👉This is enough-Flagging should be removed from Steem.

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Since I joined Steem (Steem based applications), my contribution was liked by the community. Only two bots, who were in the watch list of steemcleaners, downvoted my posts. Those bots were designed to downvote every such account that supported good things here. They downvoted many users, with no reason. As their SP was not enough to harm others, their downvotes had no importance.

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But a few days ago one person downvoted my comment that was in someone’s post. I have never interacted with him earlier. What was the absurdest thing that this guy’s user name was the combination of two words -‘liberty and warrior’! I checked his account. ‘Music, liberty and freedom’ was his tagline.
Wow! That great warrior was fighting for liberty and freedom and downvoting others with no reason. He was not letting others to express their views and thoughts. Hypocrisy at its best! I asked that guy why he downvoted me but he didn’t reply.


He was a minnow with reputation score just around 41. I think he did it just to attract my attention. Perhaps he was suffering from the identity crisis and downvoted me to seek my attention.

Although, those downvotes made no impact on my reputation but they were annoying. There was no means of communication with the bots as they had posted nothing till date and the ‘smarty’ didn’t reply. I could downvote his posts but I don’t like this kind of disgusting things. I am not here to take revenge from anyone. It is a social media platform where everyone has freedom to express his/her views, thoughts and ideas. Flagging was incorporated by the developers to discourage spammers, scammers, plagiarists etc. but it has become a tool in the hand of miscreants who are abusing this facility.

Also, some whales tolerate no criticism. They shut every voice, which opposes their selfish and arrogant behavior, by their powerful downvote. They are virtual world bullies who can destroy any account by their vicious power. Hence, downvoting is nothing but a tool to enforce gag order. This should not be allowed that someone may become a tyrant.

It is up to the developers that what kind of social media platform they want to make. Had they created this platform just to serve a minority or did they created it to develop is as a model social media platform where everyone has an equal chance to express himself? If this platform was developed just to run it for a few years till the developers amass a huge wealth by reaping the fruit of Steem and left it, then this is not a problem at all. In this case Steem will be similar to a ponzi scheme. But if the intention of developers were bona fide, then they should take an action to make this platform a true social media platform.
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To make this platform great flagging should be removed or if it is not possible to remove it, then the system should be amended. I am suggesting a few ways to regulate downvoting.

  • Flagging should be allowed in exceptional cases only, like in these categories-spamming, scamming, fishing links, plagiarism, NSFW (where NSFW tag is not used), spreading hatred etc.

  • Flag should not affect potential payout. However, it may affect reputation score.

  • For downvoting every user’s vote should have equal weight. However, users whose reputation score is below 40 should not be allowed to downvote.

  • A user (including bots) who hasn’t made any post or comment should not be allowed to downvote.

  • There should be categories for downvoting and downvoting should fall under these categories only. Downvoted category should be clearly visible in a form of ‘caption’ near upvote button, So that others will know the category of the post or comment in which it falls. Also the number of downvote received by the post or comment should be visible there.

  • If a post has received more downvotes than upvotes then that post should become invisible as it happens now.

I may not be right but it doesn't mean I should not be allowed to express my thought. I think in this way we can manage downvoting and get free of unnecessary disturbances caused by these unnecessary downvotes. This is one of the greatest social media platform. It has a potential to be a revolutionary platform where everyone will have an equal chance to survive and interact with each other.

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Love you all.

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I agree with your thoughts on the topic.

The solutions proposed by you if implemented can be really great. I upvote you.


  ·  2년 전

Thank you @csharma. Friends like you are always a great asset.

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I feel your pain. I upvoted the same user on a post he made about the 1st Amendment and Free Speech a week or so ago. I also left a comment that supported his POV.

Nevertheless, the moron downvoted my comment. It's the only downvote I've ever had. But I didn't see any effect on my account or reputation scoring, so I chalked it up to it being a mistake on his part. But, just in case he was a lunatic, I also didn't want to start a pissing downvote war, so I just let the situation alone.

I do see value in some kind of downvote regime that allows the community to police itself, identifying bad actors and weeding them out, but also agree with your criticisms on how punching up at whales is harder than them punching down on a plankton, like myself. Hopefully, with time a system can be worked out that will make it more fair.

In addition to your fine suggestions, I was thinking that a downvote should have the same effect on everybody in hurting a reputation score, but also making it hurt a little for the one making a downvote. Like charging a downvoter three STEEM or something to make a downvote. I dunno...something like that.

  ·  2년 전

It is very painful when one gets downvote for no reason. Downvote is an effective tool to curb bad things here but this has also become a tool of enforcing thoughts over others. Developers should think about it. Otherwise, this platform won't survive for long.

In addition to your fine suggestions, I was thinking that a downvote should have the same effect on everybody in hurting a reputation score, but also making it hurt a little for the one making a downvote. Like charging a downvoter three STEEM or something to make a downvote. I dunno...something like that.

Yes this can be effective.

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It was not enough !!!

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