt have a smart phone to start,he's so passionate about the opportunity though. With the laptop he can venture into other cryptocurrency also. He really needs the laptop in order to sustain himself and his family. I will be ever grateful if he gets empowered through this opportunity and he will be grateful as well.