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If anyone doesn't deserve this it's @tojukaka :(

I know Toju more since myself as an individual I'm EOS Nation ambassador in Switzerland / Lausanne. I support from day 1 initiative Humane and EmpowerMeEOS. And now It' clear that this kind of news is very bad. That's can happen for each of us. They are lot of bastard in this world and all is pay in this same life. I donate my little contribution for my brother Toju.

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I wondered what happened to him, he seemed to have dropped from my feed for awhile. I got robbed when I was in Germany in 2017, so I can relate.

As far as I'm concerned, @tojukaka is Steemit's unofficial ambassador and I encourage everyone to support this amazing Steemian.

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@stellabelle, This is really unfortunate aspect and definitely computers are part of our life because majority of work stuff is processed from it. And i really want to appreciate your kind intention to help your friend. Stay blessed.

Good idea. Some people are kicked off PayPal. Good thing we got alternatives for crowd sourcing, fundraising, like Steemit. I've lost phones, computers, bikes, etc. I know the feeling. here's an upvote that might be able to help a little for that guy.

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hello am blessing i love writing story have been on steemit for almost weeks now posting stories but still not getting anything from it pleases i need help

Muy buena iniciativa. Es maravilloso encontrar gente como tu en steemit. @tojukaka debe de sentirse bendecido por ser tu amigo @stellabelle
Dios les bendiga.

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