An Open Letter to Macaulay Culkin from Michael Whalen (VeganMikey)

3년 전

This is Michael Whalen's open letter to Macaulay Culkin which relates to Voodoo Doughnuts and #Donutgate. Michael first read the letter live on Periscope and I covered it on YouTube adding some background details.

An open letter to Macaulay culkin

You are in a unique position. You are in a position to expose what we both know is going on, and to turn the tides against the abuse of children active in the club scene and at vodooo donuts here in Portland. We both know that you know exactly what I’m talking about, and who is responsible. Or you can ignore me, and allow this barbaric practice to continue. Do you participate in these activities? Were you going to “enjoy the party favors” in the basement of that party as I was told others were? Do you and Scott engage in the special “coffin fittings” he likes to brag about? Do you and Tres Shannon share the “magic in the hole”? When Wendy and Kayla said that “everyone here has other appetites” did they mean you as well? Or do you just passively sit by and allow this to happen? Those are the only two options.

I’m not famous, I’m not popular, I’m a nobody. But you know me. And you know all the same people I knew. You knew what was going on when we took the tunnels together being led to “gathering”, and you knew what was going on at that party. You knew before I ever found out. So I know I’m easily written off as somebody that you were made brief acquaintance of, and in any other circumstances I could be shrugged off, but not in these circumstances. Not with the activities that took place.

Were you abused as I was, or worse? Did they target you because of your abuse, as they did me? Did they encircle you and surround you like vultures to a corpse in order to offer you the things they thought would tempt you? Did you take those temptations? Why IS your band called pizza underground? Why does your apparel embrace occult themes and satanic imagery? I understand more than most that with symbols and images they can be used completely innocuously, or nefariously, and in conjunction with what I know about the company you keep, a picture starts to form. How is Seth these days by the way? Why when you sat down with red letter media did jack wear a shirt with a pizza slice with an all seeing eye atop of it? Do you think that’s funny?

You have the power, maybe the singular power, to expose what you and I know occurs from the donut shop, divey clubs, and the catacombs of Portland, to the gilded mansions of Hollywood, and the mountains of our political power structures. Why have you not addressed it? What do they have on you? Do you not think it worthwhile, even if you participated in the same activities that we know occur, to end the cycle of abuse and come forward? Do you remember what it was like to have your innocence stolen? The sinking in the pit of your stomach when they approached with hungry eyes? The dazed and deletions feeling of the treats they give to an excited child manipulating your ability to defend yourself? Like the donuts that are given to the children here in Portland? Do you not wish to make sure not one more child has to endure what we’ve suffered? Cleanse yourself of these associations and stand with me, to tell of what we know happens here. And what I can only imagine is a wealth of knowledge on what you know occurs in Hollywood.

I’m just a nobody. But I’m a nobody who was allowed into the inner circle of your group of hungry friends that like a “lonesome pizza”, that like to bake poisonous deserts, and move from D.C. to the pacific north west to manufacture children’s coffins. Who like to mix sedatives into frosting and call it “Kat daddy cream”...So I’d rather be a nobody than a somebody with those type of friends. I welcome you to shake off the shackles of being somebody, and be somebody worth a damn.

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mu ha ha

Why do all these people look and sound like they are bat shit insane? It doesn't end when the celebrity addresses the insane allegations. There is nothing that John Podesta could say that would make you people stop slandering him, nothing, why answer at all?

Do what Lloyd Kaufman did after the autistic army started harassing him for making NAMBLA jokes and completely ignore their existence. Don't deny, don't enage, just ignore, that is what Culkin should do too.

If you or the Aspergers guy in the video have proof of child sexual abuse you should go to the police. Instead of slandering the name of innocent donut shops you should go to the police with your "evidence".

Pentagram shirts and pizza are not evidence of anything


How do you go to the police about this kind of stuff when they are complicit in covering it up in a majority of cases.


If you do a little research, you'll find that he did go to the police.


"Innocent until proven guilty" can be applied both ways... How do you know and can you prove that the Donut Shops are innocent. Do you go there? Have you been there? Casting doubt & dispersion upon or branding as "nut jobs" anyone who brings up the subject of CP, Child Abuse & satanic pedophilia is a convenient way to silence the narrative. Have you had any 6-7 YO children over to your pool for "fun" lately?

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