Getting Downvotes And Have SBI, That Is The Reason For The Downvotes! Someone Has Taken Offense To The SBI Idea On Steemit.

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As many of you might have seen there is a couple of channels that downvote your posts. It is not a big downvote it might be a penny and many are saying why are you worrying about that? It is not the amount of the downvote or the fact it is a downvote at all. It is the reason for the downvote, it is because of SBI that is why you are getting downvoting in this case. SBI is not liked in this instance. The channels that are getting downvoted may have got it gifted to them as a means to help their channel grow and had no control over getting that SBI, that is the sad part of this downvote. Many have gotten SBI for those channels and when they send it to a channel they get the same amount for their own channel.

It is not like a bid bot where you buy an upvote and most of the time you lose money on that and make the bid bots much bigger. Enriching that bid bot owner. To me it would be like getting a downvote for delegating to a community you believe in and someone does not like that community or has it out for that community. Do not get me wrong it is their stake and they can do as they please with it but I think the small channels they are downvoting need to know why they are getting downvoted, as they offer no reason for the downvote. Is it the fact they do not like the SBI system?

The channels that downvote my posts are, these are the only ones so far! I might get a few more after this post!

@mmmmkkkk311 -0.028 STU

@mk-photo-token -0.000 STU

@mk-sports-token -0.000 STU

@kdem -0.000 STU

Yes, it is a small downvote but the fact that some people never bought into the SBI program are getting downvoted is sad. When some channels only make a few pennies on a post, one penny may mean a lot to them. I have got some SBI for some smaller channels I the hopes that they would post and build their channels, it was an encouragement to them more than anything and for this to happen is a discouragement to them, the opposite effect I wanted for the small channels. Many say this is a decentralized system and that is what you get, on the other side of the coin that same system works both ways. I can scream about this idea of the downvotes for SBI as well.

I am not going to run over and start a flag war and I am not in no way trying to incite a flag war. I just wanted to put my feelings out about this. As I have made a post about trying to help others backfires and it always seems like the one that tries to help gets the bad end of it, in this case, the channels that many are trying to help get the bad side as they did nothing wrong and was just gifted a few SBI shares.

I encourage the channels downvoting to comment and state their reasoning here on this post so people will know the whole story as to why they are downvoting people that have SBI shares and share their opinion. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and everyone has a Merry Christmas! Have a great day/night, whatever it is in your part of the world!

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