Auction {card_title}

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Auction {card_title}

This is an automatically created auction through the GUI of Steemmonsters created by @aggroed and @yabapmat using the @steembay auction system created by @schererf and

For Sale is a card with the name “{card_title}”

* ID: {card_id}

* Level: {card_level}

* Type: {card_type}

* Rarity: {card_rarity}

* Element: {card_element}

* The starting price will be {start_price} {currency}

* {card_image_url}

If you don’t know about Steemmonsters, just go check the actual announcements on their blog or their homepage.
If you have no clue how to use @steembay then simply read the QUICK GUIDE that you will find in the comment section.

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Auction Summary

Please consider upvoting this comment for a better overview of the auctioning.


Quick Guide

Thank you for using #dontusethis. This is an automatic auction, that will moderate your sale. The auction will start as soon as you set a starting price with a comment.

To set the starting price and to open your auction reply with:

start 1.0 SBD


start 1.0 STEEM

If you don't specify, the standard currency will be SBD.

To cancel the auction write a comment:

cancel auction

To end the auction early write a comment:

end auction

Bidder Information

Bids have to be placed in the following format:

bid 1.0

The currency is choosen by the seller.

Lower, equal and invalid bids will be rejected.

Placed bids can be revoked by:

revoke bid


Auction Information

Start: 2.000 STEEM
Cashout time: 2018-07-24 08:10:57 GMT
No bid

You can advertise your auction while supporting our service by following @steem.test and voting for our Daily Report.

toller test

toller test

start 2 steem


Auction is now opened. Starting price is: 2.000 STEEM

Bids will be accepted until cashout time: 2018-07-24 08:10:57 GMT