Looking For Downvoters to Help

8개월 전

I am learning more about #steemit today. I am trying to get a post downvoted that has not used the NSWP tag. I thought it was @dporn 's fault for not policing the tag, but they said,

"At the moment the only way to clean up content not tagged right is to downvote it. On our tribe we DV if they forget to put the NSFW tag."

Please consider downvoting @steemychicken1 now SIX day old post. (@curie @helpie @soyrose @slowwalker @broncnutz )

Don't go to #steemfest without voting.

ALSO...I lost my downvotes for steemychicken site all 5 cents. Is it because I powered down a few dollors this morning to help @animalshelter ? Is this how steemit works or do I need to go read more?

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the post has no nudity hence the no nswf tag. I think you are overeacting. I added the tag nevertless since you are so annoyed.

I lost my downvotes for steemychicken site...all 5 cents.


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